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  • Inspirations and Ideas for Styling your Bridesmaids Dresses

    Yes, you and your fiancé ARE the stars of the show, but often the entire bridal party entourage makes for the beautiful picture. In it you will find your bridesmaids, flanking the beautiful bride, YOU!  If you have started putting your wedding theme and style together, you may find these styles for bridesmaids dresses inspiring! Keep reading for great ideas for styling your bridesmaids


    The Traditional Bridesmaid

    Bridal Party Wedding Traditional Bridesmaids


    The traditional rule of thumb was to style and dress your bridesmaids the same as if to blend into the background, but that’s not the case anymore though it’s recommended they should look somewhat cohesive and within your wedding theme/style. Usually, the bridesmaid will be a sister or a friend and the attire usually involves A-line dresses. These dresses are often in the same bright and cheery colour but in different shades and tone. The necklines can either be the same or different, but it should look alike.


    The Infinity Bridesmaids Dress

    Wedding Bridesmaids Infinity Dress Styles


    Recently, the Infinity Dress was an ever-popular choice for Bridesmaid dresses that allowed the bride to choose a particular colour and have the bridesmaids wear it in different styles, based on their body type and preference. This Convertible Dress is a great investment considering the fact you can wear it again and again with the choice of mixing up necklines, sleeves and lengths too. It’s also available in a myriad of colours that makes it great for the modern bride who may not want to stick to one colour for all the bridesmaids.


    The Bridesmaid Dresses and Choice of Colours

    Pastel Bridesmaids Dress Theme


    There are many ways you can style your bridesmaids looks, but colour coordination is one way to go about it. While the traditional way would be to stick to one colour shade and identical dresses, that doesn’t mean you have to – there are more fun alternatives nowadays. Speaking of which, you can choose the very trendy “One Colour Many Shades” style, which is fabulous with any of the core colours.  Let’s not stop there, how about a pastel colour theme, where you assign one bridesmaid one pastel colour each and letting them own it – you can present the colours to them and have them pick which one they want for a very democratic process of colour choice that will ultimately make your life easier.


    Accessorising Your Bridesmaid

    Inspirations Ideas Bridesmaid Dress Styles


    Apart from the length, neckline and colour of the bridesmaid dresses, there are other ways in which you can style your bridesmaids to make them stand out. We’re talking about shoes, hair and make-up. Don’t forget that those too will make the ensemble truly sparkle. You can choose to have the traditional look for everyone, same shoes, same hair, same everything, OR you can mix it up with what suits your bridesmaids the best. In the end, you are looking for everyone to have fun on your big day and not to mention for your wedding photographs to look amazing. So, think about the various style alternatives you can opt for when styling your bridesmaids for the big day!


    Image Credits (top to bottom): Donna Morgan Blog, Shopify, W How to Wear, Wedding O Mania

  • Minimalist Modern Wedding Invitations & Themes

    The saying "Less is More" is paramount when your personal style aesthetic is minimalist and simplistic. Often associated with modern styling in day to day life, minimalistic weddings featuring modern wedding invitations, designs and styles are well received for its sophisticated and polished look. There are many ways in which you create a minimalist modern wedding theme, with ideas from the world over that can transform your wedding into an elegant and sophisticated soiree.

                                                      Modern Wedding Inspirations

    What is Modern Minimalist Design?

    Essentially a minimalist design involves less clutter and items being used.  Often it involves clean lines, a few items with white space to let the focal design feature show through. It allows for the eyes to draw up to it giving it the attention it deserves. Colours often chosen for a minimalist design are from the same palette, either on the opposite sides of the palette spectrum of from a neighbouring colour tone/shade.

    Modern Wedding Invitations and Custom Minimalist Designs

    ​When choosing your modern wedding invitations, they should reflect on the wedding vision and the minimalist modern style. A key point to note is to leave items to be open and flowing, with as less clutter as possible. This doesn't mean that you should abstain from using patterns, if used in a simple manner that creates architecture, depth or clarity, then you may do so but be wary that it's often best to use patterns sparingly in order for the focus to go to key design features such as the names of the bride and groom, a monogram or the focal feature. Try to avoid all-over designs when choosing your modern minimalist wedding invitations.

