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  • Fun Wedding Trends of 2015

    Just because it’s the last week of September doesn’t mean you need to give up on the fun wedding trends of 2015! If you’re looking to make a splash with your wedding here are some great ideas that are perfect for summer weddings in Australia!

    Fun Wedding Dresses

    Wedding Trends Bridal Dresses Seperates

    Our sister blog recently did a feature on “5 Wedding Gown Styles You Should Consider“ and one thing that spoke to us was the fabulous two-piece wedding dress style. But jumpsuits and capes have also turned a few heads ever since Solange Knowles walked down (cycled) down the aisle in a Stéphane Rolland number. But it’s not just one wedding dress we’re talking about – the industry is seeing a second AND third dress – with outfit changes for the ceremony, reception and even the after party. Some brides look at wedding dresses that go well with boleros or have removable sleeves and skirts too.

    Techy Wedding Photos

    Wedding Trends Aerial Photograpy Drone GoPro

    Looking for a way to truly bring out the wow-factor? Techy wedding photos (and videos) are all the rage! Get photographs taken from every angle so you don’t miss out on the good stuff. Aerial shots are amazing, especially with an experience drone operator. Don’t forget that the likes of a GoPro can be used with a selfie stick and passed around for your guests’ convenience. Some brides and grooms stick it onto champagne bottles and have it passed around so guests can record fun and silly ways of them taking a swig straight out of the bottle! What would you do? Let us know!

    Out-of-the-Box Wedding Venue

    Wedding Trends Wedding Locations with a View

    Gone are the times of official wedding venues (not really, but you know what we mean). You can find out of the box and fun wedding venues that will leave a lasting impression with your guests. There are great wedding venues all across Australia that are really spectacular. How about some wedding venues with a view – that’s always a sure-fire winner! Here are twelve great wedding venues put together courtesy of WedShed for your selection.

    1.       Brave Goose Vineyard, VIC2.       Fig Tree Restaurant, NSW3.       Stones of the Yarra Valley, VIC4.       Koreelah, NSW5.       Spring Spur Stay, VIC

    6.       Horizon Byron Bay, NSW

    7.       Thalia Haven, TAS8.       Koonyum Range Retreat, NSW9.       Summergrove Estate, NSW10.   Eagle Bay Brewing Co, WA11.   InterContinental Double Bay, NSW

    12.   Southern Ocean Lodge, SA


    Larger than Life Wedding Themes

    Wedding Trends Colour Pantone

    Pantone deemed Marsala as the colour theme and there are some pretty awesome wedding inspirations that range from various spectrums that are ideal. On one side you’ll find the ever so rich Royal theme and on the other for the casual wedding couple, the likes of the Wild Wild West!  Having said that, white weddings are making a comeback too; so if you love the idea of Cinderella wedding, you definitely can and should!

    Which of these fun wedding trends strike your fancy? Let us know, we love hearing from you!

    Image Credits : BuzzFeed, YouTube, WedShed, Zouch and Lamare

    Fun Wedding Trends of 2015

  • How to Ask Your Bridal Party to Be Part of your Wedding

    Your bridal party will essentially be your support group during the excitement (and stress) of planning the wedding, especially on the big day. Getting your A-team together is an important step towards making sure everything runs smoothly. Maybe you have already figured out who you want to be part of your wedding day (possibly life-long friends who have your back), but in the event you are still looking, make sure you put some thought into it.

    One thing that the bride or the groom can ask themselves before they pop the question to their prospective bridesmaids or groomsmen would be “do you see yourself being friends with them five years down the lines” and “how well will they gel with the others on your bridal party list”? If you are sure and content with the answers, then it’s time you asked them to do you the honour of being part of your bridal party!

    We love the idea of creative and fun ways to ask the bridesmaids and groomsmen and not to mention the maid of honour and best man. Here are our favourites!

    Will You Be my Bridesmaid/Maid of Honour?

    Your bridesmaid or maid of honour proposal can be fun and creative! The “Bridesmaids” movie set the way with its elegant box that came complete with a live butterfly that flew out when opened. You can do the same including adding trinkets, chocolate and various mementos that you feel your girls might appreciate. But there are other ways too. Here are some ideas!

