Wedding Registry 101

With so many aspects to wedding planning, a bride-to-be and her fiancé may be at wits end trying to finish off the to-do list whilst counting down to the big day. We are here to tell you that a wedding registry is quite the wedding planning essential and you should make arrangements for it, including sending out a gift registry card with your wedding invitations so that your wedding guests have ample time to make arrangements.

What is a Wedding Registry?

Wedding Registry 101 How to Register for Gifts

The wedding registry is an important factor of wedding planning because it’s a helpful titbit for the wedding guests. There are many reasons why you should sign up for a wedding registry (also known as a bridal registry). It’s a list of wedding gifts you and your fiancé would like to receive for your wedding. By registering for a wedding registry, you are making it easier on you and your guests by removing guess work when they looking to purchase a wedding gift for your wedding. If you choose not to register, you may find yourself receiving gifts you may not need or want, or even find yourself with many gifts of the same variety.

What do you have to do?

Wedding Registry 101 What is a Wedding Gift Registry

The first order of business is to get registered at your favourite department store or furniture store, though online registries are favoured too. By registering with at least two places, you’re allowing your guests options to choose from, but it’s important to ensure that the places you register at should be accessible to them too.  Also, make sure you don’t get too carried away with your gift registry. This is the perfect time to list that item you have had in your wish list for ages, however you need to think about price point and offer budget options. Select gifts that fall between the average $85 to $125 range and even lower for guests with smaller budgets.

Your wedding registry is often a reflection of your lifestyle. You may find many online registries that could be perfect for you. You can create a wedding registry toward your honeymoon or setup a charitable registry to your favourite charity. You can even find yourself registering for lessons and classes too!

So, make sure to set aside time to figure out what kind of wedding gifts you would like to receive. Then, register at the stores of your choice and let your wedding invitees know by including it all in your gift registry card that will be sent with your wedding invitations (which is usually six to eight weeks ahead of the big day).

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