Wedding Invitations

  • Luxury Wedding Invitations

    Most brides have spent quite a bit of time envisioning their ideal wedding and want every detail of this special day to be perfect. Selecting your wedding invitations is an important part of wedding planning, as it gives your guests the first glimpse of your special day and should aim to convey the spirit and style of your wedding with finesse.  While contemporary and colourful wedding invites are popular these days, there are lots of couples that still prefer a marriage of old world charm with a modern touch. Luxury wedding invitations are the perfect option for couples seeking this chic and sophisticated blend.

    A luxurious wedding invite sets the stage for your wedding day. It should express the romanticism and lavish style of a wedding, while still being an exclusive masterpiece that symbolises your personalities and the joining of your two lives.

    Luxury wedding invitations are becoming more elaborate and lavish by the year! High-end collections use quality materials that incorporate the newest colours and are available in a variety of styles and speciality cardstock. While many stationers now design luxury wedding invitations using vibrant colours, popular colour palettes still express traditional elegance with rich silky hues of brown, classic ivory and black, as well as royal purple and white to name a few.  Extravagant patterns, intricate Edwardian corner borders and embellishments such as vellum overlays, beautiful ribbons or ornate buckles work beautifully to add a luxurious finish to a wedding invite.

    Script fonts are popular for formal invitations and are often used to add a touch of elegance to a wedding invitation. If your guest list is small and it’s within your budget, having your guest’s names handwritten in calligraphy on the insert and envelope is a fabulous way to give your invite a more personal edge. If a calligrapher is not within your budget, address the envelopes using a script or brush stroke font for a similar look.

    Stationers usually have a variety of couture elegant wedding invitations to choose from – saving you   time and the stress that usually goes hand in hand with planning a wedding. If you prefer an exclusive wedding invitation that is unique reflection of your wedding, you can work with your stationer to customise and personalise the design, layout, wording and style of your wedding invite to meet your individual style and needs.

    For an elaborate and personal look to your luxury wedding invitation, speak with your stationer and opt to include a monogram sticker to seal your envelopes or an embossed monogram on your wedding invitation. This same monogram can be included in other wedding details like favour boxes, thank you cards etc to give your wedding continuity and flow.

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  • Destination Wedding Invitations

    Destination weddings have become a popular option for couples looking for a unique and fun way to say “I do”.  When choosing your wedding invitations, you should ensure to capture the style and elements of your destination wedding. We’ve compiled a few quick tips and ideas to keep in mind when working on your wedding invitations.

    Wedding Invitation Design

    Once you’ve decided on a location for your wedding, identify elements from the locale that reflects the wedding theme and include them in your save the dates, wedding invitations and thank you cards. If getting married on top of a picturesque mountain top or a beautiful garden wedding is your ideal wedding location, choose hues of green and elements from nature to include in your invitations. Light floral designs add a beautiful touch of elegance to your wedding invites, while remaining in sync with the rest of your wedding theme.

    For beach wedding invitations, frangipani inspired invitations or seashell invitations look fantastic. Combine these elements with some calming tones of sea blue and hues of a sunset for a beautiful and elegant beach wedding invite.

    To give guests a glimpse of what they can expect, customise your wedding invites to include a photograph of the sea, mountain or any other key attraction from your wedding location.

    Guest List

    Once you’ve chosen your wedding location and taken care of the booking details, you will need to get cracking on your guest list. Most couples opt to keep destination weddings an intimate affair by having just close friends and family attend.  If you prefer to have a large number of guests at your wedding, it’s best to speak with the resort first & find out if they have the facilities to accommodate a large number of guests.

    Wedding Invitation Etiquette

    Save the dates are critical for destination weddings, as guests should have plenty of time to organise their schedule and finances to attend.  Aim to send out your Save the Dates at least nine months in advance if people will need to make extensive travel plans. You will need to include just the date and the location for your Save the Date, but let guests know that more details will follow in the wedding invitation.

    Wedding invitations should be sent out about six months prior to the wedding. Include a card with details on flight rates, hotel group rates, rental car info etc.

    Set your RSVP deadline for at least one or two months before the wedding, so that you have enough time to finalise your guest numbers for the wedding booking.Keep in mind to plan ahead for a few late RSVPs.

    Once your guests arrive at your wedding destination, make sure to have a package ready for them at the reception desk. Include a schedule for the wedding or pre-wedding events,maps, info on guided tours, safety tips, as well as any other information that would be interesting or necessary for their stay. Adding a handwritten, personal note thanking them for their presence is a nice touch that your guests will appreciate!