    You can propose to your girls at the engagement party, or by taking them out to lunch individually or as a group!

    Personalised Boxes

    Bridesmaid Proposal Personalised Boxes

    Image Credit: The Pretty Blog

    Candy Ring Pop

    Bridesmaid Proposal Candy Rings

    Image Credit: TwoBroadsApparel

    Cupcake Jars (with Customised Napkins)

    Bridesmaid Proposal Cupcake Jars

    Image Credit: MarryThis

    Confetti Envelopes

    Bridesmaid Proposal Confetti Envelopes

    Image Credit: WantsAndWishesDesign

    Locket Rings/Pendants

    Bridesmaid Proposal Locket Rings

    Image Credit: OhHelloFriendBlog

    Will You be My Groomsman/Best Man?

    Asking your guy friends to be part of your “crew” is done differently to that of the girls. However, you can present them with a memento box, just with a masculine touch. Here are some ideas!

    Peronalised Boxes

    Groomsman Proposal Personalised Boxes

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Personalised Puzzle

    Groomsman Puzzle

    Image Credit: Etsy

    Groomsman Customised Bottle Labels

    Groomsman Proposal Customised Bottle Labels

    Image Credit: Etsy

    Mustache You Questions

    Groomsman Proposal Mustache Tokens

    Image Credit: Danks & Honey


    Groomsman Proposal Customised Cufflinks

    Image Credit: Etsy

    Planning an Event

    Groomsman Proposal Planning an Event

    If a proposal gift isn’t your kind of idea, you can simply plan an event for some “guy time”, such as beer tasting, golfing or even paintballing.

    Image Credit: Grooms Advice

  • Customising Your Wedding Invitations and Theme

    Every bride and groom wants their wedding to be special, like the saying "one for the ages". With trends and inspiration flowing from everyone and everywhere, you may be wondering how you can put it all together to form one single item that you can use as a point of reference with all the inspirations that you love. The wedding invitation is ideal for this as it one of the earlier items on the wedding planning list, and often one of the first items to be ticked off. Your wedding details, like the lace design you love so much that you may use it for your wedding dress (or possibly the bridesmaid dress details); to the monogram you want to use for the wedding cake; what about the flowers that you cannot do without. You can pick and choose which of these design elements you want to stand out as the focal element of the wedding invitations you buy.

                         DreamDay Invitations Custom Personalised Wedding Invitations Designs

    The great thing about the choice of buying wedding invitations early is that you can use it as the setting for your entire wedding. Choose a focal wedding element and its accompaniment and customise the wedding invitation design and make it the perfect look. How you go about customising the wedding invite is simple - we'll tell you how!

    ​Take a look at the wedding invites collections on the DreamDay Invitations online shop; find the best wedding invitation design that comes close to the look you want, The next step is to add the personalised touches to the look to make it your own, and check it via the online preview from the online invitations ordering system from the website. What you can personalise yourself via the online card editing system includes adding the names of the bride and groom, editing the invitation wording (we even have some great suggestions for the way you word your invite), to adding guest names on each invite card as well as the envelopes which can be printed matching envelopes. The rest can be done with a little help from the design team. When ordering, include your specific design instructions; even upload a photo to the order with direction on where to place it. With the help of your designated designer, you are able to transform your wedding invitation into your wedding vision. You can even split your order for bi-lingual wedding invitations by working with DreamDay Invitations.

            DreamDay Invitations Online Ordering System Personalisation Design Review Tool

    The other way you can go about getting a custom wedding invite would be to use the DIY invitations option where you can simply download the blank design templates for you to edit and then upload the PDF to print your wedding invitations with us.

    ​Coming up with a custom wedding invitations is that easy.​Now, you can do all this online with DreamDay Invitations!

  • Minimalist Modern Wedding Invitations & Themes

    The saying "Less is More" is paramount when your personal style aesthetic is minimalist and simplistic. Often associated with modern styling in day to day life, minimalistic weddings featuring modern wedding invitations, designs and styles are well received for its sophisticated and polished look. There are many ways in which you create a minimalist modern wedding theme, with ideas from the world over that can transform your wedding into an elegant and sophisticated soiree.

