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  • What ‘On the Day’ Wedding Stationery Do You Really Need?

    Right, you’ve sent out your save the date cards and you’ve got your wedding invitations and RSVP cards designed, printed and ready to go, but what about the ‘on the day’ wedding stationery items - do you really need them? Keep reading as we tackle some of the often forgotten bits of your wedding stationery that complete your wedding day with that extra touch of finesse.

    Welcome Signs

    Don’t miss out on the chance to make a great first impression as your guests arrive for your wedding ceremony with a personalised welcome sign that stays true to your wedding theme. It’s important that your wedding welcome sign is large enough to be clearly seen by guests when they enter, so we usually advise couples to opt for an A2 size which can be easily propped up on an easel at the entrance.

    Welcome Signs | DreamDay Invitations

    As with all other 'on the day' wedding stationery, it’s best to use the same or similar design style to your wedding invitations and other wedding stationery for a sense of continuity, but you can opt to include the Bride & Groom’s names, the wedding date and any other key information such as your favourite love quote. However, some couples prefer to have their sign set up as a photo timeline of special moments in their relationship for a really personal touch.

    Seating Chart

    At DreamDay Invitations, we are often asked whether a seating chart is really needed. Wedding etiquette dictates that it’s usually important to include a seating chart in your 'on the day' wedding stationery list if you’re planning a larger, formal wedding as otherwise guests end up milling around and may feel unsure about where to sit. There’s also the problem of couples that arrive late for the wedding reception facing the difficulty of finding seats together and ultimately you want everyone to have a great time sitting with friends they know.

    When it comes to smaller, more casual wedding affairs with wedding guest lists of less than 50 or a cocktail style wedding where guests move about more, you will certainly not need a seating chart and you can opt to have open seating.

    Place Cards

    Place cards depend on whether you have chosen to have assigned seating with a seating chart for your big day or not. If you have opted to have a seating chart as a part of your 'on the day' wedding stationery, then you’ll need to choose a place card that reflects your wedding invitation design and other wedding stationery. You will also need to choose between flat place cards (that require a separate place card holder) or tented place cards - the latter of which is very popular amongst couples since it’s free standing and easier to place.

    Table Numbers

    Tri-Fold Table Numbers | DreamDay Invitations

    Again, having table numbers at your wedding is ultimately up to your personal preference and is not a requirement if you’ve opted to have open seating. If you do decide to go ahead with it,choose to have your table numbers designed to coordinate with your wedding invitations and opt for the tri-fold option which is freestanding and does not require a seperate holder.

    For a fun touch, change things up by replacing numbers with table names instead. This has become extremely popular for 2018 Australian weddings and are great way to add a personal touch and perfect if you’re having a round of games too!

    Individual Menu Cards

    Individual menus are a must for formal, sit-down wedding affair as they provide your guests with key information on the courses and meal choices available - this is especially important for guests with dietary restrictions. Apart from including the dinner details, these keepsake menu cards can be personalised to match your wedding stationary and include the couple names and wedding date.

    Planning a buffet-style dinner for you wedding, but still love the idea of menu cards? Go for it - we think it’s a fantastic way of reducing the line up at the buffet table since your guests will know what to expect and spend less time filling their food. In this case you wouldn’t need individual menu cards for each guest, but just one or two per table that guests can pass around.


    A relatively new addition to the usual wedding stationery range, personalised coasters are expected to be a ‘must-have’ for 2019 weddings. They make great customised wedding favours, especially if you include your favourite photo of the two of you along with your wedding date.

    Personalised Coasters | DreamDay Invitations
  • Hot New Wedding Trends in 2019

    Have you started planning your 2019 wedding? We’ve got you covered with some of our favourite wedding trends for 2019 in this DreamDay Invitations blog post! Featuring everything from unique wedding invitation designs through to wedding dress trends, wedding photography and wedding decor tips, this post is a definite must read for all 2019 brides and grooms - so keep reading!

