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  • Assembling Your Wedding Stationery

    You’ve ordered your wedding stationery online and received them from DreamDay Invitations, stocked up on postage stamps and you’re all prepped to get your wedding invitations sent out this weekend - but what is the correct way to assemble them, especially when you have multiple cards in your wedding stationery suite?

    First of all, don’t look at this task on your wedding to-do list as a boring chore - enjoy it! Open up a bottle of wine, put some music on and get busy with your fiance or your bridesmaids (sure saves a lot of time!) and start an at-home assembly line while making a regular party of it!

    Wedding Stationery Suite | DreamDay Invitations

    Usually when assembling your wedding stationery, the general rule of thumb is that wedding cards are assembled according to size and the largest card (which is normally the wedding invitation card) goes at the bottom and the rest of the cards are placed face up. However, if you have opted for a folded wedding invitation, the reply card and other enclosure cards should be placed within and not above it.

    Wedding Invitation Cards | DreamDay Invitations

    Generally, the wedding reception card follows the invitation and is placed directly on top - remember to always place the reception card face up. The enclosure cards (directions/accommodations card or the wishing well card) should follow and should be placed face up on top of the reception card. The reply envelope will then placed printed side down above the enclosure cards - the envelope flap should always be on the left. Help save your wedding guests the time spent searching for stamps and pre-stamp your reply envelopes before adding to the wedding stationery suite.

    Once you’ve assembled the wedding stationery, it’s time to move onto placing them in envelopes. While some couples opt to have their envelopes addressed in calligraphy, others don’t have the time or budget that allow it and instead opt to take the convenient and affordable route of having their stationer print names and address directly on the front of the envelopes - such a time saver! The wedding invitation suite should be inserted left edge first in the case of a single card invitation and folded edge first for a folded wedding invitation. Be careful when sealing your envelopes as if it’s moistened too much, the envelope edge can end up looking puckered. We recommend using a bottled envelope moistener for a controlled action. To finish off the look of your wedding invitations (especially in the case of a formal wedding) you may want to consider adding a personalised monogram as a seal at the back of the envelopes.

    Unique Australian Wedding Cards | DreamDay Invitations

    That’s it, your wedding invitations are ready to be either posted or hand delivered! Stop by your local post office to have your wedding invitations weighed to find out how much postage you need and then carefully secure the stamp before sending them out!

  • Can You Design & Order Your Wedding Invitations Online?


    Every couple planning their wedding knows that time is of the essence with so much to do and most often so little time to do it! So when the opportunity to save time on a task like designing and ordering your wedding invitations by doing it online comes up, you grab a glass of wine and settle down in a comfy couch for a quick and easy process that sure beats heading out to a store! Keep reading to find out exactly how you can get started with ordering your wedding invitations online with a few clicks.

    Choosing a wedding invitation design to suit your wedding theme

    When you visit the Dreamday Invitations website, you’ll find that there’s a plethora of different wedding invitation designs to choose from that range from a variety of shapes to styles and much more. Spend some time browsing through the unique designs that suit your wedding theme and shortlist some of your favourites that you can then go back to when you’re making your final decision.


    Unique Wedding Invitations by DreamDay

    Once you’ve made your decision, you can move onto the next step of ordering your wedding invitations, which is personalising the design.

    Customising your wedding stationery online

    We give you full control when it comes to personalising your wedding invitations and the simple, user-friendly DreamDay website will guide you through a few steps where you can do just that! If you require further changes than what’s provided in the online process, you can always include a special note requesting your assigned designer to make the changes for you.

    Start off by choosing the type of cardstock to be used for your wedding stationery from the five options provided that range in quality and price. You will also be able to choose the shape you prefer for your wedding invitations from square through to A5 or boarding pass invitations.

    To save time you can also choose to have your guest names printed on your wedding stationery for a small additional charge - a great touch that really completes the look of your wedding cards!