                                                    DreamDay Invitations Finally Metallic Wedding Invitations

    Styling a Modern Wedding

    With a modern minimalist themed wedding, you're shifting the focus from the various other elements that could take the focus off the VIPs at the wedding - the bride and groom.  We've put together a few ideas to make sure the wedding is styled in a way that simplifies and minimises clutter.

    Ceremony: Use a natural backdrop if you're having an outdoor wedding or a focal background from your venue such as a framed window without creating a separate altar.

    Bouquets: Sticking to either one type of flower, perhaps using one or two colours of the same flower.

    Bridesmaids: Modern weddings often opt o ut of having bridesmaids but if you do, you can choose to simplify their attire with single coloured or patterned dresses, with minimal jewellery and natural makeup. ​

    Wedding Dress: A simple dress that fits your body type well, with as little lace, embellishment, or bead work is recommended to stay in line with the minimalist style.

                                          Modern Minimalist Wedding Dress

    Hair, Makeup, & Accessories: Keeping things as natural looking as possible is advised, with your hair smooth and shiny be it a natural flowing hairstyle (try wearing it down, half up, side pony, or a low bun). A hair accessory should be simple, the likes of a statement flower​would be ideal​

  • Glitter Wedding Invitations & Wedding Styles

    "She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes" said Audrey Hepburn; a little sparkle never hurt anyone so why not choose a wedding theme full of sparkle with glitter wedding invitations and more wonderful theme styles to go with it. Here are some ideas for the wedding invitations, colour schemes, and styles for your glitter wedding.

                                        DreamDay Invitations Polyvore Wedding Inspiration Board Glitter Wedding Invitations Inspiration

    Wedding Invitation Styles

    Adding a little glitter, sparkle and shine to your wedding via invitations and/or wedding stationery is a perfect way to preview the theme in mind with a bang! However, make sure you fine tune the theme before you commit as you don't want to "blind" or "overdose" your wedding guests with too much sparkle. Moderation is key here!

    When choosing your sparkle or glitter themed wedding invites, consider the following styles;

    1. Layered wedding invitations with glitter specialty wedding paper

    2. Layered embossed wedding invitation designs with a sequined sparkle effect

    3. Mix and match glitter or ​​sequin-style embossed paper wedding invitations with foil or metallic wedding stationery

    4. Glitter envelope liner to match wedding invite. Add a foil envelope seal to the back of the envelope as a personalised finishing touch.

                                  DreamDay Invitations Wedding Invitations Inspirations Glitter Layered Wedding Invitations Designs

    When you're planning on styling your wedding with glitter and sparkle, be wary that too much of it can overpower your guests and can take the focus off of the bride and groom, and quite possibly lean towards being gaudy as opposed to elegant/classy. Make sure to limit your use of glitter and sparkle to a few areas of your wedding such as the wedding invites, the wedding dress choices and accessories for the bride and bridesmaids, and possibly accenting the wedding cake and using a toned down design taken from the wedding invitations to be used in the wedding stationery.

    When it comes to styling the beautiful bride, you can opt for a modern white wedding gown with use of embellishments to bring in the glitter & sparkle theme into play. Using an embellished bodice or even an all-over sequin wedding dress for an ultra modern twist with a 1920s style inspiration, to even adding accessories as a neckline jewelled shrug, jewelled hair accessories, crystal bridal headband or diamante bouquet ribbon wraps are great ways to incorporate the design to bring the focus to the beauty of the day (or night).

                                   DreamDay Invitations Google Plus Edible Glitter Wedding Cakes Cupcakes

    But that's not where the shine stops. You can have yourself a faux diamante inspired wedding cake or even one with edible glitter used stylishly. Don't forget to send off the newlyweds in style! Sequin confetti and sparklers are great ways to let your sparkle shine through!

    With these great wedding design tips from the wedding invites to the send-off, be inspired to create a glitter and shine wedding just for the two of you!

  • Silver Winter Wedding Invitations & Inspirations

    Winter is a beautiful time; icy but wonderful in its entirety giving you a natural backdrop to the most important day of your lives - your wedding day. Many assume that a winter wedding may be a bit of a hassle but there are so many ways to make this time joyous and fun, with the elegant and sometimes fun additions. A silver winter wedding theme would be a magnificent choice and you can kickstart the wedding hype with gorgeous silver wedding invitations.

    If you're wondering what is in store for you when you decide on a silver winter wedding, we've got a few ideas up our sleeves from winter wedding invitations, the choices of venues and clothing for the big day, and even complementing colours to add a beautiful pop to the silver winter wonderland ensemble.

