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  • Inspirations and Ideas for Styling your Bridesmaids Dresses

    Yes, you and your fiancé ARE the stars of the show, but often the entire bridal party entourage makes for the beautiful picture. In it you will find your bridesmaids, flanking the beautiful bride, YOU!  If you have started putting your wedding theme and style together, you may find these styles for bridesmaids dresses inspiring! Keep reading for great ideas for styling your bridesmaids


    The Traditional Bridesmaid

    Bridal Party Wedding Traditional Bridesmaids


    The traditional rule of thumb was to style and dress your bridesmaids the same as if to blend into the background, but that’s not the case anymore though it’s recommended they should look somewhat cohesive and within your wedding theme/style. Usually, the bridesmaid will be a sister or a friend and the attire usually involves A-line dresses. These dresses are often in the same bright and cheery colour but in different shades and tone. The necklines can either be the same or different, but it should look alike.


    The Infinity Bridesmaids Dress

    Wedding Bridesmaids Infinity Dress Styles


    Recently, the Infinity Dress was an ever-popular choice for Bridesmaid dresses that allowed the bride to choose a particular colour and have the bridesmaids wear it in different styles, based on their body type and preference. This Convertible Dress is a great investment considering the fact you can wear it again and again with the choice of mixing up necklines, sleeves and lengths too. It’s also available in a myriad of colours that makes it great for the modern bride who may not want to stick to one colour for all the bridesmaids.


    The Bridesmaid Dresses and Choice of Colours

    Pastel Bridesmaids Dress Theme


    There are many ways you can style your bridesmaids looks, but colour coordination is one way to go about it. While the traditional way would be to stick to one colour shade and identical dresses, that doesn’t mean you have to – there are more fun alternatives nowadays. Speaking of which, you can choose the very trendy “One Colour Many Shades” style, which is fabulous with any of the core colours.  Let’s not stop there, how about a pastel colour theme, where you assign one bridesmaid one pastel colour each and letting them own it – you can present the colours to them and have them pick which one they want for a very democratic process of colour choice that will ultimately make your life easier.


    Accessorising Your Bridesmaid

    Inspirations Ideas Bridesmaid Dress Styles


    Apart from the length, neckline and colour of the bridesmaid dresses, there are other ways in which you can style your bridesmaids to make them stand out. We’re talking about shoes, hair and make-up. Don’t forget that those too will make the ensemble truly sparkle. You can choose to have the traditional look for everyone, same shoes, same hair, same everything, OR you can mix it up with what suits your bridesmaids the best. In the end, you are looking for everyone to have fun on your big day and not to mention for your wedding photographs to look amazing. So, think about the various style alternatives you can opt for when styling your bridesmaids for the big day!


    Image Credits (top to bottom): Donna Morgan Blog, Shopify, W How to Wear, Wedding O Mania

  • Wedding Invitations Samples

    When it comes to your wedding, the detailing is very important and making sure you get what you ask for is imperative.  The best way to ensure that you direct people in a way that you want the end result to come about. When it comes to wedding invitations samples, it’s important to have them sent out in advance to see for yourself how it will feel when in your hands. With wedding invites you make sure that when you order yourself samples of the work, it’s done the right way and it comes out beautiful like you imagined so.

    Make sure you have a plan or a vision for your wedding invitation. Write down what you want for your wedding, whether its colour, themes or things that inspire you and what you believe is ideal for your wedding. Once you have done this, review your notes with your fiancé and decide on the options that you like best. Then it’s time to shop or window shop for what you believe is right for you.

    Enchanted Garden Square Invitation and Pocket in Taupe - DreamDay Invitations

    DreamDay Invitations has a great collection of wedding invites that range across colours, themes and styles, shapes and also treatments. With an online system that allows you to preview your wedding invitations prior to printing it allows you a look at what your invite for your wedding will look like virtually. However, for some people this won’t do because you need to see and feel it for yourself, to understand whether the texture and the aesthetic are pleasing to the eye. Well, DreamDay Invitations has an option for that too. Allowing you to order samples of what you have chosen and then customised to your liking, be it the font facing used, the wedding invitation wording to the colours you have selected respectively, you may order samples from whichever designs have caught your eye in terms of what you are looking for as your wedding invitations.  It’s that easy as A-B-C.

