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  • Design Wedding Invitations Online

    When deciding between designing your wedding invitations online or purchasing your wedding invites from a regular wedding stationery store, convenience is one of the critical benefits to consider. While visiting a physical location to make the purchase definitely has it’s advantages, online wedding invitations offer busy brides a fast and easy way to browse, customise and purchase unique wedding invitations  at any time from their own home. Read on for some key points keep in mind when following the online wedding stationery route.


    Order Samples of Wedding Invitations

    Ordering samples are important when it comes to purchasing wedding invitations online.

    To reduce the likelihood of being disappointed when you receive your wedding invites, it’s always best to order samples to handle and ensure the weight, texture and colour of the wedding invites are exactly what you’re looking for. While you can see the colour on your computer, the actual shade of the colour may vary depending on the quality and resolution of your computer screen, while a sample of your wedding invite will let you see it up close.


    Purchase Wedding Invitations From a Reputable Online Vendor

    If you’re buying online wedding invitations, it’s important that you spend sometime researching online wedding stationery vendors first. While there’s lots of wedding stationery companies available on the web, make sure to choose a company that has good testimonials and is credible. Ask friends and family for recommendations and also check out wedding related forums and discussion boards to locate reviews on companies.

    Make sure to read the Terms of Service to ensure there isn’t any crucial fine print in there and that it includes a refund policy if you aren’t satisfied with the wedding invitations.

    Print Wedding Invitation Proofs

    There’s always the chance that you could miss small typos when you’re looking at it on your screen, so it’s best to print your wedding invitation proofs and go over the invitation, line by line. Print extra copies and enlist the help of family and close friends to proof your wedding invites for typos or missing details too - you’ll be surprised at what a fresh set of eyes can spot.


    Customise Your Invitations

    Look for online wedding invitations that are fully customisable to have more control over the design and layout. Reputable online vendors allow you to add your own wording and photo or personalise the colour and layout of wedding invitations to ensure your wedding invitations are as unique as your couple style.

  • Designing Your Wedding Invitations Online


    With more wedding invitation vendors setting up online stores, the selection of wedding invitations has increased threefold. Choosing and personalising your wedding invitations just got a whole lot easier, with most online wedding stationery companies giving you full control to customise everything from the invitation wording and font to even the layout from the comfort of your home. Find out more about browsing, personalising and ordering your wedding invitations cards online in the next few paragraphs.


    Finding the Perfect Wedding Invitation

    When it comes to choosing the ideal wedding invitation, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the number of premium quality invitation designs available online. While browsing online for your wedding invitations, removes all global boundaries and lets you purchase from other countries and have them delivered, you need to watch out for plenty of scam artists that ultimately deliver wedding invitations that don’t look anything like the ones shown on their site. How do you stay clear of these online vendors?


    The best way  to purchase your wedding invitations is from a well established online retailer. Do some research by checking out recommendations by friends, wedding related forums etc and look for testimonials on either their website or their official social media accounts.


    After you’ve selected a few options, read through their Terms of Service and any other fine print - you’ll be surprised at the little clauses that get stuffed in! A reputable online wedding stationery vendor will offer a refund policy, so that you can rest assured that your wedding invitations will be either re-printed or your money will be refunded if you’re not happy with the final product!


    Customise Your Wedding Invitations

    Many of today's leading online wedding invitation vendors allow you to customise wedding invitations by adding a photo or personalising the font, layout, colours etc and preview the design in real time. Personalise your invitation wording by adding your own unique verse, a poem or a funny limerick that captures both your personalities and reflects your beliefs too.

    Order a sample prior to placing your order, to review the quality and texture of the wedding invitations prior to placing your order.While most vendors provide generic samples, some online vendors offer customised samples that include all your details for a little extra.


    Order Your Invitations Early

    Save on extra shipping costs for rush service by planning ahead and ordering your invitations early! Ordering early also gives you enough time to have your order re-printed, just in case you’re not a 100% happy or to order extra wedding invitations later if required.

  • Personalised Designer Wedding Invitations

    Your vision for your wedding day is one that is beautiful, memorable and 100% a reflection of your love for each other. You and your fiancé would have brainstormed for hours to come up with a look that puts focus on both your personalities, contemplated trends and planned to make this day truly yours. One way of doing that would be with personalised wedding invitations. With the right choice of stationery and by adding custom details to the design and various other little accents, you can transform your wedding day into a memorable, thoughtful and personalised wedding affair in a breeze. Let's find out how you too can get personalised designer wedding invitations for your big day.