    Keep reading!  You will be inspired!

    Winter Wedding Invitations in Silver

    There are some beautiful choices of printed wedding invitations that are perfect for a winter wedding with its silver undertones such as "Winter Garden" by DreamDay Invitations which features an intricate flourished border with flower details in lilac peonies and pansies. However, to add more glitz and glamour to the silver wedding invite ensemble, you will find more and more couples to be wed are choosing luxury to handmade wedding invites for their weddings.

    There are various wedding invite designs (also by DreamDay Invitations) that features specialty wedding papers with embellished treatments such as embossing, flocking and glittering, makes for a great impression. Find inspiration from these silver wedding invitations that are perfect for your winter themed wedding. Don't forget to discuss the vision with the DreamDay design team so you can get exactly what you envisioned!

    DreamDay Invitations Brilliant Silver Wedding Invitation Isabella Lace Silver Winter Weddings

    Ideal Winter Venues for Weddings

    When its winter most couples would lean towards an indoor wedding and depending on your overall wedding style it can be anything from a beautiful and classy reception hall with high ceilings, drapery and lighting to a barn or cosy cabin for a warmer yet beautiful wedding day. If it's a daytime wedding, you can make the most of the white winterscapes and even make plans to have the wedding ceremony outdoors. However, if the weather doesn't permit it, you can style the aisle and alter to frame a window where your guests can glimpse at the falling snow.

    Keeping it Classy with Silver Wedding Designs

    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Ideas Silver Winter Wedding Invitations Wedding  Theme

    When you choose a metallic hue such as silver to complement your wedding theme, you're instantaneously alleviating the look to one that is classier. Therefore if you choose to add a pop or hint of colour to the look, you are still getting an elegant look because white with silver and a pop of colour be it red, deep brown, or navy can really complete the look.

    Also, just because its cold doesn't mean you have to compromise on the beautiful wedding dress you have had your eye on for a while. With elegant and styles choices of cover-ups such as shawls, shrugs and boleros, you are all set for a classy silver wedding.

    Don't forget to make your wedding guests comfortable too. Offer silver white throws to warm up, and don't forget the silver themed cocoa bar, complete with matching cocoa mason jar bombonieres! Theme the various wedding stationery after your silver wedding invitations for a seamless flow between all the highlighted wedding elements, it'll truly be a winter wonderland wedding.

  • Roses are Red Wedding Invitations

    Romance is in the air when it comes to wedding, and you think of a known Valentines limerick, “Roses are Red” and so on, and with Valentines around the corner, maybe you are planning on having your wedding day on a special day like Valentine’s Day. Double the celebration, double the love, they say! A great theme for your wedding would be red, with red wedding decor and of course, red wedding invitations. Today, DreamDay Invitations presents you some options of red wedding invitations that would be ideal for your wedding day theme and decor. Let’s have a look!


    Roses and Other Red Flowers

    When it comes to deciding on your wedding theme, if you have already decided that red is what you want, you will have to think of flowers, because a wedding without flowers is unheard of. The closest option for your wedding flowers that go in line with your red wedding theme would be red roses, and they will be fabulous. When it comes to your roses and fitting the red wedding theme into your wedding invitations, DreamDay Invitations has some great options for you that cater to red rose wedding invites such as Framed Red Rose, Velvet Petals which is also very elegant, Rose Watercolour for an illustrated design and another called Red Rose 2.

    However, if you don’t want to feature the traditional rose floral decor for your wedding day, there are many other beautiful flowers that you can pick for your special day. These include the likes of a Frangipani, Cherry Blossoms and even Chrysanthemum and they can be featured on your wedding invite as well.

    Red as a Colour

    If you want to feature the colour in itself throughout your wedding invitation, what you can do is either have the base or overall paper in red, while the text can be in a contrasting colour so that it is easily legible. However, along with it, you can accompany it with a motif or even a design element such as what is done in Noble Flair, Island Fantasy and Always Charmed.

    Intricate and Ornate Designs in Red

    For elegant but intricate wedding invitations, patterns such as damask, lace brocade and other patterns are ideal. Such elegant wedding invites include the likes of Bridal Lace, Brocade Zoom and Autumn Garden would be ideal for a wedding that exudes elegance and luxurious touch.