    Seashell Beach Square Vertical Invitation in Silver - DreamDay Invitations

    All you have to do is create an account with DreamDay Invitations, pick out a design or style of your choice, preview it in 3D, and once you have agreed that that is what you are looking for you will be sent a PDF print of the wedding invitation samples whereby upon conformation will be printed and then shipped to you. With so many options made available to you, this will make it easier for you to decide from all the wedding invitations designs presented to you by DreamDay Invitations.

  • Theme Wedding Invitations

    Themes can be derived by many definitions and in the sense of an artistic and design aspect; you could look to colours as well as inspirations that are bounced off many shapes, objects and even living entities. When it comes to weddings and wedding invitations, themes play quite a distinctive role. Figuring out which theme for your wedding and invites suit your special day the best may take some thinking and some direction, and you can find it right here. When you want to style your wedding invites after that of a theme, there are two ways in which you can go about it. One will be with colours which allow you a great many shades and hues to play with and the other would be based on inspirations. Now, these inspirations may differ from one another whether it’s based on a time period, a way of styling or even objects and also people.


    Some great themes for the year of 2011 presents us with a myriad of options to choose from which varies in range so distinctively that there is something for everyone, no matter what your tastes and styles and likings may be. From the likes of vintage, to chic elegance, patterns, colour explosions, to elegance and simplistic detailing, green weddings and DIY, this year is one of greatness and with it DreamDay Invitations is right on cue with all the offerings for this year. Let’s look at each factor and how these wedding invites come together based on the themes chosen as this year’s trends.


    Vintage is a wonderful thing that puts together various iconic design elements and infuses them in an eclectic mix that gathers distinct colours to make a beautiful work of art come to life. DreamDay Invitations has a great range of such vintage wedding invites to offer you the option of having a vintage feel to your wedding. Wedding chic is easy and effortless if you know where to look and know how to style and design in a way that is trendy and beautiful. With the right touches of design elements and colours, your wedding invitations will be beautiful. But that’s not all DreamDay Invitations can offer you in terms of keeping up with theme wedding invitations along with the trends that this year brings you, you may have options if the other trends such as patterns, colours, treatment details and also DIY and green wedding invitation which DreamDay Invitations is proud to offer. Patterns with wedding invitations are stupendous and DreamDay Invitations has many choices to choose from in its collections from the likes of filigree to damask, polka dots, stripes and much more. Use these patterns and designs in your wedding invites to make it whimsical and fun. Likewise with colours and the essence of detailing via treatments and the likes you may opt to make your wedding cards bigger and better to fit your idea of the ideal stationery for your special day.

  • Wedding Invitation Cards

    If you’re on the lookout for wedding invitations, there are so many out there in so many different colours, shapes and sizes. Whether it’s the theme that you have in mind or the styling that you have been eyeing for a while, it could be beautiful, practical and efficient. With wedding invitation cards, you opt to invite your friends and family in a distinguished manner whilst adhering to rules of society, as this is one of the most special occasions in your life,  and one that will be remembered forever.

    Velvet Plume Square Vertical Invitation in BottleGreen - DreamDay Invitations

    So, what will you showcase on your wedding invitations cards? A 2011 trend that’s seen in the market currently,  are the use of the freshest colours, and its also the styles which have made an impact on how bridal couples select their invites for their weddings. But all in all, it’s a perfect amalgamation of colour, styling and design that makes a masterpiece come together, and toppled with the ideal wedding invitation wording,  makes it complete.

    DreamDay Invitations has many wedding invitation cards that fit into the trends of 2011 from the colours to the styles. Let us look at what this year has to offer. In terms of colours, it offers us a fresh palette that infuses shades of marine life, lavender and purples, citrus based colours and mineral hues. These colours would be ideal for beach inspired weddings, fairytale wedding, summer affairs and also elegant and sophisticated church weddings. However, it terms of styles for invites, this year you are presented with inspirations by vintage, silhouettes, prints, monograms which personalises the invite in sophisticated way and also with the use of various design imagery such as chandeliers that give off a great polished appeal.