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  • Bridal Wedding Invitations

    Right after he proposes and you joyfully say ‘YES’, plans will be made, dates will be set and you will share your joy with your family and friends. Some even throw engagement parties, because it is a milestone worth celebrating. Next would be the preparations for the big day, starting with your wedding invitations. You have several ways in which you can go about doing this, but we have some insight for you, with a few steps to start with.

    1. Date, Time, and Venue Information for your Wedding Invites

    When it comes to your big day, the most crucial things you need to finalise first, even before the wedding invitation would be to settle on the wedding day, the time, and the venue. Since you have already set the date, then you should select a venue and find a time that is most convenient. Some bridal couples prefer to send out a Save the Date, to let their guests and invitees know that there is a big event coming up in their lives, and they want you to attend it and to make sure that you leave that day wide open. Usually, these save the dates can be styled individually or part of a bridal wedding invitations and stationery suite. If you are not sending out Save the Dates, then this information will be needed to start on your wedding invites. Adding Directions, Maps, and Accommodations cards are a great convenience for your guests and invitees.

    2. Select a Design for Your Wedding Invitations and Invitation Wording

    Once you have the essential information ready, you will need a look and feel for the bridal wedding invitations that you are about to send out to your guests to give them the good news. Find a design and style that you are inspired by and want for your big day. If you know the attire of the bridal party, style them after bridals with the wedding invitations having designs and style bits such as the colour, tones, and accents that your bridal party will have. Also, try out some invitation wording examples, and find the one that sounds right for you. You can also try to involve your bridal party, by going DIY! Involve them for the design and creation of the bridal wedding invitations, for them to be custom-made and truly personal.

    3. Guest Lists and Adding Finishing Touches to the Wedding Invite

    Once you know what you are including in your wedding invitation, and you have a design for the bridal wedding invitations as well, then the next step would be to compile a guest list, finalise it, and ready yourself for delivery. Some ideal wedding invitations retailers offer you the facility of printing the guest names onto the invitation wording, to make it professional and also seamless, as part of the design. Once all these factors are sorted, your wedding invitations are ready to go. However, if you want to add a little extra touch to them, then add little accents and embellishments for a final touch to your beautiful wedding invitations.


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  • Wedding Invitation Templates

    A wedding invitation is the representation and the messenger of good news, when it comes to the upcoming nuptials between the beautiful bride and her handsome Prince Charming. Representing the love the couple has for one another, a wedding invitation should be perfect and definitely memorable. That is not only what the wedding invitation equals to, as it also reflects the theme and styling of the big day, and a sneak peek into all the possibilities that is bursting at the seams. That is why when it comes to figuring it out, and finding your right choice, there are wedding invitation templates to keep in mind, especially of what type of vision you have for your perfect message of love, also known as the wedding invite.

    When it comes to wedding invitations, there are many themes to choose from, depending on the time of year, your likes and tastes, ethnicity, and frankly, personality too. Your wedding invite design and style is related to many items. The wedding invitation template, in fact, has several factors or element that goes into its full look. These include the likes of the layouts, the front invite and its print locations, colour print options as well as the type of paper you choose, the shapes, styles, and wedding information. If you take each element, you will realise these are the details that goes into deciding a wedding invite design.

    A layout, when it comes to your wedding invitation, involves how the front of the invite and the elements that would or could go into it is placed. You have the option of using a focal design element, such as the likes of a flower or even a monogram. This can be placed alongside a background that has one to two colour bases or a pattern, or even column or row layouts that mix and match the likes of solid colours, patterns, banners and inset designs, and not forgetting the name of the couple and the date of the big day. You can either have two to three rows which has its own design element, or even columns that highlight certain features, or even a mix and match of the two. As long as it looks good, there is no harm in using these for wedding invitation templates.  Depending on your wedding invitation template layout, the front of your invite and the print locations will come together.

    In terms of the wedding invite template, the physicality of the design and style of the card is also important. You have everything from shapes, styles, and paper types that play a big role in how your choice of wedding invite looks. You may opt for everything from square to rectangular being the popular choices, or even DL sized card designs for taller options.