    Once you’ve personalised the invitation wording, you can move onto the next step where  you can choose whether you want matching printed envelopes or plain ones. This is completely up to your personal preference and your budget as there’s no hard and fast rule that requires envelopes to have matching printed envelopes, but it does look great! You can also opt to have your guest names and addresses printed on the envelope, if you just don’t have the time or the handwriting to ensure your envelopes stay classy!

    Order Matching Wedding Stationery to Complement Your Wedding Invitations

    At the final stage of placing your order, you can choose to add on any other matching wedding stationery items to your order such as Save the Dates, RSVP cards, Wishing Well Cards, Directions/Accommodations Cards and much more. If you would rather not have the exact same design, you can always choose a completing, but different design for an eclectic touch!

    Beach Wedding Invitations

    Don’t forget to include any special instructions at this final stage such as colour changes, shifting of design elements etc. Your assigned designer will then make the change and send over an electronic proof that you will need to approve prior to having your order printed. If an electronic proof is just not enough for you to make up your mind, you can order a sample which will be really helpful especially if you’ve requested a lot of personalising on an invitation design. Don’t forget to go through the design and wording a few times before approving it to avoid any small errors - perhaps even ask someone else to take a look too, a fresh set of eyes maybe able to pick out an error that you could have missed.

    That’s all it takes to design and order your wedding invitations online and can be done in just a few days, so start browsing the DreamDay wedding invitation collection and place your order online.

  • Our Top 5 Favourite Winter Wedding Invite Designs


    While planning a winter wedding may seem like a daunting task with everything from wedding venues through to flowers, table decor etc being so much easier to put together for a summer wedding, choosing a winter wedding invitation design makes up for all that! There’s so many different unique wedding invitation designs that you could select for a winter wedding and here’s just a few of our favourites!

    Photograph for Winter Wedding Invitations

    Photo Winter Wedding Invitations

    Unique and such great momentos, we love the idea of customising your wedding invitations to feature photos.You can be as creative as you like when selecting pictures for your wedding invitations, but capturing the magic of winter with pictures of the two of you making snow angels, skiing or even just sipping on a steaming cuppa are some of our favourites. However, if you’ve decided on an unique wedding location away in the snowy hills, consider customising your pictures to include a sneak peak at the location in all its glory!

    Winter Wedding Invitation Colour Palettes

    Popular colour combinations for a winter wedding include both icy blue blended with shades of grey, metallic silver and white as accent colours or even a more warm colour palette featuring rustic wood tones, reds, burgundies and deep browns; all resplendent of a warm fire inside a log cabin.

    Winter Wedding Invitations

    Unique Winter Elements for Wedding Invitations

    The trick is to keep the winter themed design elements to a minimum and not go overdo it to avoid making your winter wedding invitation designs cliche. Choose a few design elements that capture your winter wedding theme perfectly and include them in all parts of your wedding from the wedding invitations through to the wedding decor for continuity. Elegant illustrations of snowflakes or pine-cones combined with a cool blue palette really sets the stage for the chic elegance of a traditional winter wedding, while an artistic capture of two sets of skies with initials in the snow is more suitable for a quirky, fun couple

    Winter Wedding Invitations | Pine Cones
  • Beach Wedding Invitations

    Your searching for a venue, something picturesque and romantic. Perhaps somewhere that symbolises an interest you and your fiance share. Somewhere that brings you a sense of peace and joy.

    Then a thought crosses your mind, a beach wedding! Now to find beach wedding invitations to match.

    Well look no further! We have a variety of beach wedding invitations and are confident you will find the perfect ones your big day.

    Time for a beach wedding!

    One of our most popular beach wedding invitations to date is our Bay Bliss design suite. Featuring a gorgeous beach backdrop and a mix of adventurous and classic type, this design could be exactly what you are looking for.

    Featured location: Horizons, NSW

    Bay Bliss Horizons



    Spotlight - Katie & Trevor 

    Location: Mantaray's Ningaloo Resort, WA

    Having a beach wedding doesn't mean your wedding invitation options are limited to an image of a beach or water.