    Keeping up with the times and the trends of the industry, DreamDay Invitations has great options for you not just in terms of colours that you can use as the colour palette offered to you is quite diverse, but also in terms of themes and options and means of accenting it via treatments. However, they say that the likes of engraving are taking a back-seat to pure flat printing, which works well because prints are a great way to convey a message in a concise manner.  Also, DreamDay Invitations also offers the options of handmade wedding invites that allow you to custom-make your very own couture wedding invitation card. Now, isn’t that just fabulous? With so many designs, styles and over two-thousand options for you to choose from, we’re pretty sure you will find one that fits your every criteria. Happy Planning!

  • Blue Wedding Invitations

    “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” this saying has been passed down through generations and ages and is something that many brides think about, when it comes to their wedding day. “Something old” would represent the continuity of the link from the brides’ family, “something new” would be something that signifies luck and the future ahead, whereas “something borrowed” signifies that friends and family are there to share this special day with the bride, and finally “something blue” signifies purity and loyalty. To relate to the important significance of blue, here at DreamDay Invitations we have blue wedding invitations for you to carry on this long lasting tradition.

    Blue is indeed a lovely colour to behold, with different shades it can truly make a difference when you choose to use it. In fact, blue wedding invitations are a great choice to announce your wedding to your family and friends, especially if you are hosting a beach wedding in the summer. With tropical shades of blue, complemented by the pretty yet striking pastels, your wedding invitations are bound to come out just perfectly. Some popular choices in terms of blue wedding invitations from DreamDay Invitations include the likes of Blue Reflection, Beach Hearts, Tapestry in Tiffany Blue, Island Fantasy! Let’s look into those designs one by one!

    Blue Reflection: Blue Wedding Invitation

    A photo wedding invite, the Blue Reflection comes from a collection of wedding stationery and includes wedding invitations in various styles as well as engagement invitations. Being a photo wedding invitation, it displays a beautiful frangipani with hints of yellow in its centre, with its reflection in cool blue water. Symbolic and beautiful, this blue wedding invitation is truly sensational and can be used in a beach wedding setting, or to go with a frangipani theme.

    Blue Reflection Square Horizontal Invite and Pocket 139mm - DreamDay Invitations

    Beach Hearts: Blue Wedding Invitation

    Another photo wedding invitation which is ideal for a beach wedding theme, showcasing  a tranquil setting with waves lapping at the shore and the two intertwined hearts that have been etched in sand. This blue wedding invitation also allows you to include a verse on the front, which with the help of DreamDay Invitations’ trusty online system, you can customize to your liking.

    Beach Hearts Square Horizontal Invitation in Slate - DreamDay Invitations

    Tapestry in Tiffany Blue Wedding Invitation

    This blue wedding invitation is intricate and delightful. The toile design show hints of floral and peacock elements and is quite stunning to behold. With the striking effect that this turquoise blue holds, it will be an ideal option for a morning wedding.

    Tapestry Square Flat Wedding Invitation in Tiffany Blue - DreamDay Invitations

    Island Fantasy: Blue Wedding Invitation

    This blue wedding invitation from DreamDay Invitations is a simple yet striking, one with a singular floral design. This floral design is in fact the centrepiece of the blue wedding invitation and can be seen in the inside fold as well.

    Island Fantasy Square Vertical Invitation in Lolly Blue - DreamDay Invitations

    The above designs are a few of the popular options made available by DreamDay Invitations. You are free to peruse through the various other options of blue wedding invitations and pick one that speaks to you. DreamDay Invitations – helping you make your dreamday come true.

  • Wedding Invitations Sydney

    Sydney is best known for being the financial and economic hub of Australia, but it also known for being one of the most beautiful cities in the land as well. Whether it’s by day or by night, Sydney serves as a beautiful backdrop, picturesque and wonderful; it is truly one of the grandest places to host the most memorable day of your lives, your wedding day. Wedding invitations for a Sydney wedding can be easily found in the spectacular collection from DreamDay Invitations.