    There are many ways to go about selecting the perfect personalised look for your wedding invitations, and one way is to pick out a reputed wedding invitations designer and retailer such as DreamDay Invitations that not only specialises in wedding invitations & stationery, but also offers quality, affordable and customisable designer wedding invitations with an enormous range of designs, styles, colours and looks to choose from. We have put together some steps for you to follow to get the look you have envisioned in a hassle-free manner that will have you squealing because it's that easy and simple!


    Picking the Right Design

    When you are given the choice of selecting from a huge range, you might get a little overwhelmed, but that's not the case here because this online wedding invitations retailer has a user friendly website with an easy-to-use system to make browsing for designs as well as order selection and processing a breeze. With various categories ranging from themes and styles (elegant, typography, beach, vintage, modern, Indian, traditional, monogram, etcetera), colour, treatment (embossed, foiled, layered, metallic, glitter, screen printed, thermography and flocked), shapes and DIY invitations, you can easily find what you are looking for based on your preferences.

    Layered  Wedding Invitations


    Personalise with a Photograph or Design Feature

    One of the best ways to personalise your wedding invitation would be with a photograph.

    "A picture is worth a thousand words" they say, so make it one that is fabulous and include it in your design. Your wedding invitation (or even your save the date card) will double up as a keepsake memento for your big day and your invitees will keep it forever. Photo Wedding Invitations

    Another way would be to add the likes of a design feature such as a monogram or custom motif to the design. It's easily doable. Just contact DreamDay Invitations' designers via the contact information and go about making your wedding stationery quite the hit!


    Add the Right Invitation Wording

    Making your wedding invitations look good is important, but also getting the tone right is too. Add your very own personal message into your invitation wording not just to reflect your personalities as a soon-to-be wed couple but also to reflect the tone of your wedding, whether it's formal or relaxed. The best thing about the DreamDay Invitations system is that it also allows you to add your invitee information such as their names and address right into each individual wedding invite and envelope too!


    Complement the Design with Custom Handmade Accents

    Once you have decided on all the little personal details, think about a small way you can add to it, such as with a DIY touch. Order your wedding invitations online, put it through proofing and printing and then wait for the quick turnaround delivery. Once you have your beautiful customised wedding invites in hand, prepare them by first adding a diamante appliqué, a ribbon or even a custom envelope stick or stamp. The final touches matter. Make yours count for a beautiful and memorable completely personalised designer wedding!

  • Wedding Invitation Tips and Inspiration

    There are so many different elements involved when it comes to planning a wedding, that remaining a stress-free and calm bride may seem impossible. The best way to handle your wedding task list, is to keep your eye out for tips that help you achieve the result you’re after, but with less time and budget spent on the task. Here’s some great wedding invitation tips and inspiration that covers everything from designing your wedding invitations through to wedding invitation etiquette - that’s guaranteed to simplify the invitation process for you!


    Choosing Your Wedding Invitations

    One of the best wedding invitation tips would be to spend sometime comparing both online wedding stationery companies and others in your area too. Consider aspects like prices, as well as the quality of wedding invitations and different offers available such as express shipping and unconditional guarantees before you choosing a wedding stationer that’ll provide you the best deal. Embossed Wedding Invitations

    When ordering online wedding invitations, we always recommend that clients  purchase a sample before placing their large order. Sometimes actually seeing the invitation design and feeling the texture of the cardstock will make a big difference in your final choice.


    Wedding Invitation Etiquette

    Avoid having a 100 people ask you, “Where’s the wedding?” by including the location in your save the dates. This isn’t usually included in the wording, but it’s a great way to let out of town guests start planning travel and accommodation details.

    Typography Wedding Invitations

    While you may prefer to ignore this  wedding invitation tip, etiquette experts always advise couples to refrain from including a false start time in your wedding invitations as a way to make sure all your guests are there for your grand entrance. Keeping your guests waiting is not of good etiquette and should be avoided, as most guests know better than to arrive exactly at the time listed on the invite and usually arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes prior.


    Wedding Invitation Inspiration

    To compile a collection of music that your wedding guests will really enjoy and get the dance floor packed,  include an extra line on your RSVP cards for a requested song that guests can fill and send back.

    monogram wedding invitations

    A really cute concept for your wedding invitations is to include “your story”! With this your wedding invitations, not only serve their main purpose of providing wedding information and inviting guests to your big day, but also serves as a platform to share the couple’s journey in a creative and truly unique way.