    Creative Wedding Invitations and Wedding Stationery

    Don’t hold back, let your creativity flow and just go with it! Your save the date cards and wedding invitations offer your guests their very first glimpse of the tone of your wedding and your chosen wedding theme, so it’s important that you opt to customise your wedding invitations with unique touches. For instance, monograms are quite commonly used for traditional wedding invitations, however we expect to see a modernised version making a comeback for 2019 weddings. We love the idea of having a white ink or foiled monogram to really give your wedding cards an elegant, luxe touch. Did you know Dreamday Invitations offers silver, gold, rose gold and copper foiling for your foiled wedding stationery?

    For something extra, we recently had a couple have a wedding signature scent created and all their wedding stationery was scented with this - what a unique and beautiful touch!

    Floral Hoops for your Wedding Decor

    This is an unique new look that can be used for any part of your floral wedding decor from bouquets and ceremony backdrops to tent decorations and is particularly great for large spaces as it creates an impressive visual impact without you having to spend bucket loads to decorate the entire space.

    If you need more space on your tables, why not drop centerpieces and instead switch things up with hanging floral hoops for each table? They’ll look great for pictures, and you’ll also have tons more table space which can be used for sharing platters, drinks and allowing easy conversation across the table too!

    Ditch Your Wedding Dress For Pants

    Seems like a bold decision, but so many brides just want to be comfortable and opting to ditch your wedding dress in favour of pants is just the way to do this! Many designers are onto this new trend and can be seen creating elegant and feminine bridal looks with pants. If you’re still a traditional bride at heart who loves the idea of wearing a wedding dress, you can always opt to change into a bridal pantsuit at your reception - just perfect for dancing the night away!

    Unplugged Wedding Day

    Well meaning guests may unknowingly ruin your official wedding photographs by getting in the way when trying to take their own shots, which is why unplugged weddings are expected to become a really popular wedding trend in 2019. You can include this on your wedding invitations, as well as on a few tastefully placed signs at your wedding ceremony so that guests are aware of your request.

  • Spotlight - Lauren & Steven

    Lauren & Steven were on the hunt for some beautiful order of service booklets for their wedding ceremony and they came to the right place! Take a look at the finished product below. Thank you to Lauren & Steven for providing us these amazing photos taken by Lara Hotz Photography!!

    It was an absolute pleasure to design and print your order of service booklets for your special day.


    Note: The ribbon was not supplied by DreamDay. This was a special touch added by the couple.

    Design: Vintage Rose


    LaurenSteven2 LaurenSteven
  • Reception Lounge Ideas

    Your wedding day is the beginning of a lifetime of love and fun, so why not use the same theme in your wedding’s design. By including unique styles and designs in your wedding reception, you will be able to make sure that you, your family, and friends can all enjoy the big day! One modern way of adding a unique style to your wedding reception is by having a lounge. This is ideal when you are planning on having a cocktail reception or cocktail hour before dinner. We have put together a few reception lounge ideas that we love for your wedding inspiration!

    You can put together your reception lounge based on the wedding style and theme. If you have chosen an elegant and sophisticated theme, the choice of furniture and materials may reflect that polished look. If you are looking at hosting a more casual wedding, then using rustic furniture and materials as well as choices of styling may be inspired accordingly. We have considered all these factors when we found these great reception lounge ideas and inspirations for your wedding day!

    Elegant Reception Lounge Ideas

    Reception Lounge Ideas Outdoor Canopy Sheer Curtains Chandelier Lighting

    Reception Lounge Ideas Outdoor Canopy Sheer Curtains

    We love the idea of setting a canopy with sheer curtains for that romantic feel. The above reception lounge exudes class and sophistication with its white ambience matched with soft coloured wood. The pattern on the inside of the canopy, the white sheer curtains, and the chandelier accessory creates a beautiful and soft look that is ideal! By having warm white bulbs used for the chandelier, you can match it to the candlelit effect from the candles on the lounge tables!

    Reception Lounge Ideas Modern Style

    We love the above for its modern appeal and choice of styling with pops of colour!

    Casual Lounge Reception Ideas

    Reception Lounge Ideas Bales of Hay

    This outdoor lounge area is fun and cost effective, as you will only require bales of hay, blankets, throw pillows, poles, and lighting to put it together. Ideal for an outdoor wedding on a clear day, it can be perfectly timed for the sunset. However, it is important that the candles come with covers so that the hay does not catch on fire! Putting safety first is important to ensure a fun time!