    Orchid Obsession Square Vertical Invitation - DreamDay Invitations

    When it comes to weddings in Sydney, you have the choice of opting for a day wedding, or a night wedding, because the city is as truly mesmerizing by night, as it is by day. When it comes to designing your wedding invitations for a Sydney wedding, you’ll have more than enough inspiration, whether it’s the general ambience, the beautiful sceneries and backdrops, the flowers that are in bloom this season, or in fact the venue that you  have chosen and its location, instilling memories to last forever of the day you embarked on a life journey together.  With wedding invitations from Sydney and the numerous options of choices for your wedding invitations to be anything you want them to be, DreamDay Invitations has put much thought into all our designs, so the first glimpse of your wedding, to be showcased to your dear guests, will leave them enchanted. DreamDay Invitations is a Sydney based company, therefore we know what makes a Sydney wedding special. We offer ultra quick turn around times, great personal customer service, and fast delivery to anywhere in Sydney and NSW, and the rest of Australia. When you think of Sydney, a few key locations and venues come into mind, with the Sydney Opera House and its surrounds being one of the most popular. The other wedding venues, include the Sydney Royal Botanic gardens, the fabulous Sydney beaches, and of course the Sydney Harbour foreshore(by day and by night), all posing as delightful backdrops for the most special day in a couple’s lives. A Sydney wedding will be beautiful, memorable, warm and romantic.

    Your wedding invitations from Sydney will be everything that this splendid city is all about, fun, excitement and most importantly, beauty in every corner. Whether you think of embedding traces of flora and foliage into your wedding invitations from Sydney, the intricate designs found in ancient buildings that have survived over the years reflecting the heritage of this country, or even delicate motifs that hold meaning to you both, with these wedding invitations from Sydney, you are really paving the way to one of the best possible means of inviting your guests to your wedding day.

    DreamDay Invitations - helping make your dreamday come true.

  • Designer Wedding Invitations - Make it Special With Designer Wedding Invitations

    When it comes to your wedding, there are many things you need to take care of;  the venue, the catering, the floral décor, the list goes on. One thing that you can easily let professionals help you with is your wedding invitations. We at DreamDay Invitations offer you a great range of designer wedding invitations, with many designs which are unique from one another. With the ability to present your guests with wedding invitations that were sculpted at the hands of a designer, the wedding invites will truly look wonderful, sensational and most importantly memorable.

    Tapestry Square Vertical Invitation in Tiffany Blue - DreamDay Invitations

    A wonderful thing about the designer wedding invitations available at DreamDay Invitations is that all our designs are at the forefront of modern wedding invitation design; you will be in the capable hands of professionals who know what they are doing. The range made available to you which spans into the thousands, contains delightful detailing in line with the trends that are found in the industry.  Whatever you may be seeking in terms of elegant wedding invitations, traditional to modern wedding invites, or romantic wedding invitations or even invitations that include beautiful photo images, we can provide you with unique design o meet your needs. Designer wedding invitations include various themes and collections that remain unique from one another, yet holding design elements to suit many sought after modern day wedding themes.

    Pictured above are DreamDay Invitations 'Seashell Beach' in Pocket style, 'Regal Bond' in Embossed style,  and 'Heartfelt' in Gold Foil finish.

    Designs come in different styles, including pocket style, embossed or foiled, Square folded,  double folded and tri-fold wedding invitations. For a modern touch you have contrasting colours and for an elegant touch you have the same designs in soft pretty pastels that complement the soft lines in the design. These designs are also available in various styles to accompany your wedding stationery set including items such as Printed Menu cards, Place cards, Wishing Well cards, Directions cards, Gift registry cards, Bombonniere cards and Thank You cards. Dreamday Invitations – helping you make your dreamday come true.