                                                      Modern Wedding Inspirations

    What is Modern Minimalist Design?

    Essentially a minimalist design involves less clutter and items being used.  Often it involves clean lines, a few items with white space to let the focal design feature show through. It allows for the eyes to draw up to it giving it the attention it deserves. Colours often chosen for a minimalist design are from the same palette, either on the opposite sides of the palette spectrum of from a neighbouring colour tone/shade.

    Modern Wedding Invitations and Custom Minimalist Designs

    ​When choosing your modern wedding invitations, they should reflect on the wedding vision and the minimalist modern style. A key point to note is to leave items to be open and flowing, with as less clutter as possible. This doesn't mean that you should abstain from using patterns, if used in a simple manner that creates architecture, depth or clarity, then you may do so but be wary that it's often best to use patterns sparingly in order for the focus to go to key design features such as the names of the bride and groom, a monogram or the focal feature. Try to avoid all-over designs when choosing your modern minimalist wedding invitations.

                                                    DreamDay Invitations Finally Metallic Wedding Invitations

    Styling a Modern Wedding

    With a modern minimalist themed wedding, you're shifting the focus from the various other elements that could take the focus off the VIPs at the wedding - the bride and groom.  We've put together a few ideas to make sure the wedding is styled in a way that simplifies and minimises clutter.

    Ceremony: Use a natural backdrop if you're having an outdoor wedding or a focal background from your venue such as a framed window without creating a separate altar.

    Bouquets: Sticking to either one type of flower, perhaps using one or two colours of the same flower.

    Bridesmaids: Modern weddings often opt o ut of having bridesmaids but if you do, you can choose to simplify their attire with single coloured or patterned dresses, with minimal jewellery and natural makeup. ​

    Wedding Dress: A simple dress that fits your body type well, with as little lace, embellishment, or bead work is recommended to stay in line with the minimalist style.

                                          Modern Minimalist Wedding Dress

    Hair, Makeup, & Accessories: Keeping things as natural looking as possible is advised, with your hair smooth and shiny be it a natural flowing hairstyle (try wearing it down, half up, side pony, or a low bun). A hair accessory should be simple, the likes of a statement flower​would be ideal​

  • Glitter Wedding Invitations & Wedding Styles

    "She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes" said Audrey Hepburn; a little sparkle never hurt anyone so why not choose a wedding theme full of sparkle with glitter wedding invitations and more wonderful theme styles to go with it. Here are some ideas for the wedding invitations, colour schemes, and styles for your glitter wedding.

                                        DreamDay Invitations Polyvore Wedding Inspiration Board Glitter Wedding Invitations Inspiration

    Wedding Invitation Styles

    Adding a little glitter, sparkle and shine to your wedding via invitations and/or wedding stationery is a perfect way to preview the theme in mind with a bang! However, make sure you fine tune the theme before you commit as you don't want to "blind" or "overdose" your wedding guests with too much sparkle. Moderation is key here!

    When choosing your sparkle or glitter themed wedding invites, consider the following styles;

    1. Layered wedding invitations with glitter specialty wedding paper

    2. Layered embossed wedding invitation designs with a sequined sparkle effect

    3. Mix and match glitter or ​​sequin-style embossed paper wedding invitations with foil or metallic wedding stationery

    4. Glitter envelope liner to match wedding invite. Add a foil envelope seal to the back of the envelope as a personalised finishing touch.

                                  DreamDay Invitations Wedding Invitations Inspirations Glitter Layered Wedding Invitations Designs

    When you're planning on styling your wedding with glitter and sparkle, be wary that too much of it can overpower your guests and can take the focus off of the bride and groom, and quite possibly lean towards being gaudy as opposed to elegant/classy. Make sure to limit your use of glitter and sparkle to a few areas of your wedding such as the wedding invites, the wedding dress choices and accessories for the bride and bridesmaids, and possibly accenting the wedding cake and using a toned down design taken from the wedding invitations to be used in the wedding stationery.