    Reception Lounge Ideas Bales of Hay Barn

    Elegant Garden Lounge Ideas

    Reception Lounge Ideas Outdoor

    Reception Lounge Ideas Outdoor Mismatched Furniture

    If you are hosting your wedding reception in a large garden that is dotted with trees, the above look is perfect! Choose elegant French style chairs under trees with hanging candle votives for a romantic feel. By mismatching the chairs, you can aim for a rustic elegant style. Your choice of tables for staging the lounge area is also an important factor to tie everything into the wedding style. The following include some vintage to rustic table styles that are ideal!

    Accessorising your Lounge Reception

    Reception Lounge Ideas wooden spool Tables

    You can pair wooden spools with bales of hay for a rustic lounge reception. Even a table made out of wooden shipping palettes would be ideal too!

    Reception Lounge Ideas Suitcase Tables

    Reception Lounge Ideas Elegant Vintage Style

    Accessorise your lounge with vintage suitcases for an old world touch.

    Image Credits: Pinterest, Intimate Weddings

  • English Elegance Wedding Theme Inspiration

    Elegance is often synonymous with traditional wedding design featuring white intertwined with decorative elements such as filigree, lace, and subtle design styles. When it comes to “English Elegance,” this style is said to be inspired by English roses. With many varieties in season year-round and available in an assortment of delicate shades, roses are a fragrant and ideal choice for an “English Elegance” wedding theme.


    English Elegance Wedding Style

    An English Elegance wedding is preferably held in an outdoor venue, be it a garden or estate grounds however, indoors is fine too. The focal flora can be complemented with accents such as the use of sheer drapery, accompanied by intricate decorative pieces seen with the choice of chairs, table number frames, and the wedding cake design.


    English Elegance Wedding Tiffany chairs


    Tiffany chairs are ideal choices when coupled with sheer drapery and a rose accessory can be a more elegant alternative to that of a seat cover or bow/sash in satin.



    If you love the idea of a sweetheart table - a twist on the traditional head table for the bridal party,  then you can choose an ornate table with Victorian dining chairs to match the regal theme.


    Here are some more English elegance decor ideas for your wedding.


    English Elegance wedding outdoor ceremony


    English Elegance Wedding Decor Candelabra


    English Elegance Wedding Invitations


    When it comes to wedding invitation designs that is styled after an English Elegance theme you may find the use of pastel hues accompanied by floral and lace accents. The following wedding invite designs courtesy of DreamDay Invitations have been inspired by an English Elegance wedding theme.


    English Elegance Wedding DreamDay Invitations ring_a_ring_o_roses_a5_invitation_vertical_in_emerald_301751

    Ring A Ring O Roses


    English Elegance Wedding DreamDay Invitations morgan_roses_a5_invitation_vertical_in_black_296425_1

    Morgan Roses

    English Elegance Wedding DreamDay Invitations simply_beautiful_a5_invitation_vertical_in_rust_301534

    Simply Beautiful


    Novelty Wedding Ideas for an English Elegance Wedding


    English Elegant Wedding Potpourri Bomboniere


    English Elegant Wedding Potpourri Station


    Novelty essentially means things that carry the quality of being original, new, or uncommon. In terms styling a wedding theme to feature novelty items, you may look at ways to wow your guests by featuring either decoration items or features that will stand out and has not been done before. One such idea that we love that would go brilliantly with English Elegance Wedding that puts a lot of focus on this year’s flora and foliage trend is a “Potpourri Bomboniere Station.” If you have chosen fragrant flowers, herbs and fruits, this will go very well with your overall wedding theme. Add these to a beautiful decorative jar and presto, you have yourself a practical wedding bomboniere for your guests. Do not forget to add a wedding bomboniere card to go with it.


    English Elegance Wedding Guest Button Holes


    English Elegance Wedding Guest Corsages


    Corsages and boutonnieres are usually reserved for the bridal party, the families of the bride and groom. However, there are exceptions based on what you want to do your wedding. There have been times where the bride and groom have decided to give out flowers to all the wedding guests. So why not have a corsage and boutonniere for each of your wedding guests with their place cards as a lovely novelty touch to your elegant wedding.


