Wedding Traditions with Contemporary Choices

Are you a modern bride with some great ideas and twists up your sleeve? We've put together a few contemporary wedding traditions that you might find interesting such as opting out of some wedding activities or choosing a modern wedding invitations design. This is even truer especially if you want to break from tradition or you want to stick to them whilst adding your own brand of magic and personality.


The Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations Layered wedding invitations

Many brides and grooms are moving away from the traditional all white wedding invitations for colour, flair and fun. Bold design, contrasting colours and not to mention fold styles such as pocket wedding invitations, boarding pass styled wedding invitations and more for your choosing make it possible to add personality.


Walking Down the Aisle

Many dads look forward to this wedding tradition, but if you have your reasons to choose differently, then there's no reason why you can't. You can walk down the aisle with whomever you like, even walk down the aisle yourself, making a grand entrance as you do.


The First Dance

If you aren't into dancing, then you can mix things up with this wedding tradition. When the time comes to announce the newlyweds, you can have the DJ invite everyone willing to the dance floor for a group first dance, or the bridal retinue can have a dance number or a flash mob too.


The Wedding Cake

If you're more concerned about the type of wedding dessert and wanting your favourite one, you can choose it over wedding cake. You will find that everything from cheesecakes, pies to cupcakes, cake pops and more are great choices for your choice of wedding dessert.


The Garter Toss & Bouquet Toss

There are some traditions that could either make you or your wedding guests uncomfortable. Whether it's the Garter Toss or the Bouquet Toss, they can be excluded or you can fit in something else, like a wedding montage of your love story.


The Wedding Dress

Most modern brides are moving away from the conventional white wedding dress mould and taking a step towards standing out. This could be the style and design to the colour. You can easily opt for pastel shades of colour, with ivory and blush pink being clear favourite amongst many modern brides who aren't afraid to take a step into contemporary wedding traditions.


Whether it's your wedding invitations to the various activities, you may have planned for the day of the wedding and not to mention the details such as the wedding cake and dress, these are all twists to the wedding traditions you will find. Make your wedding day a dream come true with personality and flair, but importantly you.

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