    Our Seahorse design combines luxury with beautiful gold foiling and beachy vibes from the featured shell and seahorse illustrations.

    Katie & Trevor chose this glorious design to invite their guests to their big day.

    KatieAndTrevor Mantarays Beach Resort

    Picture this...

    A stunning backdrop of a white sandy beach, a horizon line in the background where the sky meets the beautiful blue ocean. Sounds like the perfect place to promise yourself to your soulmate and say those words you dream of " I do".

    We created the perfect wedding invitation to match this vision, our Noosa design. Give your guests a little hit into the beautiful location they are heading too and the gorgeous backdrop they an expect to see as they bask in the celebrations of your wedding day.

    Featured location: Villa Botanica, QLD

    Noosa Villa-Botanica


    Image Credit: horizons, mantarays resort, villa botanica

  • Spotlight - Lauren & Steven

    Lauren & Steven were on the hunt for some beautiful order of service booklets for their wedding ceremony and they came to the right place! Take a look at the finished product below. Thank you to Lauren & Steven for providing us these amazing photos taken by Lara Hotz Photography!!

    It was an absolute pleasure to design and print your order of service booklets for your special day.


    Note: The ribbon was not supplied by DreamDay. This was a special touch added by the couple.

    Design: Vintage Rose


    LaurenSteven2 LaurenSteven
  • Share your Love Timeline! - Wedding Invitations Australia


    Love is in the air!

    We want you to just reflect for a moment, back to the day you first met your soon-to-be husband or wife.

    Now think about the journey your love has come through since that point. Makes you smile we bet!

    What an amazing feeling to bask in in the lead up to your wedding day!


    Our new Love Timeline design lets you share a little bit of your love story with your guests by mapping out the timeline of your love journey. Is this the perfect design for your wedding invitations?

    Follow this link to start shopping!


    love timeline
  • Wedding Colours by Meaning

    Putting together a wedding theme is no easy task; in fact, picking out the perfect colour for various elements of the wedding is an important factor. The look and styling of the wedding invitations and stationery, bridesmaids’ dresses, florals, and more is inspired by the colour you choose for your wedding. You can choose one focal colour, two complementing or contrasting wedding colours, or more!

    If you love the idea of the wedding being themed after colour and it’s meanings or love incorporating symbolism into your life, then you may find this blog post interesting. This week, we look at wedding colours by meaning. Let’s look at the favoured wedding colours and their meanings, and our wedding inspiration boards that we have put together to complement them!


    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Colours White

    White signifies innocence, purity, and cleanliness. It also symbolises new beginnings and is one of the most traditionally favoured colours to use for your wedding theme. An all white wedding looks like a dream, especially when done up with a selection of flowers accompanied by sheer drapery.


    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Colours Yellow

    Many of us associated yellow with cheer, and it’s true, because it does symbolise happiness along with energy and wisdom! Lighter shades are preferred and recommended when choosing this colour for weddings as it also reflects freshness!


    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Colours Orange

    If you are brimming with creativity or love spice, orange is for you! It’s said to symbolise vitality and strength. It’s a beautiful colour when paired against white, and a favourite for autumn. You can easily incorporate fruits and flowers into the wedding them such as with wedding centrepieces, bouquets and even feature them in your wedding invitations and stationery.


    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Colours Red

    A bolder hue and one that symbolises strength, vitality, and health, it also represents power and passion. As a wedding colour, red is favoured greatly as you can put to use beautiful red roses. It is perfect for a nighttime wedding reception with a modern look, which would lovely against candlelight!


    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Colours Pink

    There are so many shades of pink, and we love them all! This colour symbolises love and beauty, and is a perfect choice for a wedding, especially in lighter pastel shades.


    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Colours purple

    You cannot go wrong with the colour of royalty. Using purple in your wedding adds a regal touch, with a touch of whimsy and creativity.


