Wedding Verse Wording Ideas - 1 line

Wedding invitations are the symbol of our devotion and intentions towards the one we love with all our hearts, and a wedding invitation wouldn’t be the same without an emotion filled eloquent verse to shine like a light, and tell everyone of your lives’ love. Romantic verse’s and quotes have been used on wedding stationery for as long as history has been recorded, used in poems and song lyrics, and of course beautiful emotional wedding vows. There are many, many time tested, and expressive verse’s that will portray perfectly our sentiments on wedding invitations and stationery. Here is short list from DreamDay of suggested, one line verse’s, that can be included in any of their wedding invitations designs. •    And the two shall become one •    From this day forward •    My Beloved is Mine and I am His •    Love fills a lifetime •    We are One together Forever •    And this our life, Our beginning •    We've only just Begun •    One Love that is shared by Two •    A Love Story unfolds •    May Love Light our way to Happiness •    A Celebration of our Love •    From this moment on •    Our Wedding Day! •    Our love will light our way to happiness •    Two hearts that beat as one •    A promise of Love forever •    Je t’aime (I Love you in French) •    Our love is eternal •    We love with a love that is more than love. •    Love encompasses all •    Love is many splendid thing. •    Love lifts us up where we belong •    Love is where the heart is, and my heart is yours. These are samples only, to give you ideas. We encourage you to modify the words to fit your personality and style, or use another verse altogether

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