  • Wedding Invitations Questions to Ask

    Wow! You're to be married, hopefully very soon! Congratulations! We can help, especially with any questions you may have regarding your wedding invitations. It's always important to ask the right questions especially with an important event and milestone as your wedding. We've got a few popular questions that a bride and groom should be aware of when picking and sending out their wedding invitations. So, let's get to it, shall we?

    Q.  When Should I Order my Wedding Invitations?

    The perfect time to order your wedding invitations is once you have secured your wedding venue and a date, but we feel that you can order the DreamDay Invitations wedding invitations online as soon as you finalise your guest list as well.

    With DreamDay Invitations, you need not wait for too long to get your wedding invitations in hand. We offer an online system for ordering your wedding invitations which makes it easy for you to pick out a design and further customise it. This could be with personal touches such as a monogram, a photograph or even the invitation wording and addressing information all printed onto your invite. Once you've requested the necessary customisations to your invitations for your dream day wedding, we'll proof it for you, so that when we deliver them to you, you will have a finished wedding invitation in hand and all you need to do is stick on some postage and mail them out.


    Q. What is Proper Wedding Invitation Etiquette for your Invitation Wording?

    There are many ways to word your wedding invitation perfectly to adhere to proper etiquette. This can be to honour the person who is hosting/paying for the big day, or following the tone you want to have in your wedding invite. For more information on how to word your wedding invitations, visit our page on Wedding Invitation Wording and Verse Examples.


    Q. How Should I Address My Wedding Invitations?

    When addressing your wedding invitations, whether it's on the invitation wording or on the envelopes, there are many things to consider. This can depend on the number of guests being invited per invite, the relationship of the invitees (whether they are a couple, married, a family, and so forth), the titles and various social norms. Visit our page on Wedding Invitations Etiquette for more insight.


    Q. When to Mail Your Wedding Invitations?

    The perfect time to send out your wedding invitations would be four to six weeks ahead of the wedding day. However, if you are having a destination wedding, or most of your guests are out of town, then be sure to send out save the date cards in advance in order for such guests to make arrangements for their attendance at your special day. At such times, sending out your wedding invitations can happen between four to two months in advance where you can include the accommodations cards along with the wedding invitations. In some cases, the accommodations and travel information cards can be sent ahead of the wedding invitation (at four months) and the wedding invitation itself at the two month mark.

  • Luxury Beach Wedding Invitations, Styles and Themes

    So many brides have dreamt of their special day since they were little girls playing with dolls; of princess themes and a happily ever after. That dream can be yours, with a few trendy upgrades, quality items and a choice location such as one at the beach. You can have yourself a luxurious wedding day, with a great view for your photographs and one to awe your guests, starting with your beach wedding invitations right up to the thank you cards.

    This week, we have some great styles and designs for your wedding day. We'll let you in on how you can transform the vision for your wedding with some great styles and accents, all kick-started from your beach wedding invitation that will ooze luxury.

    Layered wedding invitations are so beautifully done up and have great details to it too, from its cascading layers with the trims and designs; it says it's lush on first glance. You can make your beach wedding invitation lush too, with the right choice of layered design, custom and personal touches, paper and specialty card stock, accents and appliqués, and even the choice of typography, font face and colour you choose for your wedding invitations, accessories and stationery. But that's not the only way you can instil a touch of class, elegance and quality into your wedding invite. Watercolour designs in rich colours and techniques are ideal too. Here are some designs for you to consider!



    Pebbles in White Layered Beach Wedding Invitation with Specialty Paper

    layered beach wedding invitations

    This beautiful layered design features speciality card stock with a lovely pebble texture design that mimics sand and pebbles found along a beach. The ribbon detailing with the starfish cluster is a perfect addition to the ensemble, which can easily be blended into other wedding stationery as well as wedding accessories such as the wedding guest book, as well as even the bouquets where you can add the starfish cluster design for a fabulous Kodak moment.


    Harmony Swirl Glitter Beach Wedding Invitation

    Layered Beach Wedding Invitations

    Another layered design, it brings a heightened level of oomph to the table as the glitter swirl design which mimics the waves, are quite enthralling and add  a touch of luxury against the layered paper and quality card stock.


    Frangipani Love Beach Wedding Invitation


    Watercolour designs are a great trend, and a memorable one at that. The play and technique of painting and colours can really make your beach wedding invitation design come alive. Consider opting for rich tones that works well with lighting and works well with shading effects.


    These designs can easily be selected for your fabulous beach wedding. To make it even more luxurious, you can present your wedding invites in a lavish manner, such as including it in an invitation box and some surprises on the inside. These little details truly make your special day come alive, and your invitees will definitely think back to your wedding as one of the greats.

