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  • Bridal Veil Styles for Your Wedding Day

    The perfect bridal veil can complement the perfect wedding dress. This week we look at the various wedding veil styles that brides have chosen in the past along with some great bridal veil styles and inspirations that may be perfect for you. For many brides, putting on the veil completes the entire look and is the final touch to the whole ensemble. Deciding on a veil style can be as important as picking out the perfect wedding dress.

    Firstly, why is a veil worn? It’s a traditional custom that originated in Europe. It is also considered a reference to the bride’s innocence and is often worn by first time brides. The lifting of the veil can be done in two instances; either where the father lifts the veil and present his daughter to the groom, or when the groom lifts the veil symbolically referring to the consummation of the marriage.

    Whilst bridal veils are still very popular, the way you accessorise them is up to your personal style. You can use floral or diamante crowns and even jewelled hair accessories to complete your look. Here are the most popular bridal veil styles!

    The Cathedral Veil

    Picture dated 29 July 1981 of Diana, Princess of Wales, in her wedding dress. Princess Diana died of a lunge haemorrhage early 31 August 1997 in Paris after surgery following a high-speed car crash in which her companion Egyptian millionaire Dodi el-Fayed was also killed. (Photo credit should read /AFP/Getty Images)cathedral-veil-with-lace





    The most regal of bridal veils and often worn by monarchs, a cathedral veil is traditionally 120cm in length but can be longer. The most traditional of bridal veil styles it complements traditional wedding dresses that also have trains. Cathedral veils are also worn with a blusher veil that matches the design and is usually mid length compared to the height of the bride.


    The Chapel Veil






    The chapel veil is slightly shorter than the cathedral veil where it is often the same length or slightly longer than the brides’ wedding dress. Similarly, the chapel veil can be worn with a blusher veil. The chapel veils are chosen for its elegant and sophistication. You can either opt to have an embellished edge especially if you have chosen lace or opt for the simplistic design of the fabric you have chosen (such as tulle).

    The Fingertip Veil




    The fingertip veil draws its name from the fact that its length is measured from the bride’s head to her fingertip. It can be worn in various ways and accessories, and not to mention trimmed with embellishments or simply left as is with a trimmed hem. It’s an ideal choice for brides who want to opt out of the long length but still carry off the elegance of a beautiful veil.

    The Birdcage Veil



    This type of veil carries a vintage look and it is ideal for brides who would rather not wear a veil longer than their shoulders. Made from netting, the length of the birdcage veil can vary between either covering the nose or the chin. There are many ways to wear with veil such as from the front or the side and adding embellishments and accessories is recommended too. Many brides love opting for a birdcage veil especially if they are fond of 1920s style!

    The Blusher Veil



    A blusher veil is what the bride will wear to cover her face while walking down the aisle. In terms of length, it usually reaches the bride’s elbows but you can also opt for a shorter style at shoulder length too. The bride can choose to either wear only a blusher veil or couple it with a cathedral or chapel veil.

    The Drop Bridal Veil





    The drop veil is one of the easiest to wear and remove as well, as it is a circular fabric that can be embellished if you wish. It is simply draped over the bride’s head and you need not use a hair comb to fix it to your hair. However, you can style it with a jewelled headband or crown or even a floral crown. Princess Grace and Kate Middleton both wore drop veils. The now Duchess of Cambridge wore it over her crown by fixing it to its back so that when lifted it was still secured (and would not fly away).

    Image Credit: HuffPost, Pinterest, Cloudfront, AliCDN, Bridal Musings, Etsy, WedBook, Shopify, Light in the Box Blog, OneWed, NotOntheHighStreet, HouseofJonleiAtelier

  • Picking Your Wedding Shoes

    One of the most important wedding fashion requirements (aside from the wedding dress) are your wedding shoes! It’s important to find something that you love, that matches your wedding dress and importantly is comfortable for walking in.

    Popular Wedding Shoes Styles

    Picking your wedding Shoes Popular Wedding Shoes Styles

    There are many styles of wedding shoes out there, but if we were to stick to a few favourites, they would include sandals, strappy heels, slingbacks, booties, flats, ballet shoes, t-strap pumps, pointed toes and not forgetting peep-toes. The colour and texture of the shoes also makes a difference, but that is a completely different shoe-game altogether. Gone are the days where bridal shoes should definitely be white. Metallic colours and even something blue (or any other colour of your choosing) is perfect. It’s all about preference and how you have envisioned your look!

    The following are some fabulous picks courtesy of OneFabDay!

    picking your wedding shoes onefabday bridal-shoes-from-the-highstreet-3

    Preparing Your Wedding Shoes for the Big Day

    Picking Your Wedding Shoes Preparing Your Wedding Shoes for the Big Day

    New shoes can at times be really hard on your feet, therefore, you should prepare yourself and your shoes for the big day in advance. Do not leave your bridal shoe purchase to the last minute. Follow these tips to make sure you avoid cursing your beautiful shoes on the day!