    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Colours Blue

    Blue symbolises peace, tranquillity, and compassion. Qualities that one looks in a life partner! Why not celebrate it in your wedding in various shades of blue, choosing between light, aqua, and dark! Blue is often a favourite for beach weddings and could be the perfect “something blue” for your wedding day! We love the idea of using accessories to accent the colour!


    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Colours Green

    If you want your wedding to symbolise harmony and hope, then green is perfect! Olive or emerald is extremely popular choices of colour for your wedding theme! It is perfect for this year’s trend, with foliage and flora being ever so popular. We love the idea of incorporating succulents into everything!


    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Colours Brown

    Brown represents stability, and is a great choice of wedding colour for a rustic style. If you are hosting your wedding during autumn, you can add a harvest twist to it too! Incorporate wood finishes and accents to bring an earthiness to the look!


    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Colours Gray

    Choosing grey as your wedding colour shows sophistication, and rightly so, as it symbolises maturity. It’s a perfect choice for a modern wedding theme!


    DreamDay Invitations Wedding Colours Black

    Black is a timeless classic and a very chic choice of wedding colour. Whilst beautiful, it may not be the best choice for the conventional bride! For brides who would love the idea, black bridesmaid dresses is the rave!

    Image Credit: weddingideasbycolor, pinterest, wedbook, fabmood, newlovetimes, weddingchicks

  • English Elegance Wedding Theme Inspiration

    Elegance is often synonymous with traditional wedding design featuring white intertwined with decorative elements such as filigree, lace, and subtle design styles. When it comes to “English Elegance,” this style is said to be inspired by English roses. With many varieties in season year-round and available in an assortment of delicate shades, roses are a fragrant and ideal choice for an “English Elegance” wedding theme.


    English Elegance Wedding Style

    An English Elegance wedding is preferably held in an outdoor venue, be it a garden or estate grounds however, indoors is fine too. The focal flora can be complemented with accents such as the use of sheer drapery, accompanied by intricate decorative pieces seen with the choice of chairs, table number frames, and the wedding cake design.


    English Elegance Wedding Tiffany chairs


    Tiffany chairs are ideal choices when coupled with sheer drapery and a rose accessory can be a more elegant alternative to that of a seat cover or bow/sash in satin.



    If you love the idea of a sweetheart table - a twist on the traditional head table for the bridal party,  then you can choose an ornate table with Victorian dining chairs to match the regal theme.


    Here are some more English elegance decor ideas for your wedding.


    English Elegance wedding outdoor ceremony


    English Elegance Wedding Decor Candelabra


    English Elegance Wedding Invitations


    When it comes to wedding invitation designs that is styled after an English Elegance theme you may find the use of pastel hues accompanied by floral and lace accents. The following wedding invite designs courtesy of DreamDay Invitations have been inspired by an English Elegance wedding theme.


    English Elegance Wedding DreamDay Invitations ring_a_ring_o_roses_a5_invitation_vertical_in_emerald_301751

    Ring A Ring O Roses


    English Elegance Wedding DreamDay Invitations morgan_roses_a5_invitation_vertical_in_black_296425_1

    Morgan Roses

    English Elegance Wedding DreamDay Invitations simply_beautiful_a5_invitation_vertical_in_rust_301534

    Simply Beautiful


    Novelty Wedding Ideas for an English Elegance Wedding


    English Elegant Wedding Potpourri Bomboniere


    English Elegant Wedding Potpourri Station


    Novelty essentially means things that carry the quality of being original, new, or uncommon. In terms styling a wedding theme to feature novelty items, you may look at ways to wow your guests by featuring either decoration items or features that will stand out and has not been done before. One such idea that we love that would go brilliantly with English Elegance Wedding that puts a lot of focus on this year’s flora and foliage trend is a “Potpourri Bomboniere Station.” If you have chosen fragrant flowers, herbs and fruits, this will go very well with your overall wedding theme. Add these to a beautiful decorative jar and presto, you have yourself a practical wedding bomboniere for your guests. Do not forget to add a wedding bomboniere card to go with it.