    When it comes to styling the beautiful bride, you can opt for a modern white wedding gown with use of embellishments to bring in the glitter & sparkle theme into play. Using an embellished bodice or even an all-over sequin wedding dress for an ultra modern twist with a 1920s style inspiration, to even adding accessories as a neckline jewelled shrug, jewelled hair accessories, crystal bridal headband or diamante bouquet ribbon wraps are great ways to incorporate the design to bring the focus to the beauty of the day (or night).

                                   DreamDay Invitations Google Plus Edible Glitter Wedding Cakes Cupcakes

    But that's not where the shine stops. You can have yourself a faux diamante inspired wedding cake or even one with edible glitter used stylishly. Don't forget to send off the newlyweds in style! Sequin confetti and sparklers are great ways to let your sparkle shine through!

    With these great wedding design tips from the wedding invites to the send-off, be inspired to create a glitter and shine wedding just for the two of you!

  • Autumn Inspired Wedding Invitations & Themes

    For those in the lower hemisphere, it's already autumn, while for those in the upper this beautiful season is a few months away. If you're planning a wedding to be inspired by this beautiful time, keep reading and find out the autumn inspired wedding invitations and themes you can use for your dream wedding day!

                                                          DreamDay Invitations Autumn Weddings Fiery Autumn  Colours Wedding Invitations Inspirations

    First off, let's look at the various items that you would generally associate with autumn. Apples, pumpkins, pine cones, acorns, golden-red leaves, wheat and more. These are all ideal to use for your wedding day, whether it's an outdoor or indoor wedding.  Secondly, your wedding location matters too. If you have selected a picturesque venue for your wedding, you can easily incorporate it into your autumn wedding theme, even including a photograph of it via a photo wedding invitation. Infuse the red and gold highlights into your wedding theme and transform it to a dazzling wedding theme, full of fire and warmth.

    Choose to buy the best wedding invitation design that will match the autumn theme you're envisioning. It all starts with an inspiration or an idea. Would you prefer a photo wedding invite? Perhaps you would prefer an abstract or textured design? Often couples planning an autumn wedding prefer a rustic look, so you may even find using recycled Kraft paper ideal!  By choosing an online wedding invitations shop that offers personalised touches and even custom designs, you're able to get the desired finish and quality without the commute. By communicating with the invitations design team virtually, you need not even leave your house (let alone wear pants)! Make sure to get samples so you can see firsthand the quality and the look of the wedding stationery designs you are after.

    If you're having an outdoor wedding, make sure to provide blankets, or even a bonfire or brasserie for your wedding guests to keep warm. Some great ways to stay within theme would be to style your wedding buffet with fun Autumn inspired food such as a pine cone cheese ball, candy apples, and pies  (such as pecan, pumpkin and apple)!  In terms of decor, you may look towards various themes, from your favourite autumn fruit (apple) to vegetable (pumpkin), but you can look at the bigger picture such as a harvest themed wedding with wheat being the focal decor factor.


    Stay tuned to our social media accounts for great autumn wedding invitations and theme ideas & inspirations this week!

  • Weddings & Invitations Inspired by Shades of Blue

    Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something new. Ever since the olden days when this tradition was integrated into our culture, there's been a fascination, where we've come to find new and creative ways to add a shade of blue into the day that two hearts unite in holy matrimony. From the wedding invitations, the bridesmaid's dresses, wedding flowers and unique surprise pops of blue on the day of the wedding, there's a whole range of unique design options and accents for a bride (and groom) to consider including into their wedding day when they want to honour it with something blue.

    Shades of Blue

    For your main source of inspiration, all you need to do is look at nature. Look to the skies (day or night), or take a look to the horizons over the seas to capture the beautiful glints of blues. This year Pantone has selected a few choice colours from the blue palette as wonderful choices for design. They include Classic Blue, Aquamarine,

    Grecian weddings inspired by Santorini, the sailing club and its perfect colour combinations of white, blue and a hint of red, to the soft hues of hydrangeas; you are well on your way to the perfect wedding look.

