• Assembling Your Wedding Stationery

    You’ve ordered your wedding stationery online and received them from DreamDay Invitations, stocked up on postage stamps and you’re all prepped to get your wedding invitations sent out this weekend - but what is the correct way to assemble them, especially when you have multiple cards in your wedding stationery suite?

    First of all, don’t look at this task on your wedding to-do list as a boring chore - enjoy it! Open up a bottle of wine, put some music on and get busy with your fiance or your bridesmaids (sure saves a lot of time!) and start an at-home assembly line while making a regular party of it!

    Wedding Stationery Suite | DreamDay Invitations

    Usually when assembling your wedding stationery, the general rule of thumb is that wedding cards are assembled according to size and the largest card (which is normally the wedding invitation card) goes at the bottom and the rest of the cards are placed face up. However, if you have opted for a folded wedding invitation, the reply card and other enclosure cards should be placed within and not above it.

    Wedding Invitation Cards | DreamDay Invitations

    Generally, the wedding reception card follows the invitation and is placed directly on top - remember to always place the reception card face up. The enclosure cards (directions/accommodations card or the wishing well card) should follow and should be placed face up on top of the reception card. The reply envelope will then placed printed side down above the enclosure cards - the envelope flap should always be on the left. Help save your wedding guests the time spent searching for stamps and pre-stamp your reply envelopes before adding to the wedding stationery suite.

    Once you’ve assembled the wedding stationery, it’s time to move onto placing them in envelopes. While some couples opt to have their envelopes addressed in calligraphy, others don’t have the time or budget that allow it and instead opt to take the convenient and affordable route of having their stationer print names and address directly on the front of the envelopes - such a time saver! The wedding invitation suite should be inserted left edge first in the case of a single card invitation and folded edge first for a folded wedding invitation. Be careful when sealing your envelopes as if it’s moistened too much, the envelope edge can end up looking puckered. We recommend using a bottled envelope moistener for a controlled action. To finish off the look of your wedding invitations (especially in the case of a formal wedding) you may want to consider adding a personalised monogram as a seal at the back of the envelopes.

    Unique Australian Wedding Cards | DreamDay Invitations

    That’s it, your wedding invitations are ready to be either posted or hand delivered! Stop by your local post office to have your wedding invitations weighed to find out how much postage you need and then carefully secure the stamp before sending them out!

  • 5 of the Best Winter Hair Wedding Hairstyles for 2015

    Just because it’s a little colder doesn’t mean you have to comprise on style. It’s your wedding day, and come rain or shine; you’re going to look fabulous, right? To inspire your look for your winter wonderland wedding, here are 5 of the Best Winter Hair Wedding Hairstyles for 2015 that we’ve put together. From elegant and sophisticated to bohemian chic with glam, there are many stylish looks that you can try out to find the best wedding hairstyle for your winter wedding in 2015.

    1. A Sophisticated Hairdo with a Double Braid Band with A Low Wrap Accessorised with Faux Diamante Hair Jewellery.

    This look is ideal for bride that is planning on wearing a strapless or off-shoulder wedding dress (you may even opt to use cover up such as a bolero or a shrug that will complement the look grandly). The hair jewellery that resembles a poinsettia seen here can be fitted with a veil making it quite the smart placement.


    1. The Au-Natural Bohemian Hairstyle with a Pinned Back Chignon.

    This hairdo is a winner with bohemian chic brides that want to mingle their style with a bit of glam brought through with the embellished headpiece. The bangs out in front make it the perfect accompaniment to the chignon back. Couple it with a wedding dress that features an intricate back design and you’ve got yourself a lovely bohemian chic winter wedding hairstyle.


    1. The Soft Classic Chignon.

    A classic and beautiful hairstyle that is perfect for winter or any time of the year is ideal for the elegant bride who loves simplicity and class. Complement it with a modern spaghetti strap A-line wedding dress with a sweet heart bodice and it is pure perfection.


