Wedding Invites

Receiving a wedding invitation in the mail puts a smile on everyone’s face. You open the envelope and take out a beautiful card that announces the love and intended marriage of friends you have known for years! To be asked to share their special occasion and witness their vows to each other, that will set them together for rest of theirs lives,  is an honour and a privilege no one can deny. Weddings make everyone happy! Full of love and fun, family and friends, and it all starts with the wedding invite! DreamDay Invitations can help you with this very important part of your wedding planning. Finding the perfect invite for your wedding is easier than you might think. You need to tell your guests information such as who is hosting your wedding, bride and groom full names, where and when the ceremony will take place and where you will celebrate afterwards. You will need to give them an idea on the dress code you have chosen for your occasion, and information on how to send their acceptance. Cards containing information on gift registries, wishing well information, directions and accommodations that may be required for the day should be included as a separate card within the envelope, and never on the invitation itself.

Frangiopani Dream Bridal Bouquet Autumn Garden

Pictured above are DreamDay designs  'Frangipani Dream', 'Bridal Bouquet' and 'Autumn Garden'.

Choose a theme, colour, or flower that pleases you, and makes you feel special, add a perfect romantic verse and your important main wording and your wedding invite will be received by all with pleasure making all your guests look forward to your special event. DreamDay Invitations has created the most technologically advanced online wedding invitation website available today. Not only do they have a huge range of gorgeous, designer styled invitations but ordering online has never been easier. Choose from the latest in trendy colours and patterns to traditional motifs and florals. From black and white invitations, to all the modern colours of 2010, think of a colour, and DreamDay has it. Superb foiled prints, exquisite embossed designs, stunning florals designs and delicate motifs are only a few ideas available to view at DreamDay Invitations website. DreamDay’s wish is to help make your dream day come true!

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