    Image Credits: DreamDay Invitations, Pinterest, Wanelo, Islamora Weddings, Brides, Bride to Be, Squarespace, Ebay

  • Stunning Wedding Decor

    Planning a wedding consists of many things, but overall, it is the decor that helps make an impact and convey your wedding vision. It is not just about the floral centrepieces anymore. You have many things to consider if you have chosen a separate venue for your ceremony and reception. This is especially true since they will need decorating. Another fact you should consider is that how you choose to decorate your wedding day also depends on the venues. You can make them stand out with some unique statement pieces. This week, we have curated some stunning wedding decor looks that we hope will inspire you to include in your wedding day.


    Wedding Altars

    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor Rustic Altar


    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor Rustic Floral Altar


    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor Floral Altar Inspiration


    We love the above altars for the use of natural items and reclaimed wood mixed with drapery, greenery, and lush flora.


    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor nautical inspired Altar


    The above altar is a great way to incorporate a love of the seas with the hanging vintage ship wheel that is perfectly accompanied by the beautiful seaside view and driftwood material.


    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor Floral Vines Altar


    The above arch is great because you also get to frame the view as the couples say their vows.


    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor Floral Wall


    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor Floral Wall Altar


    Floral walls have become very popular as of late (some say since Kim’s and Kanye’s wedding). The above are some ways in which you can create a statement using floral walls.


    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor Floral Altar


    The use of drapery indoors is ideal for separation between spaces and the above does it well with vines and delicate blush pink hues to create a feminine aesthetic.


    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor Altar Streamers


    One of our favourites, the use of varying colours and lengths of drapery creates an almost ethereal feel to the wedding altar that is enhanced by the candlelit aisle.


    Wedding Seating Table Arrangements and Escort Cards

    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor Floral Framed Seating Chart


    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor Floral Seating Chart


    The balance of greenery, flora, and fruits further accents the above wooden frames with its intricate finishing. They make for great focal statement pieces as the guests arrive at the wedding reception.


    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor Hanging Escort Card


    These hanging watercolour escort cards are a great for a focal wall where guests can glance at as they head towards the wedding reception.


    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor Escort Card Tiles


    Intricate personalised escorts cards such as these make for great wedding bombonieres too! Aren’t they just so lovely?


    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor Gatsby Seating Chart


    This stunning printed wedding seating table offers insight how easily you can create something beautiful and unique with the help of your wedding stationery vendor. DreamDay Invitations can create such a look with ease!


    Wedding Tables, Lounges, and Tents

    If you love the outdoors, but want to offer your guests the comfort of being dry (especially if bad weather is a possibility), tents and marquees are ideal. However, the way you style them also matters.


    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor White Lounge Tent


    With an elegant and stylish lounge (also with a tent), you can envision a true white wedding. It’s really breathtaking.


    DreamDay Invitations Stunning Wedding Decor Lounge


    This lounge though casual is quite beautifully laid out with intricate accent pieces and comfortable rugs.


    Image Credits: Ashlee Taylor, Brides, Carla Atley, C Baron Photography, Nelsons, Christianne Taylor Weddings, Ashley Kelemen, DIania McGregor Photography, Walls Todd Events, Roni Fluers, Boris Zaretsky Photography, Steve Steinhardt, Natalie Shelton, Michele M Waite, Adriana Klas, Jessica Burke

  • Putting together Your Wedding Planning Binder

    What every bride who wants a dream day wedding should know is that there is a LOT of wedding planning that will go down before the big day. This is in order for everything to go off smoothly without a hitch on the day you are hitched. It will include everything you want to, need to, and should do before, during, and after the big day. Think of this as your wedding planning bible, the grounding source of sanity while wedding planning takes you through the ups and downs of putting the perfect day all together. We did a bit of research and found out from various sources what you need for your binder, what exactly you should include in your wedding planning binder, and how you should go about managing it.


    Wedding Planning Book


    Essentially your wedding planning binder should include what your inspirations are, as well as include what you have finalised on (your wedding look-book, if you will).  You may also include all the financials, and not to mention the ever important assignments and to-do lists/checklists!

    There are a few essentials that you need, but also some optional items (which we believe can be extremely helpful to have). You will need the following.


