Wedding Place Cards & Bomboniere Verse Wording Ideas

DreamDay Invitations range of table accessories such as Place cards and Bomboniere gift tags, not only dress up your reception table to captivate your guests, but are the perfect way to express an emotion, message or a thank you to your guests. Place cards will lead and place your guests at the right seating location and adding a message to each place card is a delightful way to say how much their presence at your wedding means to you.

35157-I10-XXXXX-105_thumb 35142-C10-XXXXX-100_thumb Frangipani Dream Place Card

Pictured above are DreamDay Place cards in 'Bridal Lace', 'Filigree Cloud' and 'Frangipani Dream'.

Bomboniere gifts vary greatly and are completely a personal choice, but tagging your gift with a pretty personalized matching DreamDay gift tag gives a personal touch that will excite and impress your guests and say ‘Thank you’ in your own personal way.Matching your Place cards and Bomboniere tags or stickers to your chosen theme or colour can add a stunning visual effect, capturing the romance and mood of your perfect day. Below are some suggestions for small verses that may be included on any of DreamDay’s superb range of Place Cards and Bomboniere tags.

• We are honoured to have you as our guest on this Our Wedding Day. • Two lives, one Love. • A special thanks to you for taking part in our Wedding Day, the start of our new life together. • Welcome to Our Wedding Day! • We'll share with each other one love, one dream, one heart. • Thank you for sharing in our special wedding day. • Our Wedding Day • We are delighted to have you as our guest on Our Wedding Day. • The Bells shall sound, and the birds shall sing, for on this day we have wed, with a ring. • Sit back, relax and please enjoy the party. Thanks for being here. • You have truly enriched our happiness with your lovely gift. Thank you for giving us a lasting memory of your kindness and generosity. • We sincerely thank you for your company, gift and good wishes for our Wedding Day. • It’s wonderful to have you with us. Please enjoy yourself, and thank you for you’re gift and good wishes. • Your presence on this happy day will be a memory always treasured by us. Thank you. • On this day we vowed our love before friends and god above. God Bless everyone. • A message from us giving thanks for the happiness you have added to our special day. • Please enjoy this small token of our appreciation! • A small gift just for you to thank you for taking part in our special day.

These are samples only to give you ideas. We encourage you to modify the words to fit your own personality and style, or of course use another verse altogether to say exactly what you need to say.

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