    1. Chignon with an Embellished Beehive Twist.

    This is a take on the classic chignon but with more drama where more curls are added to the chignon wrap bun and not to mention the beehive bump that gives it more volume. If you have longer hair, you may opt to do more elaborate/bigger curls. Add a final touch with an embellishment. Choose a band embellishment if you are not thinking of wearing a necklace or a hairpin embellishment if the wedding dress has a lower neckline.

                               Dreamday winter wedding hairstyles

    1. Wearing your Hair Long in Curls or an Ornate Braid.

    The “Frozen” winter hairstyle trend is still around and going strong. If you are blessed with long hair, then flaunt it long and loose or with a beautiful braid. Add an embellishment with your braid, or on the crown, such as these pictured here. No matter whether you are planning on wearing a shrug to beat the cold or a full sleeved bolero, your beautiful Frozen inspired winter wedding hairstyle will be a hit!


    Accessorising your hair is all the rave. So don’t be afraid to do so. No matter whether it’s cold outside, you can wear your hair long or short, up or down. Which of these 5 beautiful winter wedding hairstyles for 2015 did you love?

  • Silver Winter Wedding Invitations & Inspirations

    Winter is a beautiful time; icy but wonderful in its entirety giving you a natural backdrop to the most important day of your lives - your wedding day. Many assume that a winter wedding may be a bit of a hassle but there are so many ways to make this time joyous and fun, with the elegant and sometimes fun additions. A silver winter wedding theme would be a magnificent choice and you can kickstart the wedding hype with gorgeous silver wedding invitations.

    If you're wondering what is in store for you when you decide on a silver winter wedding, we've got a few ideas up our sleeves from winter wedding invitations, the choices of venues and clothing for the big day, and even complementing colours to add a beautiful pop to the silver winter wonderland ensemble.

    Keep reading!  You will be inspired!

    Winter Wedding Invitations in Silver

    There are some beautiful choices of printed wedding invitations that are perfect for a winter wedding with its silver undertones such as "Winter Garden" by DreamDay Invitations which features an intricate flourished border with flower details in lilac peonies and pansies. However, to add more glitz and glamour to the silver wedding invite ensemble, you will find more and more couples to be wed are choosing luxury to handmade wedding invites for their weddings.

    There are various wedding invite designs (also by DreamDay Invitations) that features specialty wedding papers with embellished treatments such as embossing, flocking and glittering, makes for a great impression. Find inspiration from these silver wedding invitations that are perfect for your winter themed wedding. Don't forget to discuss the vision with the DreamDay design team so you can get exactly what you envisioned!

    DreamDay Invitations Brilliant Silver Wedding Invitation Isabella Lace Silver Winter Weddings

    Ideal Winter Venues for Weddings

    When its winter most couples would lean towards an indoor wedding and depending on your overall wedding style it can be anything from a beautiful and classy reception hall with high ceilings, drapery and lighting to a barn or cosy cabin for a warmer yet beautiful wedding day. If it's a daytime wedding, you can make the most of the white winterscapes and even make plans to have the wedding ceremony outdoors. However, if the weather doesn't permit it, you can style the aisle and alter to frame a window where your guests can glimpse at the falling snow.

    Keeping it Classy with Silver Wedding Designs

    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Ideas Silver Winter Wedding Invitations Wedding  Theme

    When you choose a metallic hue such as silver to complement your wedding theme, you're instantaneously alleviating the look to one that is classier. Therefore if you choose to add a pop or hint of colour to the look, you are still getting an elegant look because white with silver and a pop of colour be it red, deep brown, or navy can really complete the look.

    Also, just because its cold doesn't mean you have to compromise on the beautiful wedding dress you have had your eye on for a while. With elegant and styles choices of cover-ups such as shawls, shrugs and boleros, you are all set for a classy silver wedding.

    Don't forget to make your wedding guests comfortable too. Offer silver white throws to warm up, and don't forget the silver themed cocoa bar, complete with matching cocoa mason jar bombonieres! Theme the various wedding stationery after your silver wedding invitations for a seamless flow between all the highlighted wedding elements, it'll truly be a winter wonderland wedding.

  • Etiquette for Announcement Cards for Weddings, Engagements & Elopements

    Etiquette is important with concern to courtesy and civility in your community, whether it's with family, friends or acquaintances. When it comes to announcing special occasions or a milestone event in your life, an announcement card says it best.