  • Unique Beach Wedding Invitations

    Every one of us wants that perfect venue for our special day. It's no surprise that the majority of brides and grooms look to the coast for their picturesque beach setting. Beach weddings offer so much; a beautiful natural backdrop to your pictures, fun and exciting theme, and not to mention beautiful and unique beach wedding invitations too. In this edition of Wedding Ideas, we offer you insight into some fabulous beach wedding invitations ideas for your big day!

    The best thing about beaches is that no two are alike, and when you take in the view you'll be inspired in so many ways. From the horizon, to the colours in the sky and ocean (or even a lake), to the colours of the sand and coast line, and not to mention the place you are planning on having the ceremony and then the reception are things you need to look at before you decide on your unique beach wedding invitations because they will be your inspiration.  With it, you can decide on what your wedding invitations will look like, and whether they will be purchased via an online wedding invitations retailer, especially one that allows you to customise various details of the design to fit your vision, or whether you want to opt for DIY wedding invitations. The choice is up to you, but here are some lovely styles of beach wedding invitations with unique looks that can be personalised even further.

    Photo Beach Wedding Invitations

    When opting for this variety of invitations for your wedding, you are assured of a truly unique look, one that is both beautiful and memorable. If you have chosen a photo design, it could be either because of the photograph featured, or the layout, design and style. If it's the latter, then you can easily get it personalised with a unique photograph of the bridal couple or even the venue itself.

    Photo beach wedding invitations

    Beach Wedding Invitations with Illustrations & Patterns

    Incorporating colours, designs and looks into your wedding invitations taken from the inspiration of your venue is prefect especially if via a lovely illustration or pattern. It can be anything from seashells, palm trees, seahorses or even a beautiful design inspired by the colours around you. Wouldn't that be just the ideal beach wedding invitation?

    Ocean wedding invitations

    Destination Themed Beach Wedding Invitations

    More and more brides want something different when they plan a beach wedding, especially if it's a destination wedding theme at that. Usually, a destination wedding is one being held if the venue is situated over 80 kilometres away from their homes. These beach wedding invitations can take up after ideal real life travel documents and items such as boarding passes styled after airline or cruise tickets or even passports too.

    Plan for a great wedding with these styles of unique beach wedding invitations for a memorable and truly wonderful day!

    Boarding pass invitations

    Check out our Beach Wedding Invitations Pinterest board now

  • Folded Hearts Wedding Invitations

    Every one of us is unique, in one way or another, whether it's our personalities, our lifestyles, or even the way we love. The beauty of love is that it grows in leaps and bounds, and your heart swells with joy. As you prepare for your special day, you want something to represent your love that's unique and memorable, and we have a great origami inspired design for your wedding invitations. DreamDay Invitation's Folded Heart wedding invitations are unique and memorable, and definitely out of the box.


    We exclusively bring you these lovely heart-shaped folded wedding invitations to make your wedding day one to talk about. Your invitees will be amazed at the concept and idea of your wedding invites. This stunning origami wedding invitations with its heart shape is ideal when you want to put a twist on traditional design.

    This hassle free design is easy to assemble in 4 easy steps, anyone can do it! This unique card is created with the help of our custom made cutting die that creates a flawless shape of a heart for your romantic and special day full of love.

    Dancing Butterflies Folded Heart in Purple - DreamDay Invitations


    The Folded Heart range spans over a 100 designs, and are customisable for all your little personal touches, from the names of the bride and groom, their wedding date, the invitation wording and much more. You can match this beautiful Folded Heart wedding invitation within any stationery accessory in its design collection, from the reply cards, directions & accommodations cards, wishing well & gift registry cards from the wedding invitation accessories package, as well the likes of menu cards, table numbers and place cards, and much more for accessories to be used on the day of the wedding.


    One such Folded Heart wedding invitation design would be "Loving Lanterns". This beautiful Asian inspired design is so warm and inviting, and would be ideal for a night time wedding especially if you plan on using similar lanterns for a beautiful backdrop. The shade of espresso against the orange and red of the lanterns make for a lovely contrast and magnify warmth. Featuring lantern design elements and the names of the bride and groom on either side of the heart curves, the white of the invitation wording area is a sharp and a pleasant surprise. The Loving Lanterns Folded Heart wedding invitations are available with an unprinted matching envelope, and you may opt to include individual guest addresses onto the envelope for small charge.

     Enchanted Garden Folded Heart in Burgundy - DreamDay Invitations

    Add romance and creativity to your wedding with these lovely Folded Heart wedding invitation design to set the tone so that your big day will be one to remember!

  • Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

    If general, run of the mill wedding invitations just don’t reflect your personalities and couple style, there’s always tons of unique wedding invitations available that range from elegant to more unconventional shapes and designs that are indeed eye-catching and impressive. Express your individual style by trying out some of the following unique wedding invitation ideas which can be customised to transforms your wedding invites instantly into memorable keepsakes.


    Layered Wedding Invitations

    Effortlessly classy, layered wedding invitations are just perfect for a couple after a look of  sophisticated elegance. This simple and chic design style provides a compact ensemble to keep a lot of information organised and impressive to look at, as numerous layers can be held together with a band of lace or ribbon topped with a vintage brooch.

    Layered Embossed  Wedding Invitations - DreamDay Invitations

    For an added unique touch, customise your layered wedding invitations by adding on a photo overlay featuring your favourite picture of the two of you.


    Hard Cover Wedding Invites

    The luxurious look of hard cover wedding invitations makes this invitation style truly impressive with it’s boutique quality finish and the perfect complement to a formal wedding. Explore a range of innovative custom print and pattern designs and cohesively tie in some unusual elements like elegant handmade satin flowers to really give your invites an unique touch.

    Layered Metallic Wedding  Invitations - DreamDay Invitations

    Customise your hardcover wedding invitations by opting to include a stylised version of an ol’ favourite - the monogram! The perfect finishing touch to your unique wedding invitations, a modernised monogram can be either integrated into the design concept of your invitation or used in an envelope seal.


    Pocket Wedding Invitations

    An unique wedding invitation trend, pocket wedding invitations are a great way to keep a lot of wedding related information safely and securely tucked away. Perfect for weddings with a lot of events such as a destination wedding, these pocket wedding invitations are ingenious as they allow you to include more personal information such as a verse or poem in the body of your invite and secure other inclusions such as a wishing well card and directions card neatly.


    Boarding Pass Invitations

    Planning a destination wedding? Boarding pass invitations are unique wedding invitations that are amazing at getting your guests excited and fantasising about traveling to an exotic or fun location to celebrate your big day!

    Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations - DreamDay Invitations

     When using boarding pass invitations you can opt to place them in ticket holder covers that match the design of your wedding invitations and really maximise the airline ticket look you’re going for. These wedding invitations and covers can then be placed in larger envelopes which are more convenient for addressing.


    DreamDay Layered Wedding Invitations Video

    Unique Wedding Invitations Pinterest Board

  • English Romance Inspired Wedding Invitations

    Romance is in the air, fragrant and beautiful, like a garden full of roses. Imagine it, and theme your special day around what is known as English Romance, with beautiful flowers, and crisp elegance. Your wedding invitations would be the best place to start to open the door to a beautiful wedding day, filled with wonder, elegance and above all, romance.

    Whether you are inspired by poetry by the famous William Wordsworth, the English gardens or simply English countryside weddings, you can add bits and pieces of them all into your design, decor and of course the wedding invitations, accessories and stationery for your dream day wedding. Consider the details you want highlighted - is it the flowers, the colours you have chosen, or the overall decor design you want previewed on your wedding invitations?

    These are just ways in which you can allow your invitees to glimpse into the beautiful vision. You can go either way with the styling, be it traditional or modern. The romance of it all will show through, especially with design details that are resonant of the English. We have in store some elegant and truly romantic wedding invitations for your to choose from, that hone in on those design elements, styles and traits.


    Once Upon a Time

    A tranquil and elegant shade of teal that is crisp against the white contrast of the letters and design elements on the back, and the invitation wording on the front, this flat wedding card is in its entirety very regal and poised. The teal backdrop features an olive leaf crest and the words "Faith & Love" within it, and the text mixes scripted fonts against serif for a well thought out balance of design. Definitely ideal for any romantic wedding where there is class and muted luxury in its design vision.


    English Romance Wedding Invitations - DreamDay Invitations


    Fantasy Flowers

    We can agree that garden weddings are beautiful, and would be a nice touch as a venue choice as this elegantly done up card. A vertical folded wedding invitation in breathtaking shades of ivory and beige tones that play well with the garden setting of the design. The silhouettes of the foliage and flora is present throughout the design, but most prominent on the cover where the focus is given to the brides and grooms name featured on the centre and a beautiful scripted "&" that contrasts against the overall design. Truly breathtaking and oozes luxury in each corner of this beautiful English romance inspired wedding invitation.

    Fantasy Flower Wedding Invitations -  DreamDay Invitations

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