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What would a wedding be without flowers? Whether they are natural or handmade, they bring about a delicate romance to your special day when using them through the wedding from the wedding invitations to the wedding day design elements, and lastly the thank you cards. The way you are inspired by flowers can be used in the design of your wedding invitations and stationery, with different forms of imagery, techniques and styles. No matter which way it's done, one thing is a promise, and that is that your invitations for your special day will be beautiful and everlasting!

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Between you and your fiancé, you might have personal preferences in terms of your favourite flowers and the types of flowers you want to use for the wedding. You need to figure out you want, and thereafter look at what form of imagery , styling and techniques you want to use for your floral wedding invitations and how you want to make them stand out. You can be inspired by garden weddings, their decor and similar invitations for your wedding invites with floral accents too.

A popular trend this year includes using floral accents in beautiful ways, whether they are bold and large as an all-over design, or used with simplicity. Soft florals in fresh pastel hues to bold contrasting silhouettes, and also garlands and wreaths in beautiful assortment of colours makes for delightful wedding invitations and stationery. Ways in which you can use these designs are based on your choice of taste and style, whether traditional or modern. The wedding invitation design with respect to layout styling, choices of colour and accompanying elements can define the styling. Therefore consider these as well as the colour theme for the wedding and how it will look on paper as well as your other wedding elements.

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When featuring flowers in wedding stationery, make sure that the focal design or flower element is seen throughout, from the save the dates (if you are selecting a design from a wedding invitations & stationery suite), the wedding invites and other accessories, and the stationery to be used on the day of the wedding.

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Designs such as wreath and garlands are lovely choices especially when you want to focus on certain items, or act as a lovely border for the likes of a monogram, motif or even the invitation wording. Using floral accents in the border, whether on each corner, a few corners or to make up the lines can be a beautiful way of incorporating these delicate beauties into your wedding invitation design. Using them as a pattern can be lovely too, provided you balance it out with a complementing colour so that the design isn't overwhelmed, especially if it's a striking shade.

Beautiful examples of these types of wedding invites can feature the likes of a bunch of flowers in a corner on a shaded floral pattern, delicate vines with budding flora framing the invitation wording, a wreath of dramatic flowers with an inset of a monogram, or even a delicate flourish border with flowers.


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