    Other Red Design Accents

    Other design accents that you can incorporate include the likes of vines and loopy illustrations which can either be floral, or just a design, hearts and more. An array of heart would be ideal if you are getting married on Valentine’s Day, Elegant Hearts and Heart Frenzy would be ideal choices.

  • 5 Steps to Insure Your Wedding Invitations Will be Treasured by Your Guests

    Wedding invites are keepsakes. Family members and friends will keep them for years, putting them in picture frames, scrapbooks, family bibles and photo albums. You want your wedding invitations to be the type that they will treasure and want to keep.

    Step 1 – Pick the Right Design

    Picking the right design is important. The wedding invitation needs to bring back memories of the wedding itself. Don’t choose something generic just because it is less expensive. Don’t choose a flimsy, cheap paper to have it printed on. You will want the invitation to be a keepsake that they will have for years. Choose colors, designs, and themes that match your wedding theme. Some examples would be flowers or sunsets, or beach scenes for spring, vintage designs for a more traditional wedding and something unique if you are picking an unusual, more modern theme.

    Step 2 – Pick the Right Cards

    Make sure to pick the right cards to go with the invitations. RSVP’s, direction and registry cards, accommodation cards, place cards, name cards, and coordinated menus are kept as keepsakes for a wedding also. Be sure to order cards that match the invitations, and be sure to order enough so everyone attending will get one. A guest will feel insulted if they get an invitation and find out other cards were sent that they did not receive.

    Red Rose Square Vertical Invitation in Black - DreamDay Invitations

    Step 3 – Be Concise

    There is nothing more embarrassing to the couple and more insulting to the parents than having the parent’s names misspelled. Be concise. Check the spelling on everything before ordering the invitations and accessories.  Make sure that everything is written correctly and in the correct order. If the names of other relatives or friends will be included, be sure to get the proper spelling.

    Step 4 – Personalize

    Everyone loves to see their name on something. Personalised invitations are some of the most treasured keepsakes. It makes the guest feel very special and very close to the bride and groom. If you can’t afford to have each guests name put on the cards, then see if you can have a friend or relative with beautiful handwriting or experience in calligraphy write the names on the top of the card. If this can’t be done, then at least be sure to address the envelopes by hand. There is nothing more impersonal than receiving an invitation in a typed or computer generated envelope.

    Autumn Garden DL Tri-Fold Invitation in Ivory - DreamDay Invitations

    Step 5 – Include a Personal Note

    Although this may take some extra time, including a small personal note on the back of the invitation will go over really big with your guests. If you have too many guests, then just do it on the back of relative’s cards. If the wedding invitations are ordered early enough, then writing a personal note, just a line or two near the bottom will make the invitation more of a treasure for each person. For example: “ We would be so pleased (name), if you could attend our wedding. It would mean so much to us to have you be a part of our special day.” Or “ We are looking forward to seeing you at on this special day.”

  • Modern Wedding Invitations

    If it’s time for you to decide on your wedding invitations and you have always fancied modern art and contemporary design, then you can take your influences and make them quite distinctive in your modern wedding invitations. Contemporary or modern design for wedding invitations includes a simplistic and uncluttered look and can also feature light hues accented with darker shades and tones of colour. Also, a great thing about this type of design is that it can infuse other types into it be it Romanesque to add to the entire look. With modern wedding invitations, or rather contemporary wedding invites there are many design options for you to choose from. Soft colours to dark, lines and stripes, design features such as filigree and baroque to various era influencing make up these types of invites. The trends for 2011 in terms of contemporary design take influences from mid century modernity to ultra clean look which is quite a hit, to also patterns because simple minimalistic design with touches of influence make up a beautiful wedding invite.


    When we take mid-century modernism into account with regard to wedding invitations, we look at retro designs that are colourful but yet blend seamlessly together creating a design that is simple and classy. Borders that are unique and patterns that are bold and contrasting make these types of modern wedding invitations quite beautiful to behold.  The main focus on this kind of invite designs are the shapes you put to use and the typography of it all, and how they are laid out in a manner that does not clutter the space provided.


    In terms of the ultra clean look of modern wedding invites, it’s all about how you lay out the design elements together. Be it a pattern, a treatment you have in mind from embossing to engraving and even foil printing, you need a proper plan before hand and how it comes together should be efficient and yet ‘clean’. By clean you showcase most of the base background feature or colour and revolve the other designs around it, thereby making it the key feature. With clever use of colour and typography even the simplest invite will be a sensational hit.