                                                                        Classic Blue  Wedding Colour 2015 DreamDay Invitations DreamDay Invitations Grecian

    Wedding Invitations

    Taking notes from the book of colours, you can also draw inspiration elsewhere from the likes of cultures, hobbies and more. Mixing the delightful and striking colours and mixing them with complementing hues, to adding illustrations to hone in your design and style theme, your wedding invitations will be your spokesperson of what the bid day will reveal.  Here are some choice designs of blue wedding invitations!

                                                   DreamDay Invitations  Hesperides encircle Square Vertical Invitation in Blue

    On the Day Styles of Blue

    You've got your colours; you've sorted out your wedding invitations, probably even the main showstopper - the wedding dress. Now it's time to get cracking on the blue wedding accents - what flowers will you be using, what decor items will reflect your shade of blue and more!  A great way to make an impression with your blue wedding colour scheme is to add linen into the game with table clothes for the dinner table and cocktail tables, to the napkin and seat covers/wraps setting the tone (literally).

                                                         Shades of Blue Accents Wedding Reception

    Unique Blue Wedding Accents

    If you do not want to make blue apparent in your wedding design accents, you're able to find clever, unique and interesting choices to add it in. Lace navy garter belts, fun socks, and the inside of an all white cake being a blue velvet cake!  These will be so much fun and will make for great photographs too.

                                                        It's a Brides Life

  • Your Great Gatsby DreamDay Wedding Invitations & Inspirations

    The 1920s was a fantastic era that brought us the world of Great Gatsby and great design. Called by many names - the roaring twenties, art deco, and art nouveau, the 1920 was all about glamour and life. If you want to instil the same into your dream wedding day, a great starting point would be with Gatsby wedding invitations. These cards which can act as the glue of all the wedding design elements making it an easy reference for all the other wedding details you need to look at - the wedding dress, wedding stationery, choices of flowers & decor, and more.

    DreamDay Invitations's Chevron Time in Apricot and hints of Gold

    If you're to have a Great Gatsby inspired wedding, there are a few must have inspirational ideas  that you may want to include in your design drafts which will help you decide what the wedding invites will look like.  Art deco wedding stationery is on top of the list, followed closely by a grand venue, a flapper bride & dapper groom style, a vintage colour palette that resonates hues and accompaniments of the 1920s era, to geometric wedding cakes, roaring 20s inspired cocktails, a DJ with a phonograph accessory, a fabulous getaway car and not to mention a great dress code for stylish guests. Having these items in your wedding theme brainstorming book can help in fine tuning what your design style may be, making it easier for you to shop for the perfect art deco wedding invitations, stationery and theme ideas.

    If you and your fiancé have a preference in terms of what your vision of art deco looks like, now is the time to list those down and compare notes in order to arrive somewhere in the middle for a beautiful compromise.  With this in mind, you can set about looking for great vintage or grand venues that will be helpful to sell your Great Gatsby wedding theme. If the venue itself has design features from the era, you can be inspired to look for wedding invites that feature the various flourishes and architectural accents.

    With those key items in mind,  you can then shop for the perfect wedding invitation for your art deco wedding and from thereon have edits done to the design to make it truly personalised to you and your groom-to-be! Select from the popular colours from the 1920s and match it with metallic for that glam appeal, and use it in the invite design and styling. Metallic/foil printed wedding invitations are popular choices with geometric designs taking centre stage whilst certain flourish and floral designs have also been favoured from the era. By shopping for your wedding invites keeping all your design preferences in mind, you are well on your way to setting the look and feel of your wedding theme.

    Wedding Invitation: Baroque Love by DreamDay Invitations

    Be inspired by these Gatsby Wedding Inspirations to kick your wedding planning into high gear.

  • Wedding Styles Inspired by DreamDay Invitations

    You've probably looked high and low for the perfect wedding design, theme or style, but haven't come across an inspiration that really strikes you. It's a matter of finding one point of inspiration to really jolt your fancy. Have you thought of wedding invitations as your wedding inspiration? With many designs available across different styles and theme with the fantastic option to not only personalise the wedding invitation wording and also add on personalised guest name information to each card, you can have the graphic team also work on getting a custom look for you done up based on the inspired wedding invite design. We've selected a few designs from DreamDay Invitations collections that have been voted in by our Design Team.