    English Elegance Wedding Guest Button Holes


    English Elegance Wedding Guest Corsages


    Corsages and boutonnieres are usually reserved for the bridal party, the families of the bride and groom. However, there are exceptions based on what you want to do your wedding. There have been times where the bride and groom have decided to give out flowers to all the wedding guests. So why not have a corsage and boutonniere for each of your wedding guests with their place cards as a lovely novelty touch to your elegant wedding.


    Image Credits: DreamDay Invitations, Pinterest, Wanelo, Islamora Weddings, Brides, Bride to Be, Squarespace, Ebay

  • Wedding Invitations and Stationery Trends in 2016

    First and foremost, a very Happy New Year from all of us at the DreamDay Invitations! We would like to wish all our customers, fans and followers all the very best and hope that you have all welcomed 2016 with happiness and health!


    As wedding invitations and stationery is our forte, we would very much like to let you in on some of the trends the wedding industry in Australia (and the world) will see more of this year! To go with them, we have also featured some of our new wedding invitations designs. These designs are also available as a wedding stationery suite for your wedding ceremony and reception too!


    Botanically Inspired

    We expect to see more botanically inspired wedding invitations suites featuring beautiful flora and foliage in different styles and art forms. Depending on the various choices of inspiration taken from nature, be it wild flower bouquets to scenery, we will continue to see the beauty of nature. We look forward to seeing designs with attention to detail yet with a soft finish where wedding invitation suites will feature sketches, watercolours and to high-end finishes featuring nature’s bounty.


    Here are some of our botanically inspired wedding invite favourites!


    DreamDay Invitations 2016 Wedding Invitation Trends entwined_vines_a5_invitation_vertical_in_bottlegreen_301572

    DreamDay Invitations 2016 Wedding Invitation Trends autumn_air_a5_invitation_vertical_in_coral_90_301539

    Rustic with a Woodland Feel

    Rustic weddings are a favourite for many brides (and grooms). It is another way the nature inspired trend that was much loved in 2015 (as well as a few years before that) will continue to wow us. Rustic wood grain designs, illustrated trees and wild animals (owls, foxes, and deer) are in the books. Another factor that will come into play will be the choice of paper. Consider Kraft or recycled papers for a great texture to complement your wedding stationery!


    Here are some of our rustic and woodland feel wedding invite favourites!


    DreamDay Invitations 2016 Wedding Invitation Trends beachwood_a5_invitation_vertical_in_foil_296422_1

    DreamDay Invitations 2016 Wedding Invitation Trends rustic_wooden_wedding_a5_invitation_vertical_in_mocca_296423_1

    Water colour Illustrations

    One of the stationery trends that blew up in the past year, we will definitely see more of these in various forms in 2016 too. This can be with illustrations of memories to clue your wedding guests of your love story, to botanic or rustic scenes and not to mention just opting for creative typography. Riding on the coattails of creativity and beautiful design, we are excited to see how water colour wedding invitations and stationery will transforms weddings in 2016!


    Here are some of our water colour illustrated wedding invite favourites!


    DreamDay Invitations 2016 Wedding Invitation Trends down_by_the_sea_a5_invitation_vertical_301712_1

    DreamDay Invitations 2016 Wedding Invitation Trends now_and_forever_a5_invitation_vertical_in_pink_301763_1

    It’s in the Type

    Typography is still in (frankly, we believe it is something that will never go out of style)! Whether formal or informal, your choice of typography can bring out your intended wedding style with personality. You can transform a crisp white wedding invite card into a work of art with the use of the right typeface and lettering.


    Here are some of our typography wedding invite favourites!


    DreamDay Invitations 2016 Wedding Invitation Trends join_us_in_love_a5_invitation_vertical_in_gold_301022_1

    DreamDay Invitations 2016 Wedding Invitation Trends truly_leafy_a5_invitation_vertical_in_black_301556

    Minimalist Chic

    Another timeless style that is often held hand in hand with classic two toned wedding invites (black and white being favoured greatly). You can’t go wrong with sleek minimalism! Choose quality paper stock, fuse it with some metallic touches for an added glam, but importantly keep the design open and minimal.


