Wedding Stationery Bundles

You are planning the biggest day of your life, and in the midst, trying to figure out all the things to check off your wedding planning checklist. One item that you will need from the early stages would be your wedding invitations. However, your wedding invitations are not all you need to look into when it comes your wedding stationery, because you will have to send them wedding invitation accessories too, and need other stationery for the wedding itself and afterwards too.

These are included in what is referred to a wedding stationery bundle which includes all the stationery you might need for your beautiful wedding, from the various wedding invitations accessories as well as other wedding stationery that may be needed for the ceremony, reception and after the day is over. They are referred to as a wedding stationery bundle as they come from the same suite of design and style to match the theme of your wedding. These wedding stationery bundles are important to ensure that all your planning and effort is put to good use as they involve confirming their attendance and participation, to making sure they know where they have to be to attend your big day, and much more. Let's find out what a standard wedding stationery bundle includes and involves.

Wedding Invitations & Accessory Cards

When we refer to wedding stationery, there will be many things that come to mind. The first introduction and good news of your special day to your guests as would be via your wedding invitations and it's considered the most important out of the wedding stationery bundle. Apart from that you have the likes of the reply cards (also known as R.S.V.P. cards); directions & accommodations cards, gift registry and wishing well cards that accompany the wedding invitations package. When sending out these items from your wedding stationery bundle, you should know that one of each is required per household you will be inviting. However, it's always a good idea to order a buffer number of cards in case of errors or last minute invitations.

Burlap and Lace Square Invitation and Pocket in Lolly Peach - DreamDay Invitations

Ceremony Stationery

Order of services cards and other similar stationery used for the wedding day need be according to how many of your invitees responded via RSVP card. Essentially, an order of service card lays out the proceedings and details of the wedding ceremony and to acknowledge the people in the ceremony too. Whilst featuring the outline of the ceremony, you can also feature any reading or music.

Wedding Reception Stationery

Apart from the wedding invitations and the order of service cards, you also have to consider any stationery being used for the reception which usually involves those for each table such as the table numbers, place cards and seating plan, menus and escort cards.  Whilst you will need one place card /escort card for each invitee and guest, you may only be required to have 3 menus per table, and 1 seating plan if you have decided on it. Thank you cards are also a must, and they are usually needed after the wedding, therefore have those ordered beforehand according to the confirmed number of guests with a few extras in case of errors while writing them out.

Fantasy Flowers Order of Service Cover in Ivory -  DreamDay Invitations
All these items of wedding stationery bundled into one theme and style for your special day makes it easier for you to plan and not worry about the minute details as everything is sorted beforehand when you've purchased them in one go according to each need. Usually wedding invitations and those accessories are bought beforehand and the rest purchased after the RSVPs have all been received.


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