    Hardcover Pebbles in Silver Wedding Invitation

    This luxurious DreamDay wedding invitation brings forth various styles - elegance, contemporary appeal and finesse with its sparkling pebbled speciality embossed paper coupled with the classy embellished accessory that is the perfect final touch to the ensemble. The black band where the cluster brooch rests on can also be swapped out for a colour of your choice. When it comes to being inspired by this wedding look, you can opt for contrasting colour tones against white with the dazzling hues of pebbled silver.

                                DreamDay Invitations Hardcover Embossed Silver Pebbled Speciality Paper

    For a modern bride who would like to step out of the traditional wedding dress mould, she could opt to find a wedding sequined dress that mimics the same look as the wedding invites. A thing to note is that to avoid going over the top and making your design flamboyant, you can use simplistic colours and design elements. For example, the wedding invitation design features white with black (or the colour of your choice). These colours can be used through the wedding in a balanced manner - black and white placemats and napkin bands, black and white flowers with shimmery ferns adornments to name a few options. A bow tie or skinny tie with a crisp Italian cut suit would be ideal for the Groom!

    Vanessa Great Gatsby Wedding Invite

    A much loved wedding theme since Leonardo di Caprio made an impression in the movie, sparking more and more weddings to take to the fashion and style of the roaring twenties. This design by DreamDay Invitations features many  style elements from the colours of white,  gold and use of a contrasting black base for a contemporary effect in the wedding invitations and stationery suite. The borders and flourish detailing can be incorporated through the wedding with decor and even floral accents by using gold metallic finishes.  Whilst you need not wear a fringe or similar wedding dress style from the era, you can opt to use other style influences like feathers and trims inspired by the wedding invites for the rest of your wedding.

                                    DreamDay Invitations Vanessa White Gold Black Wedding Invitations Inspiration Great Gatsby Leonardo di Caprio

  • Wedding Invitation Trends of 2015

    We're making our way into the second season of the year. If you're sitting down to figuring out your wedding style and you're wondering what wedding invitations trends are taking the world by style, we've put together some choice wedding trends with pointers from Elizabeth Mitchell and Debra Witt of Brides and Bridal Guide fame!

    Illustrations: Many brides and grooms have loved this option because it puts a unique and personal twist on the wedding that moves away from the traditional minimalistic appeal. However, nowadays you can find illustrated wedding invites that are stylised with choice colours to achieve the maximum wow effect. You will see flourishes and leaf designs, to border art and more.

                                                                   DreamDay Invitations Printed Wedding Invitations

    Hand lettering Designs : This means to say lettering that looks like handwriting or even, drawings that look like it's been written. It's quite the rage and looks lovely when finished. What most brides are opting to do is choose printed wedding invitations designs that make for an affordable invitation option.

    Bold Colours and Contrasts: Colour, colour, colour; it's all about colour! You will find this goes hand in hand with hand lettering and also illustrations with pops of colour whilst the colour of the paper is often white for that stark contrasting effect.

    Woodland Accents: If it was ever the time for the world to be eco friendly, it's now. Choose recycled paper (of the PCW paper variety or otherwise) for your wedding invites and match it with woodland designs and effects such as with bark designs or illustrations too.

    Embellishments: For the traditional brides and grooms who do not favour too much contrasts and pops of colour, and lean more towards quality paper stock, trims and embellishments, you will find it's your year with ribbons, buckles, clusters and appliqués being much in favour.

                                                                   DreamDay Invitations Lace Designs Trends

    Choice of Paper: Quality paper that often mimics or resembles the bride's wedding dress is a favourite amongst many brides, so you will find that this trend is one that many couples to be wed will look to.

    Photo Invitations: Photo shoots for wedding invitation cards are fun to make the wedding planning process more memorable as well as it makes for great keepsakes for the wedding invitees too. More and more couples are looking to these designs for its unique and personal effect.

    Be inspired by these great wedding invitation trends to style and design your wedding to be a memorable and wonderful affair!

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