    Breaking into your Wedding Shoes

    Picking Your Wedding Shoes Breaking in Your Wedding Shoes

    This is something you need to do a few weeks beforehand. You need to break your shoes in so that they don’t pinch you and give you blisters on your big day. Start wearing them indoors for small periods of time, slowly increasing the time you spend in them as they day draws nearer. By doing so, you are moulding the shoes to fit your feet and allowing you to get accustomed to walking and standing in them. Some brides even wear their wedding dresses to make sure they are able to manoeuvre themselves and their long (and possibly heavy) wedding dress in heels (especially if you’ve opted for really high heels). It is recommended that you stick to 3 inches to ensure you don’t strain your ankles.

    Making Adjustments for Floor Surfaces

    Picking your Wedding Shoes Making Adjustments for Floor Surfaces

    One of the things that we don’t always account for when purchasing wedding shoes is the type of floor we’ll be on. One thing for sure, you don’t want to ruin your shoes and nor do you want to slip and fall. Therefore, keep in mind that you should be aware of these factors and purchase your wedding shoes accordingly or make adjustments for it. For example, if you are eyeing a beautiful pair of stiletto bridal shoes but you are having an outdoor wedding then investing in some heel protectors caps would be ideal. If you are going to be walking or dancing on polished floors, then getting some non-slip tape or shoe grips would be a good idea too!

    Wedding Reception Shoes

    Picking Your Wedding Shoes Wedding Reception Shoes

    Some brides opt to purchase a second pair of wedding shoes that are more comfortable for the reception. When doing so, it’s important to purchase your second pair at the same height to avoid dragging your wedding dress on the floor and potentially ruining it.

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  • Groom Styling Tips for your Wedding Day

    When it comes to the bride, a lot of thought and consideration goes into so many things, from the type of bridal dress to how the accessories will be paired, down to the hair styling and makeup. But what about the groom? How should his wedding attire be styled?  Here are some Groom styling tips to get you started in the right direction, especially when it comes to sizing where you need to know what a good fit involves.

    The Shoulder Silhouette

    Groom Wedding Suit Style Shoulder

    The shoulder silhouette is a good place to start.  This is the shoulder area from the sleeve to the collar – it needs to have a good fit and should not be bunched up.

    The Collar Gap

    Groom Wedding Suit Style Collar Gap

    When it comes to the collar, it should rest effortlessly on your shirt with no gaps where it’s either standing away or bunching away on the back, nor should there be a gap between your jacket lapel or your shirt.

    The Tie

    Groom Wedding Suit Style Tie Width

    One rule of thumb is matching the width of your tie to the width of your lapel.


    Groom Wedding Suit Style Lapel Size

    Your wedding theme can also reflect the type of wedding suit you choose to wear. If you want a more modern look, opt for a thinner lapel (and tie). For an older style and theme, opt for a wider lapel and tie.

    The Knot

     Groom Wedding Suit Style Half Windsor Knot Groom Wedding Suit Style Full Windsor Knot

    One of the classics, both easy to do and elegant, the Windsor is a very well received tie knot. It’s a good idea to choose between the Half and the full Windsor based on the proportion of the groom’s head. If it’s wider, opt for the latter.

    Tie Length

    Groom Wedding Suit Style Tie Length

    Make sure that the tie barely reaches the waistband or stop just short of the pants of the suit.

    Tie Colour

    Groom Wedding Suit Style Tie Colour

    If you want your tie to pop or stand out, make sure that it’s darker than the dress shirt you’re planning on wearing.


    Groom Wedding Suit Style Belt Shoes

    Your choice of belt must be thin and match the colour of your shoes.


    Groom Wedding Suit Style Undershirt

    If you are having an outdoor or summer wedding, make sure that the groom is wearing an undershirt to collect the sweat so that the dress shirt does not stain.


    Groom Wedding Suit Style Vest

    Vests are ideal for casual weddings. In the event you choose to wear only a vest, make sure that you avoid looking stuffy by unbuttoning the bottom most button. Making sure your tie length is accurate is a good idea so that it does not look weird.

    If he’s wearing a vest with a full suit, make sure it’s a single breast suit so that the vest is visible too.

    Jackets and Buttons

    Groom Wedding Suit Style Jackets Buttons

    If the groom decides to wear a two-button jacket, the top button should rest at or above his navel. If it’s a three button jacket, the middle button should follow this rule.

    Jacket Length

    Groom Wedding Suit Style Jackets Length

    The length of your jacket can be judged from the front and back – but as a rule of thumb, it should be long enough to cover the zipper.

    Shirt Sleeves Cuffs

    Groom Wedding Suit Style Shirt Sleeve Cuff

    The length of your jacket sleeve and your shirtsleeve is important and judged at the cuffs. The shirtsleeve cuff should be exposed (at least half an inch).

    Pant Hems

    Groom Wedding Suit Style Pant Hem

    For a traditional look, the hem of your pant should rest on the top of the shoe and cover some of the laces. For a more modern look, it should only hit the top of the shoe.

    Image Credits: Wedding Dash, Beckett Simonon, TheRealMenStyle

  • Wedding Hair Pieces for the Big Day

    The wedding dress usually gets all the attention, but it’s attention to detail that makes your wedding stand out. For instance, even with your wedding dress, the cut and the trimming matters because it makes the entire look unique. Likewise, other details that go into making you the most beautiful yet should also be given some thought, such as your wedding hair pieces. It’s not just about the veil anymore and we’ve got some ideas up our sleeves that we want to share with you!