  • Budget Wedding Invitations - How to Find Them

    No matter the distance you have gone to show your affections and love to one another, now that you are engaged to be married, with that special day fast approaching, all you need to do now is start on your wedding planning.  Make sure that every detail is taken care of, starting with your wedding invitations. Most couples do not realise the importance of the wedding invitations. It is the announcing of your special day to your loved ones, inviting them to share the beloved union of holy matrimony in their company. Being a significant element of the wedding it is something you cannot opt out of. However, if you are on a budget, don’t fret as there are budget wedding invitations out there too. All you have to do is know what you need, and accordingly knowing where you can save a few bucks here and there. With DreamDay wedding invitations, it isn’t about going without certain things that you need, it’s about saving whilst still getting what you want.

    Dancing Butterflies Square Vertical Invitation in Black - DreamDay Invitations

    Concepts and Designs of Budget Wedding Invitations Now, first off, we have the concept where we can save significantly depending on the paper you are using. First of all decide on which texture you want for the paper, remember that the thinner the paper the lesser the cost, but you wouldn’t want to also compromise on quality so keep that in mind when shopping for budget wedding invitations. With the paper selected, you can figure out what sort of wedding invite you want, whether the concept of the card is a folded card or a unconventional concept which moves away from paper altogether. Since, we are talking about paper invites for your budget wedding invitations, we can offer the double folded or tri-fold invites or the postcard styled invitations which are truly a saving and fall in line with budget wedding invitations. This type of budget wedding invitations allow you to utilise the front facing of the card for the decorative designs whilst the back will be used to convey the message or invitation. Whilst saving on your paper with this kind of budget wedding invitations you do not comprise on the quality at hand. After deciding on the concept, chose the type of design you want included throughout your budget wedding invitations. Maybe you can opt to stick to certain areas of the card, with designs of filigree, swirls, toils and much more. Now, some people might prefer to add more value to the card but this is not a necessity. You can opt out of using the likes of embossing or foil printing and stick to simple and elegant budget wedding invitations.

    DIY budget wedding invitations For those who want to totally revolutionize the concept of saving, then we can DIY budget wedding invitations, where you can make your own wedding invites with a few material purchased from invitations retailers such as paper. If you want some extra additions done to your budget wedding invitations you acquire those services from them which include the like of name printing, embossing and even foil printing. This way you save significantly at some point. With these options you can have beautiful budget wedding invitations to announce your special day to the world.

  • Wedding Budget - Top 10 tips

    Weddings can be expensive, there’s no doubt about that! So saving cash wherever possible is very important. Not everyone  wants the wedding extravaganza, and many couples these days are opting for a less expensive wedding, in favour of a home deposit or a more exotic and longer honeymoon. That’s where having a wedding budget will come in to its own.  If you not looking carefully, costs can mount up and spiral quickly when you are organizing so many different aspects of your wedding day. There are countless ways you can save money on basic costs of your wedding day and still have that beautiful and special wedding day you’ve always dreamed of. Starting from your wedding invitations and wedding stationery for example. Dreamday Invitations has monthly money savings specials and quantity based competitive pricing to start you on the right foot.   From your engagement and right through to your honeymoon there are many tricks and tips you can use to save spending unnecessary cash. Our brief list of tips follows but below are examples of stunning wedding invitations that are available online from DreamDay Invitations for a fraction of the cost of other suppliers.

    Frangipani Dream Square Invitation and Pocket - DreamDay Invitations

    You need to know exactly how much you are spending on each aspect of your day, and keep a running tally of costs and expenses to easily keep up to date. If you create a wedding budget spreadsheet right from the get go, you will be able to see exactly where the money is going, and make adjustments along the way if you overspend on one thing, or save money on something else.

    So our Tip Number 1 is; Make a wedding budget spreadsheet! Without doubt the most important tip! Do it properly and not just some random info jotted down on scraps of paper. Keep it in diary if your not good on the computer, and write everything down.

    2. Make sure you include everything, even the smallest items. Buy a wedding planning mag and go through it, noting down anything you may want for your day which will impact on your budget. There are a lot of components that you don’t immediately think of that will come up later in the planning process. So make a ‘miscellaneous items’ category for unforeseen items and costs.