    Wedding Planning Binder Cover


    A Three-Ring Folder/Binder:  This folder or binder should be sturdy and the size should reflect the type of wedding you are planning to have. A formal wedding may require more planning, therefore opt for a bigger size to accommodate more pages.


    Wedding Planning Binder Stationery Supplies


    Dividers, Clear Pockets, Re-sealable Bags, Tabs, Clear Protector Sheets, and Business Card Holders: These will be essential in making sure you are organised by knowing how to divvy up the areas accordingly. You should make sure you document the samples, changes, and choices, to be able to have all your vendor information in one place. You may use the re-sealable bags to include vendors receipts/payments and other bits and bobs for your reference.


    Wedding Planning Binder Printables


    Printouts of calendars, guest lists, worksheets, contracts, correspondence, thank you lists and more: Having these included in the wedding planning binder will allow you to have it in a central location. By having your guest list written down, you can use it for reference when planning various things from your wedding invitations, to seating charts, plans, and even thank you cards. There are various free printables available for your reference that can be edited on your computer to personalise them accordingly. Check out the following sources for such printables:


    Real Simple




    Wedding Planning Post Its


    Reinforcement stickers, tabbed post-its and other accessories: The likes of reinforcement stickers will help the punched holes not give away to wear and tear, as well as the use of Post Its to help manage important sections and even with various notes such as to help with seating plans.


    Image Credit: Pinterest, Blogspot

  • Wedding Registry 101

    With so many aspects to wedding planning, a bride-to-be and her fiancé may be at wits end trying to finish off the to-do list whilst counting down to the big day. We are here to tell you that a wedding registry is quite the wedding planning essential and you should make arrangements for it, including sending out a gift registry card with your wedding invitations so that your wedding guests have ample time to make arrangements.

    What is a Wedding Registry?

    Wedding Registry 101 How to Register for Gifts

    The wedding registry is an important factor of wedding planning because it’s a helpful titbit for the wedding guests. There are many reasons why you should sign up for a wedding registry (also known as a bridal registry). It’s a list of wedding gifts you and your fiancé would like to receive for your wedding. By registering for a wedding registry, you are making it easier on you and your guests by removing guess work when they looking to purchase a wedding gift for your wedding. If you choose not to register, you may find yourself receiving gifts you may not need or want, or even find yourself with many gifts of the same variety.

    What do you have to do?

    Wedding Registry 101 What is a Wedding Gift Registry

    The first order of business is to get registered at your favourite department store or furniture store, though online registries are favoured too. By registering with at least two places, you’re allowing your guests options to choose from, but it’s important to ensure that the places you register at should be accessible to them too.  Also, make sure you don’t get too carried away with your gift registry. This is the perfect time to list that item you have had in your wish list for ages, however you need to think about price point and offer budget options. Select gifts that fall between the average $85 to $125 range and even lower for guests with smaller budgets.

    Your wedding registry is often a reflection of your lifestyle. You may find many online registries that could be perfect for you. You can create a wedding registry toward your honeymoon or setup a charitable registry to your favourite charity. You can even find yourself registering for lessons and classes too!

    So, make sure to set aside time to figure out what kind of wedding gifts you would like to receive. Then, register at the stores of your choice and let your wedding invitees know by including it all in your gift registry card that will be sent with your wedding invitations (which is usually six to eight weeks ahead of the big day).

    Image Credits: WeddingBee, DesireeHartstock

  • How to Write a Killer Groom’s Speech

    As the Groom, a lot of limelight follows you from the start to the finish. However, it’s what you say during the Groom’s speech will be what most of your wedding guests will remember. The wedding speech is a big deal and should be well thought-out in advance. As the hubby-to-be, we have a few tips on how to write a killer groom’s speech for your wedding day.

    Keep the Focus on your Bride

    Wedding Grooms Speech

    Usually the groom speaks after everybody else finishes their speeches, this includes the best man, and if anything you may be tempted to say a few things about him, but it’s always best to start off the wedding speech on a the right footing – focusing on your beautiful bride and the relationship you have. Make sure to thank her for taking you as her husband and for her love and care, reflect on your love and the time together and speak about your future together. Don’t forget to complement her and always refer to her as “my wife”.

