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    “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” this saying has been passed down through generations and ages and is something that many brides think about, when it comes to their wedding day. “Something old” would represent the continuity of the link from the brides’ family, “something new” would be something that signifies luck and the future ahead, whereas “something borrowed” signifies that friends and family are there to share this special day with the bride, and finally “something blue” signifies purity and loyalty. To relate to the important significance of blue, here at DreamDay Invitations we have blue wedding invitations for you to carry on this long lasting tradition.

    Blue is indeed a lovely colour to behold, with different shades it can truly make a difference when you choose to use it. In fact, blue wedding invitations are a great choice to announce your wedding to your family and friends, especially if you are hosting a beach wedding in the summer. With tropical shades of blue, complemented by the pretty yet striking pastels, your wedding invitations are bound to come out just perfectly. Some popular choices in terms of blue wedding invitations from DreamDay Invitations include the likes of Blue Reflection, Beach Hearts, Tapestry in Tiffany Blue, Island Fantasy! Let’s look into those designs one by one!

    Blue Reflection: Blue Wedding Invitation

    A photo wedding invite, the Blue Reflection comes from a collection of wedding stationery and includes wedding invitations in various styles as well as engagement invitations. Being a photo wedding invitation, it displays a beautiful frangipani with hints of yellow in its centre, with its reflection in cool blue water. Symbolic and beautiful, this blue wedding invitation is truly sensational and can be used in a beach wedding setting, or to go with a frangipani theme.

    Blue Reflection Square Horizontal Invite and Pocket 139mm - DreamDay Invitations

    Beach Hearts: Blue Wedding Invitation

    Another photo wedding invitation which is ideal for a beach wedding theme, showcasing  a tranquil setting with waves lapping at the shore and the two intertwined hearts that have been etched in sand. This blue wedding invitation also allows you to include a verse on the front, which with the help of DreamDay Invitations’ trusty online system, you can customize to your liking.

    Beach Hearts Square Horizontal Invitation in Slate - DreamDay Invitations

    Tapestry in Tiffany Blue Wedding Invitation

    This blue wedding invitation is intricate and delightful. The toile design show hints of floral and peacock elements and is quite stunning to behold. With the striking effect that this turquoise blue holds, it will be an ideal option for a morning wedding.

    Tapestry Square Flat Wedding Invitation in Tiffany Blue - DreamDay Invitations

    Island Fantasy: Blue Wedding Invitation

    This blue wedding invitation from DreamDay Invitations is a simple yet striking, one with a singular floral design. This floral design is in fact the centrepiece of the blue wedding invitation and can be seen in the inside fold as well.

    Island Fantasy Square Vertical Invitation in Lolly Blue - DreamDay Invitations

    The above designs are a few of the popular options made available by DreamDay Invitations. You are free to peruse through the various other options of blue wedding invitations and pick one that speaks to you. DreamDay Invitations – helping you make your dreamday come true.

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