    Announcing the Engagement

    The first people you'd probably share the good news would be your parents (and kids if you have any). Once the immediate family has been notified, you can design a lovely announcement card and mail it out.

                                                                              DreamDay Invitations Customise your Engagement Announcement

    ​By custom, it's the bride's parents that will send the engagement announcement card. Some announcement wording ideas are as follows;

    Formal Engagement Announcement Wording:

    Mr. and Mrs. John Smith are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, Mary Ann Smith, to James Oliver Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Brown. A June wedding is planned at the Church of the Resurrection in Our Town, Anystate.

    Semi - Formal Engagement Announcement Wording:

    Mary Ann Smith and to James Oliver Brown are happy to announce their engagement. A September wedding is planned.

    Informal Engagement Announcement Wording:

    We did it! We're in love, the ring is beautiful, and we are thrilled to announce our engagement. -Mary and James.

    Announcing the Wedding

    Usually this announcement is sent right after the wedding is held and sent to friends, family and acquaintances that couldn't make it or you weren't able to include in the wedding guest list due to budget constraints. The wording for these wedding announcement cards is quite similar to the engagement announcements. A few examples of the announcement card wording are as follows;

    Formal Wedding Announcement Wording

    Mr. and Mrs. John Smith are pleased to announce the marriage of their daughter, , Mary Ann Smith, to James Oliver Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Brown, on 14th February 2015 at Church of the Resurrection in Our Town, Anystate. A celebratory reception is planned for 15th March 2015 at Hemmingway Hall, Sydney.

    Information Wedding Announcement Wording

    John and Jane are pleased to announce that Mary and James went away for vacation and got married in a tropical destination! Mary and James were married 14th February 2015 in Bali. We hope to celebrate with you on 15th March 2015 at Hemmingway Hall, Sydney.

    Announcing an Elopement

    Elopements are becoming more and more popular as couples prefer to get married in getaway destinations and/or prefer a civil ceremony over planning a wedding. But, it's not for everyone. For those who prefer it, the wording of your elopement announcement card should ideally be short and sweet, and could include a photograph from the day if you'd like it to be a keepsake item. An example of what an Elopement announcement card is as follows;

    Brittany Smith and Jonathan Myers wish to announce their wedding at a private ceremony on January 20, 2015.


    Any of the wedding invitations or engagement invitations designs can be customised to be made as announcement card for an engagement, elopement or wedding.

  • Should a Reply Card Be Put On Wedding Invitations

    There was once a time when wedding invitations were just wedding invitations, and by that I mean that when you received it in your mail all you came across when opened was just the wedding invite. But that has long since changed, and now we have more invitations accessories sent along with the main attraction, of which the most crucial is considered the reply card or the R.S.V.P. card.

    R.S.V.P. stands for “répondez, s'il vous plait” which means “please reply” in French. As a mode of allowing the invited guests to confirm their attendance or pass on their regrets, many couples and guests have agreed that this part of etiquette is much needed. There are many modes of RSVP-ing, one which is via phone, where the invitee can call in and relate their attendance to the event, or via email and of course via reply card.  Now, on the matter of whether wedding invitations are really necessary, there are many opinions to this fact. Many people say you should go ahead and do it due to many reasons. These reasons are regarded with certain invitation etiquette, which we will look into in depth.


    We, at DreamDay Invitations recommend that your wedding invitations should be dispatched to your guests at least six weeks before the wedding, thus giving them enough notice to make sure that they do not double-book the date and also make arrangements for travel, in case they are from out-of-town. By doing so, it allows you to set your R.S.V.P. deadline to about three weeks prior. This way you can figure out a final head count as well as the seating arrangements depending on it, as you may opt to include an area which requests a number of attendees. This is just one reason why reply cards are important.


    Another reason DreamDay Invitations figures that reply cards are important is in case you have specific dietary needs, say for example, if the guest is a vegan, then certain concessions must be made, or even if the guest has specific allergies, for example is lactose intolerant, they should be noted. Like so, it is important.