    Here are some of our minimalistic chic wedding invite favourites!


    DreamDay Invitations 2016 Wedding Invitation Trends softly_stunning_a5_invitation_vertical_in_cool_mint_301547_1

    DreamDay Invitations 2016 Wedding Invitation Trends classic_type_a5_invitation_vertical_in_gold_fusion_301562_1

    Gilded and Glamorous

    Metallic hues will hang around this year too, but with more focus placed on warmer tones (moving away from silver) with rose gold being a favourite. Highlight minimalist designs or accent an illustrated or typography design with metallic tones.


    Here are some of our metallic wedding invite favourites!


    DreamDay Invitations 2016 Wedding Invitation Trends leafy_circle_a5_invitation_vertical_in_black_301545

    DreamDay Invitations 2016 Wedding Invitation Trends love_in_bloom_a5_invitation_vertical_in_black_301025

    A Touch of Colour

    A little colour will always be appreciated and we love them in the use of highlights or borders to make your wedding invitations (and stationery) pop! We love brighter tones for the warmer seasons and deeper shades for the colder seasons.


    Here are some of our watercolour illustrated wedding invite favourites!


    DreamDay Invitations 2016 Wedding Invitation Trends written_in_chalk_a5_invitation_vertical_in_turquoise_301555

    DreamDay Invitations 2016 Wedding Invitation Trends sunshine_a5_invitation_vertical_in_merrigold_301753_1

    Image Credits: DreamDay Invitations

  • What you Should Know About Making Your Wedding Guest Lists

    There’s a reason why many brides and grooms are very anxious about getting to their wedding guest list, some going as far to call it the “Guesting Game”. Nevertheless, we’re here to remove some of the guess work to avoid wedding guest list faux pas and make sure everyone is happy with the final count.

    Figuring out the Guest List Ratios

    Wedding Guests 1

    Usually, we assume that the wedding guest lists will be made up between the bride and groom, however there is a little bit more to that. If your parents are hosting your wedding, then they will too want their own share of the guest list. Therefore, one of the safest things to do before making down payments on any of the vendors is to decide amongst yourselves how the guest list will be shared, and to make things fair, it’s always best to divide them equally between the parties. Start by setting a maximum guest list figure (for instance, 200 guests), you are working with a feasible figure against the wedding budget by dividing the total intended wedding guest equally between yourselves (the bride and groom), the bride’s parents and groom’s parents.

    Start with a Dream List


    This “dream” list is actually a list of every imaginable person you would like to attend your wedding. Of course, you can cut this down later, but it helps to avoid you adding people later on, because if they were not on the dream list, they may not be a must-have at the wedding. Once you consider budget and venue restraints, then you are able to enforce your reality check (cutting rules) to make your wedding guests list more feasible and budget-friendly.

    Cutting Rules

    Wedding Guests 3

    When it comes to refining your dream list (as mentioned above), if you are really stuck and you are not sure how you should start cutting down your list, here are some pointers and rules to follow.

    • 1. If you and your fiancé have never spoken, met or heard their name
    • 2. If their bedtimes are before 9pm
    • 3. If nor you or your fiancé have spoken to them in three years and they are not related to you
    • 4. Inviting someone out of obligation or association

    Be Realistic about your Wedding Guest Numbers

    Wedding Guests 4

    While you love the idea of having anyone and everyone at your big day, do not forget that each wedding guest means a financial add-on. You may be considering costs per wedding invitation and wedding stationery and accessories for the day of the wedding, as well food and beverage costs per guests including, wedding bombonieres, chair rentals and even the amount of cake you require. Therefore, if you are unsure of adding that “plus one”, ask yourself, can you afford it?

    Keep these simple but effective rules when deciding on your wedding guest list.

    Image Credits: DailyMirror, HuffPost, BridalCookie, Shemazing

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