    Modern wedding invitations trends for 2011 also feature patterns, whereby you see more of the likes of plaid, stripes and herringbone being included into the dynamics of wedding invite design. For your wedding, it’s always best to put together an ‘inspiration board’ that gathers your inspirations into one place and where you can draw out which elements you would like feature in your contemporary wedding invite design. Thereafter, it’s a piece of cake. All you will have to do is find that look, and presto you’ll have beautiful designs at your doorstep.

  • Theme Wedding Invitations

    Themes can be derived by many definitions and in the sense of an artistic and design aspect; you could look to colours as well as inspirations that are bounced off many shapes, objects and even living entities. When it comes to weddings and wedding invitations, themes play quite a distinctive role. Figuring out which theme for your wedding and invites suit your special day the best may take some thinking and some direction, and you can find it right here. When you want to style your wedding invites after that of a theme, there are two ways in which you can go about it. One will be with colours which allow you a great many shades and hues to play with and the other would be based on inspirations. Now, these inspirations may differ from one another whether it’s based on a time period, a way of styling or even objects and also people.


    Some great themes for the year of 2011 presents us with a myriad of options to choose from which varies in range so distinctively that there is something for everyone, no matter what your tastes and styles and likings may be. From the likes of vintage, to chic elegance, patterns, colour explosions, to elegance and simplistic detailing, green weddings and DIY, this year is one of greatness and with it DreamDay Invitations is right on cue with all the offerings for this year. Let’s look at each factor and how these wedding invites come together based on the themes chosen as this year’s trends.


    Vintage is a wonderful thing that puts together various iconic design elements and infuses them in an eclectic mix that gathers distinct colours to make a beautiful work of art come to life. DreamDay Invitations has a great range of such vintage wedding invites to offer you the option of having a vintage feel to your wedding. Wedding chic is easy and effortless if you know where to look and know how to style and design in a way that is trendy and beautiful. With the right touches of design elements and colours, your wedding invitations will be beautiful. But that’s not all DreamDay Invitations can offer you in terms of keeping up with theme wedding invitations along with the trends that this year brings you, you may have options if the other trends such as patterns, colours, treatment details and also DIY and green wedding invitation which DreamDay Invitations is proud to offer. Patterns with wedding invitations are stupendous and DreamDay Invitations has many choices to choose from in its collections from the likes of filigree to damask, polka dots, stripes and much more. Use these patterns and designs in your wedding invites to make it whimsical and fun. Likewise with colours and the essence of detailing via treatments and the likes you may opt to make your wedding cards bigger and better to fit your idea of the ideal stationery for your special day.

  • Inspirational Wedding Invitation Wording

    If your wedding day is 6-8 months away, then it’s time to get cracking and have fun with all the planning. Starting early means making sure that everything goes well and it leaves you with time to look back and evaluate, and take it all in, with time to make sure everything happens as you plan it to and want it to. So, when it comes to your planning you almost always start with the venue, which in turn is related to the wedding invitations that need to be sent out at least 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding. The way you design your inspirational wedding invitations, and also how your wedding invitation wording will sound, reflects back to the style ceremony and the reception, because in fact, you are offering your invitees and guests a sneak peek into what the special day will include.

    Hearts of Love Square Vertical Invitation in Black - DreamDay Invitations

    When it comes to designing the look and feel of your wedding invite, that should be easy provided you have a theme in mind, and if you have a clear vision, then presto your wedding invitations will be a breeze, just like that.  Whether it’s a seasonal wedding, a beach wedding or even a garden wedding, or it’s based on a  colour or maybe even focusing on a design taking into consideration  the design elements such as filigree and damask for example, when you come down to it, then deciding on your choice will be easier than 1-2-3!

    With DreamDay Invitations finding your wedding invitation will be easy, because the automated technical advanced system allows your decision making and selections to be quick and efficient. Pick a design that like, and then go to customise and edit yourself with your own wording and ideas. When customising the wording, there is the standard wording options provided to you, but you may also choose you own inspirational words to say. Wedding invitations wording can at times be tricky, but here at DreamDay Invitations, we are all about helping our customers.  A great way of putting an inspiration twist in it is by adding poetry or prose pieces into the wording, making it a romantic gesture and possibly a testament to love. Here are some options for you to consider when customising your wedding invite wording.

