Wedding Table Decorations

The day is coming closer and closer, and soon, before you know it, it’ll be the day. But before it does, when you’ve collected all your reply cards from the ones you sent out with your perfect wedding invitations, you need to figure out who’ll be there to share the day with you. When you order your wedding invitations from a reputable wedding invite vendor, you’ll be able to buy wedding stationery that are in the same design suite.

Most places only offer the on-the-day wedding stationery without the personalised information, such as the place card information, seating charts and so forth, but with DreamDay Invitations, you have a one-stop shop for your wedding table decorations/stationery. It’s quite convenient and easy, really! All you need to do is find the same look of your wedding invitations that you ordered from the DreamDay wedding invitations range, scroll down to the “Matching Items” and click on the on-the-day or wedding table stationery you are after. For instance, if you are planning on having personalised place cards, souvenir menus, personalised seating charts, place mats, table number cards, napkin bands, a welcome sign and even buffets menu place cards, these are all things that you can have done for your wedding day, all through DreamDay Invitations online.

We’ve highlighted a few options and styles for you to consider when doing up the wedding table decorations and more.

Seating Charts

Seating Charts

Going the extra mile and taking the time and effort to personalise the seating plan of your wedding guests, whether it’s for the ceremony or for the wedding reception is such a thoughtful thing to do. Figuring out connections and networking people can be quite fun and putting it all together onto your wedding day seating chart is one of the final steps into personalising your wedding day.

Depending on the number of peoples invited to the wedding and how you want to categorise them, whether it’s alphabetically sorted with the respective table number alongside their names or whether you want to assign them to a table number categorised accordingly, the choice is up to you. Some brides and grooms also prefer to accompany the wedding stationery design theme with a table layout too, so that they can head straight to the location of wedding table and easily spot the assigned table by its number (or even name). This is especially true when it comes to large weddings (with many wedding guests or a large venue where the table numbers are placed across a large area).

Once you’ve finalised the seating chart order, it has been printed and delivered to you (account for turnaround/delivery times and order as early as possible), you can have it framed to match your wedding theme (rustic/modern/elegant flourish frame) alongside a framed welcome sign (also personalised and printed by your wedding stationery shop).

Personalised Place Cards

Place Cards

Once the seating chart as been finalised and personalised accordingly, and you have that ordered you can use the same information listed into your online template spreadsheet for the guest list and have them printed out too (to match the wedding invitation, welcome sign and seating chart and of course the table number cards). These can either be folded personalised place cards that you can add an embellishment for added oomph or a flat card that can be pin or propped against a holder/item that matches your wedding theme. A lovely idea that is trending is metallic painted figures as place card holders set as part of the wedding table decorations.

Table Number Cards

Wedding  Table Number Cards

Wedding Table number cards are one of the most important wedding table decoration items as you need to have a way of letting your wedding guests know where to sit and should correspond to the seating chart. You can’t let your wedding guests wander from table to table reading place cards to figure out where to sit – that would be bad etiquette. Instead, have a clearly denoted and matching wedding stationery item for the table numbers and also make sure to list the names clearly on the wedding seating chart. Some brides and grooms theme opt to have names instead of numbers, therefore this needs to be conveyed too and having a visual map (in the seating chart) can help.

Souvenir Menu Cards

Souvenir menu cards are lovely, especially when you want to make the arrangement of your table classy and elegant. Of course, this is best suited for sit down dinners with waited staff, but it’s quite well done when you look into all the little details. Personalised with the name of each wedding guest, and the delightful menu options in store, they can take this home as a personal keepsake memento from your wedding day (along with the place card too). For weddings that host a buffet menu, you can opt to use place cards instead.

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