    Keep it Clean and Away from Jokes

    Wedding Grooms Speech 2

    One thing you have to always keep in mind, it’s your wedding day and you will want to make sure it goes off splendidly. So stay away from bad language or distasteful content. If you are not too sure, have someone close to you proof the content of your speech beforehand (you might want to have the best man’s speech proofed too). Also, stick to one liner jokes as opposed to stand-up comedy, after all, it’s IS your wedding day. Keep the content genuine and sincere.

    Say Thanks

    Wedding Grooms Speech 3

    Give your thanks to your parents and your in-laws. Thank your in-laws for welcoming you to their family and for bringing up your wonderful wife. Don’t forget to give thanks to your parents as well for all that they have done for you. If your parents or your in-laws hosted the wedding, special thanks should be given to them before you thank the individuals who helped with planning the wedding and along the years –especially if it brought you and your wife together.  Also make sure you share the thanks with your wife - don’t forget to say “my wife and I” when you do.

    Do Your Research

    Wedding Grooms Speech 4

    Make sure you check and to see who is speaking before you and avoid saying anything they may be saying so that you are not repeating the same information.

    Make Eye Contact

    Wedding Grooms Speech 5

    Eye contact can show how sincere and genuine you are; therefore, when you give your thanks make sure to make eye contact with the person you are thanking. When speaking about your wife, make sure to look at her lovingly and do the honours.

    If you are looking to impress during your groom’s speech, keep these in mind and don’t forget to smile!

    Image Credits: WeddingIdeasMag, EasyWeddings, Youtube, StylishWife

  • Wedding Hair Pieces for the Big Day

    The wedding dress usually gets all the attention, but it’s attention to detail that makes your wedding stand out. For instance, even with your wedding dress, the cut and the trimming matters because it makes the entire look unique. Likewise, other details that go into making you the most beautiful yet should also be given some thought, such as your wedding hair pieces. It’s not just about the veil anymore and we’ve got some ideas up our sleeves that we want to share with you!


     Wedding Hair Pieces Inspirations Tiaras

    Tiaras are the most traditional choices of headpieces loved by many a bride, to add a royal touch to the ensemble. Its placement depends greatly on your choice of hairstyle, but often whether you are opting for a dramatic or elegant look, the tiara is the crowning glory of the ensemble.  A modern take on the tiara is when its worn across the forehead such as that worn by Kim Kardashian on her wedding day. These headband tiaras can be fitted with a veil or worn on its own too.  Apart from them being encrusted, you can also opt to wear a floral tiara, making it a truly modern and eco-friendly headpiece!

    Image Credit: Yimg, AliMG, Brides

    Grecian Inspired Crown and Encrusted Barrettes

     Wedding Hair Pieces Inspirations Crown and Barrettes

    Though this may sound similar to a floral tiara, it is based on your wedding hairstyle. If you are opting for a top knot with a floral or leaf inspired designed hairpiece wrapped around it, then this would very well be perfect.  You can opt to have an encrusted barrette creating a statement piece alongside the top knot, or a crown of sorts that will go around the hairstyle. Whichever you may choose, this hairpiece and style is a clear favourite for brides who want to add height to their appearance.  When it comes to the use of a barrette, even a low hanging knot or bun would be ideal.

    Image Credit: SocietyBride, HairExtensions, HairComesTheBrides, AliCDN

    Lace Bridal Caps

    Wedding Hair Pieces Inspirations  Lace Caps

    Lace bridal caps were first seen on the beautiful late Princess Grace on her wedding day, which she paired with a tiara that was attached to a veil. This look was recently brought back into the scene with a more bohemian-vintage appeal. They are indeed statement pieces and you need to be wary of how much of your head it should cover.

    Image Credit:FromTheBygone, Adorolasbodas, Shopify

    Asian Inspired Jewelled Headpieces

    Wedding Hair Pieces Inspirations Asian Hair Jewellery

    These headpieces can range from dainty and elegant to glamorous statement pieces depending on the look you are after. Some may opt for a singular strand that will rest on the forehead or the multi-stranded variety, which adds drama to your ensemble.

    Image Credit: Shopify, Pinterest

    Which of these designs would you pick for your wedding day? Let us know which  of these wedding hair pieces is your favourite!

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