    In the spirit of peace and joy

    this holiday season

    <Bride’s Parents>

    request the honour of your presence

    at the marriage of their daughter

    <Bride’s Name>


    <Groom’s Name>

    on <Date>

    at <Time>


    As autumn leaves

    turn their brilliant hue

    two lovers will join and say I do

    <Bride’s Name> and

    <Groom’s Name>

    will be joined together in a holy union

    on <Date>

    at <Time>


    We joyfully ask you to share

    in this celebration of life

    <Bride’s Parents>

    To everything there is a season, and a time

    to every purpose under the heaven

    Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

    <Bride’s Name>


    <Groom’s Name>

    invite you to share with them

    on the first day of their new lives together


    at <Time>


    We’re tying the knot!

    <Bride’s Name> and <Groom’s Name>

    invite you to

    join their celebration of love, friendship, and commitment


    at <Time>


    True love is eternal and infinite

    <Bride’s Name> and <Groom’s Name>

    warmly invite you to a part of their wedding day

    Come share in our joy


    at <Time>


    Whatever our souls are made up, his and mine are the same

    ~ Emily Bronte ~

    Please share in our joy

    You are invited to witness the exchange of wedding vows between

    <Bride’s Name>


    <Groom’s Name>


    at <Time>


    Post ceremony celebration immediately following

    Two hearts, two souls, one love for all time

    It would give us great pleasure if you would join us on our wedding day

    <Bride’s Name>


    <Groom’s Name>

    are to be wed on


    at <Time>


    Dancing, food, and fun immediately after

    We cherish the roles you play in our lives

    and would be honored if you would join us

    as we enter into the journey of marriage

    <Bride’s Name>


    <Groom’s Name>

    will exchange wedding vows


    at <Time>


    With DreamDay Invitations, you’ll find everything at your fingertips. Enjoy your wedding planning; we’re here to make it easier for you.

  • Vintage Wedding Invitations

    Tradition and culture are some great things that make society a great place to be, and if you are one who values these, then more love and power to you. With tradition comes great knowledge and insight, and also the beauty of a bygone era still lives on through you and your system of values, because you believe in the same things many wise men and women did too.  It is not about being called old fashioned, it is truly only about valuing something that you believe are right and good, and no matter who says otherwise, you know in your heart that it is beautiful way of life. It’s a great thing to use when you have something important coming up, like for example with vintage wedding invitations for your special day.

    As a traditional person, and one who embraces culture, vintage is something you might find a strong kinship to.  Called "Treasures of the past", items of vintage value are loved and reflect your lives in many ways. In a city that has many old buildings, you will find traces of architecture that are old and beautifully crafted and like so, it lives on.  However, in these changing times and new trends coming your way, you might find it hard to hold on to some elements, but with the likes of vintage you are able to stay true to yourself. Vintage items can be found in clothing, furniture and also stationery in terms of styling, so when you have something important that you want to send out and want it to reflect the person you are, you can opt for vintage stationery.

    With DreamDay Invitations, you have the option of vintage styled stationery with the offer of vintage wedding invitations and other wedding stationery to blend in the theme. If you were looking for something up the traditional alley, we have that with accents of vintage embedded into it.  You will find yourself with designs that embody chic styling and that are rich and classy at the same without being over the top. The designs may put to use various accents of motifs, filigree and damask designs and also borders that focus on the wonder of classic stationery.

    Ageless Treasure Square Vertical Invitation in Silver - DreamDay Invitations

    The colours that are normally related to that of these wedding invites include deep colours that are rich to look at and are also quite rare, such as burgundy, shades of blue that leans towards a royal navy blue tone, earthy hues and amber tones which might even be inspired by the sun.  Some great wedding invitations options offered by DreamDay Invitations would include the likes of New Dawn, Regal Bond, Masquerade, Enchanted Garden, Polka Dot Diva, Renaissance Kiss and Champagne, in colours of your choosing, based on the colour theme you have selected for your special day.

    New Dawn Square Vertical Invitation in Taupe - DreamDay Invitations

    Happy planning, and do not forget, DreamDay Invitations also offers you handmade wedding invites if you want a personalised and customised wedding invitation.

    DreamDay Vintage Wedding Invitations Video

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