    3. Check with anyone who has a financial interest in this wedding. Your parents, guardians, groom parents etc. Be clear and concise when asking what are their contributions and financial allowances for various areas of the wedding day may be. Eg. Who is paying for the wedding cars and how much are they willing to spend. Who is paying for the flowers, and who is paying for the gowns etc. etc.

    4. Look for specials in magazines and newspapers and online. Many wedding companies offer monthly specials on all sorts of products. Take advantage of any that may arise while you are planning. DreamDay Invitations offers periodic specials for all types of wedding stationery products.

    5. Consider getting married in the off season or on a Friday. You will generally find wedding venues and hire companies will reduce their prices for off season events or for bookings outside their peak periods.

    6. Save money on honeymoon costs by flying outside normal hours. Book flights for early in the morning or late at night. Use exotic destinations that are not far from home. Your honeymoon should be relaxed and easy so tropical destinations such as Fiji that is easy to get to is perfect.

    7. Make your own Bombonniere gifts for your guests. This is a small token gift to your guests and does not need to be expensive. Make your own Table Centrepieces for your reception tables. Hundreds of ideas can be found online for reception décor suggestions.  Buy in bulk and don’t go too extravagant. Remember the old saying, sometimes less is more. Beautiful and simple centerpieces can often look the most elegant.

    8. Use flowers that are in season to when your wedding date in bouquets, corsages, buttonholes and for the church and reception. Use less expensive species and bulk up with greenery. Often churches will have their own arrangements of flowers done by a long time member of the congregation. You can save money by utilizing the church flowers.

    9. Limit your guests to important friends and family. Every head will add cost to the final bottom line. Only invite who is special to you. You don’t need to invite everyone you have met in the last 10 years to your wedding, or the old neighbor that you lived next to when you were kids. You don’t even need to ask everyone’s partner, especially if you don’t even know them.

    10. Bottom line, Be realistic. You don’t need to have a Hollywood production to have a gorgeous intimate and elegant wedding that will be memorable to everyone. Keep it simple and keep it yours.

    So, we hope our top 10 Wedding Budgets tips help you to organize your own dream wedding day and keep everything on track so you your special day can be stress free with the knowledge that you had the wedding day of your dreams for the best possible prices.

    DreamDay Invitations- helping you make your dreamday come true.

  • Creative Wedding Invitations

    Your Wedding Invitations are your own personal signature to your wedding day. They should reflect your own personality and style in both design and wording. Let your imagination wander and find inspiration in the everyday things that you love, a favourite colour, a favourite flower, a soft romantic design and your creative wedding invitations will come to life. Be creative with your words and compile your own poem and verses that will show your love for each other to all your guests. Choose a beautifully printed design with a unique graphic pattern that is exciting and impressive. To be creative, you just have to use your imagination and think outside the square. Look for creative ideas and concepts that are typically you, your style, your flair, your taste and make your creative wedding invitations the perfect start to a wedding day you will remember forever. Dreamday Invitations has a fantastic range of creative wedding invitations to cover most wedding settings, styles and themes, all carefully designed and crafted by expert talented designers exclusively for Dreamday Invitations. Our Printed wedding invitations will delight and dazzle every bride and groom whatever their personal wedding style and setting is.

    New Dawn Square Vertical Invitation in Periwinkle - DreamDay Invitations

    Pictured above are DreamDay Wedding Invitation 'New Dawn' If you prefer to add your own artful and creative ideas to your wedding invitations, Dreamday has developed a range of DIY wedding invitations to allow every bride and groom to be creative and add their own expression and spirit to their wedding invitations and stationery, using special flocked and embossed papers, trinkets, lace and ribbons to give that spectacular handmade effect. Creative wedding invitations will be the starting point for a unique and precious wedding day, and should give a clear indication to all your guests of the style and ambiance of your wedding.  Be a formal or casual as you wish. Choose creative wedding invitations and matching wedding stationery, RSVP Cards, Wishing Well cards, Place cards, Printed Menu’s and Thank You cards to create a wedding story that will be harmonized and chic. Dreamday Invitations- helping to make your dreamday come true.

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