Wedding Reception Venues – How to Choose

There are so many different types of venues for weddings and receptions the list is literally endless and booking a venue for your DreamDay can be stressful. Firstly make phone calls and ask for brochures to be sent to you before you go tripping around town to find a venue. The biggest deciding factor will be your budget! You should start early and be organised. Keep a folder especially for information you will receive. You should decide first of all whether you will have your ceremony and  reception at the same venue, or will you be getting married in a church of your choice, or on a beach with a celebrant, and maybe moving on to a different location for the reception later. You will need to know all the ceremony and reception details before you can purchase your Wedding Invitations.

Pearl Destiny Square Wedding Invitation Icon of Love Wedding Invitation First Kiss Wedding Invitation

Pictured above are DreamDay Invitation for all weddings in 'Pearl Destiny', 'Icon of Love' and 'First Kiss'. The further in advance you can book your reception the more choice you will have of venues. Some venues will book out over a year in advance. Some couples will set the wedding date first and find a reception venue to suit the date. Other couples already have reception venues in mind, and chose a date that is available according to the venue. You should agree as a couple on a budget from the beginning, or get guidance and a budget from your parents or whoever will be responsible for the bills. You will need to know approximately how many people you expect to be inviting so you can receive a realistic quote. You should have thoughts about what sort of reception you would like. An example being  “Strolling receptions”, very popular at the moment where the food is served ‘finger food’ style while you and your quests move around the room and mingle. You may choose the time-honoured sit down dinner style reception where the bride and groom and their attendants are seated at a table at the head of the reception while your guests are seated at tables around you. Keep in mind, you do not need to spend a small fortune to have a great reception that you, and your guests, will remember forever. You will need to take into consideration things such as the caterer and menus available, where your venue is located in regards to travel times, the length of your reception, bar and alcohol and photography rules and regulations, decorations and ambience you are looking for, the number of service staff and facilities available to guests and the yourselves.

From beautiful function rooms at major hotels or specialised reception venues that offer the whole package from start to finish including cakes, flowers, decorations, cars and the works, to the beach or beach house or your garden at home where the planning is left mainly to the bride and groom, it is your Dreamday to remember so make sure you are 100% happy with whatever you decide.

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