     Wedding Hair Pieces Inspirations Tiaras

    Tiaras are the most traditional choices of headpieces loved by many a bride, to add a royal touch to the ensemble. Its placement depends greatly on your choice of hairstyle, but often whether you are opting for a dramatic or elegant look, the tiara is the crowning glory of the ensemble.  A modern take on the tiara is when its worn across the forehead such as that worn by Kim Kardashian on her wedding day. These headband tiaras can be fitted with a veil or worn on its own too.  Apart from them being encrusted, you can also opt to wear a floral tiara, making it a truly modern and eco-friendly headpiece!

    Image Credit: Yimg, AliMG, Brides

    Grecian Inspired Crown and Encrusted Barrettes

     Wedding Hair Pieces Inspirations Crown and Barrettes

    Though this may sound similar to a floral tiara, it is based on your wedding hairstyle. If you are opting for a top knot with a floral or leaf inspired designed hairpiece wrapped around it, then this would very well be perfect.  You can opt to have an encrusted barrette creating a statement piece alongside the top knot, or a crown of sorts that will go around the hairstyle. Whichever you may choose, this hairpiece and style is a clear favourite for brides who want to add height to their appearance.  When it comes to the use of a barrette, even a low hanging knot or bun would be ideal.

    Image Credit: SocietyBride, HairExtensions, HairComesTheBrides, AliCDN

    Lace Bridal Caps

    Wedding Hair Pieces Inspirations  Lace Caps

    Lace bridal caps were first seen on the beautiful late Princess Grace on her wedding day, which she paired with a tiara that was attached to a veil. This look was recently brought back into the scene with a more bohemian-vintage appeal. They are indeed statement pieces and you need to be wary of how much of your head it should cover.

    Image Credit:FromTheBygone, Adorolasbodas, Shopify

    Asian Inspired Jewelled Headpieces

    Wedding Hair Pieces Inspirations Asian Hair Jewellery

    These headpieces can range from dainty and elegant to glamorous statement pieces depending on the look you are after. Some may opt for a singular strand that will rest on the forehead or the multi-stranded variety, which adds drama to your ensemble.

    Image Credit: Shopify, Pinterest

    Which of these designs would you pick for your wedding day? Let us know which  of these wedding hair pieces is your favourite!

  • Bridal Makeup Tips

    Look your best on the biggest day of your adult life by keeping these great bridal makeup tips in mind when preparing for the wedding.  These makeup tips are ideal for brides who want to look their best and keep in mind the different scenarios that pertain to them, such as tears, environment and the possible need for touch ups.




    Makeup Tips for Every Bride


    One thing for sure, wearing layers and layers of makeup can be very difficult when your wedding starts way before the ceremony when you want to get some great wedding photographs. It’s all about looking the best version of yourself so you need to be wary of what you put on.  Always trial your bridal makeup and ask opinions from family and friends that will give you their input.


    The Natural Bride Look


    Wedding-Bride-Pose-Images Natural makeup


    One of the best ways to go about this is to opt for a natural look, which is quite easy to create. The trick is to use your normal daily makeup routine but add a little bit more. Makeup professionals recommend adding a few layers of blush to get the flushed rosy cheeks effect after applying a cream cheek colour. Also, opt to accentuate your eyes with hidden eyeliner where rather than applying it on the lid you highlight under the eyelashes thus maintaining the shape and size of the lid. Choose a lip colour that is one shade more pink than what you are used to make your lips stand out. Don’t forget powder sheen to get that glowing bride effect.  It will be a much better look to trying to matt your shine spots with powder that could make it look quite caked.


    A Bolder Bride Makeup Look


    Bolg wedding bridal makeup look


    Whilst the natural bridal makeup routine is very popular, you can go a little deeper with the lip colour whilst still maintaining a similar routine with as little foundation as necessary, more focus on the eyes and a lovely shade of blush to create the rosy-cheeked effect.


    Wedding Day Makeup Kits


    wedding-photography makeup artist professional makeup bride


    Once you’ve done your bridal makeup trials and decided on a look that looks best on you, then it’s time to make sure your makeup kit for the day has all the essentials. If you are having a makeup artist to help you get ready for the big day, make sure you bring your own beauty products that have been tried and tested on your skin and you know will work. From foundation, loose powder, concealer, shimmers/sheen powders, blushes, eyeshadows, waterproof eye liners and mascara is very important to have, especially ensuring that they won’t melt away in the heat or if you get a tad emotional during the ceremony.


    Wedding Touch Up Kit




    Apart from this also have a touch up kit, something compact that you can hide away in a little drawstring bridal bag. Include items such as a small powder brush, pressed powder compact with a mirror, lipstick and gloss, some tissues and even Q-tips. You can hand this over to the maid of honour or a bridesmaid so you can focus on looking your best!



    Image Sources from Top to Bottom: MakeUp Artistry by Camm, The Vow Style,  Eka Dinca, Makeup by Kim Porter, JMD Photo

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