    Of course, you can reply with your attendance via email or even via phone, but ensuring that all the relevant information with regard to a respective guest is in one place, then a reply card would be the most efficient. Therefore, when sending out your wedding invitations along with the reply card make sure that information such as the number of guests, their dining preferences and such are all included so that guests will know exactly how they should reply.

  • Cheap Wedding Invitations

    Cheap Wedding Invitations does not have mean a compromise in quality or beauty.  DreamDay Invitations has created a stylish range of designer invitations that are not only inexpensive, but of the finest quality available on the market today. With cost in mind, DreamDay Invitations has developed a high quality, printed and personalized array of striking designer inspired Wedding invitation designs that will impress any bride to be, and compliment any theme or colour with flair, glamour and sophistication.

    02102-I10-XXXXX-000_thumb Sentimental Moment English Rose

    Pictured above are DreamDay Invitations square invitations in ‘Everlasting Orchid’, ‘Sentimental Moment’, and ‘English Rose’. Continue reading

  • Spring Wedding Invitations

    Enchanted Spring is the season for new love, new life, new beginnings and nothing warms the heart like a spring influenced wedding. The weather is warming, there is a flourish of beautiful flowers  in bloom and there is a freshness in the air that is unmistakable. Setting the start of your new lives together with a captivating effervescent Spring Wedding invitations gives you many options for stylish themes with brilliant florals and dazzling colours and blushes, and opens the doors to so many pretty, clean and crisp designs of DreamDay Invitations Wedding Stationery that will fill your guests with feeling of romance and love.

    02102-I10-XXXXX-000_thumb 02133-I10-XXXXX-000_thumb 02104-C10-XXXXX-104_thumb

    Pictured here are DreamDay Invitations in ‘Everlasting Orchid’ ‘Sentimental Moment’ and ‘Frangipani Dream’

    From tranquil Beach Weddings and serene Garden settings, to perfectly formal elegant and florally inspired weddings, your Wedding Invitations can reflect the warmth and beauty that only nature can provide in Spring.

    Continue reading

  • Contemporary Wedding Invitations

    Contemporary Wedding Invitations are the fresh, perfect compliment to the modern wedding in 2010. A contemporary wedding invitation will announce your wedding plans to everyone with style and flair, and reflect the trends of the modern bride and groom giving all who receive an invitation an exciting glance ahead at the design and style of your wedding.

    Below are examples of DreamDay Square Invitations in ‘Candy Stripe’ ‘Moonlight Silhouette’ and ‘Renaissance’.

    02184-T10-XXXXX-132_thumb 02188-T10-XXXXX-100_thumb 02182-T10-XXXXX-101_thumb

    DreamDay Invitations has a large range of  contemporary wedding invitations styles which come in Square or DL shapes with a multitude of themes and colours from bold shades to pastel tinges, florals styles to perfectly co-ordinate with your ideas, allowing the flexibility to express your emotions and information in an infinite number of ways. We make sure you’re invitation contains exactly what you want to set the tone for your wedding at a cost effective competitive rate.

    Font choices can be modern and wording more casual, giving the couple greater choices and enabling you to be extra personal and creative.

    DreamDay invitations has an extensive range of Contemporary wedding invitations to choose from, and by using our 3D real image viewing, you can see right in front of you how your invitation and accessories will look immediately.

    Continue reading

  • Black and White Wedding Invitations

    Black and White weddings are a stylish, clean and elegant choice for the modern bride in 2010.  The choices and options are easy, classical and beautifully elegant and the image you create will be timeless with a Black & White theme, and DreamDay Invitations is the perfect start to a refined and truly classy feeling for your wedding. A Black and White themed Wedding Invitation will give your guest a glimpse ahead and conjure images of graceful formal festivities to come.

    02116-I10-XXXXX-100_thumb 02142-C10-XXXXX-100_thumb 02115-T10-XXXXX-100_thumb

    Black and White themed wedding invitations such as our ‘Yours Forever’ ‘Filigree Cloud’ and ‘Hearts of Love’ designs, pictured can provide your guests with ideas of elegance by using crisp, sleek lines and adding soft and romantic enrichment. Continue reading

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