    All these elements go into making your wedding invitations template, so that it looks like the vision you intended it to be. Retailers of wedding invites offer varying templates in all its possibilities; therefore, you have the option of sifting through the ranges of invites to select the ideal wedding invite for you. What sets some wedding invites apart would be the ability to add your own personal saying to your wedding invitation templates, such as the invite wording, the guests names and so on, for a truly personalise, original and polished look to represent your big day.

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  • Wedding Invitation Layout

    Your wedding is supposed to be the epitome of perfection in your eyes, and you want to revel in it as your invitees look around in amazement. That is exactly what you should get. However, there are finer details that you need to look into, starting with the wedding invitations and stationery. When it comes to deciding the look of your wedding invites and other stationery for the big day, there are many ways to go about it, and you should be aware of what is available out there for choosing.

    If you are looking around various styles, the wedding invitation layout changes accordingly. There are overall themes you would be up against, such as the likes of Elegant, Contemporary, Modern, and Traditional. Depending on these factors and your personal preferences, you will be able to choose a wedding invite layout that best suits the vision you have, for your big day.

    Layout Types for Wedding Invites

    Focal Element Design on Patterned or One-Colour Base Wedding Invitation

    Some wedding invite designs are simple and elegant, and only have one focal item in its front facing design, which is usually a flourish design or banner with the names of the bride and groom, and the day they are to wed. Around this focal element, you can either opt to use a solid colour paper or even a pattern to set it apart from the entire look, and to create dimensions.

    Column and Row Layouts for Wedding Invitations Mixing Solid Colours, Patterns, Banners & Inset Designs

    You traditionally come across invite card with just the names and the date of the big day, and maybe a border with flourishes around it. However, nowadays the trend for wedding invite card layouts is more complex and smart. You have some designs with two to three columns, with each column incorporating a different style and design. For example, in the instance of a 2-column layout, you have the left side column in a solid colour with the names of the bride and groom, as well as the special day, whilst the right side column has a patter, design, illustration, and so forth. The same applies to row layouts.

    However, there is more. You can mix and match solid colours with patterns, add banners and also inset design, depending on the look you are striving for, from traditional floral banners bordering text or focal items on a design to intricate Edwardian corner borders to set a rich and fine setting. Like so there are many wedding invite layouts for you to choose from.


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  • Ideas for Wedding Invitations

    As any bride would be, you probably already have a vision for your special day. Nevertheless, when it comes to execution and putting it altogether, you are not too sure. That is why there are various means for you to draw inspiration and comes up with ideas for the likes of wedding invitations, decor and so much more. Some couples prefer to do the stationery themselves, whilst the other elements are given out to relevant suppliers and vendors. The wedding invitation and stationery being a messenger of good news should include an essence of personality that is true to theirs. Therefore, make sure you have that in mind when selecting wedding invites or even, opting to send out DIY wedding invites.

    There are many styles, design and inspiration ideas out there in the world, which you can easily choose for your big day, especially the wedding invitations because  the wedding stationery traditions follows suit in terms of style, design and theme. Some lovely options that are trending in terms of ideas for wedding invitations include the likes of scroll wedding invites, recycled-handmade paper wedding invites, custom stamps of focal or theme design elements, stamping, custom and unique envelopes and packaging, as well as accessorising with common, day-to-day materials,  and more.

    If we were to look into some of the options mentioned, and figure out how they can be carried with the ease and convenience of a few items and a trusty invitations retailer, there is no stopping you.

    Scroll Wedding Invitations

    Scrolls have been around for ages, but with the technological era coming through, this art of communication was almost forgotten. However, this romantic messenger is making a comeback. With a trusty invitations retailer, who can diligently execute their services in terms of printing, (if they have value added services such as custom invitation wording, individual guest name invite prints, proofing and so forth, the better), then opt for a paper option with the lowest weight ensuring that is still sturdy. Once you have the printed wedding invitation, merely roll it up, and add a decorative cloth ribbon around it, and your scroll wedding invite is ready. Some couples add a tag to the ribbon with a bow, especially if they are not choosing to include a package or box for the scroll to go in. If you were hand delivering your invites, this would not be an issue; however, if you are mailing them, then it is advised that a box or package be also acquired.

    Recycled-Handmade Paper Wedding Invitations

    With the world becoming more and more green, we are conscious about our depleting resources. Therefore, it is only just that you recycle the paper you have lying around and make something beautiful out of it. This DIY wedding invitation solution could very well be what a DIY Bride is looking to do, i.e., personalising their wedding invites right from the start, with paper.

    Recycle Wedding Invitations


    Custom Stamps (for focal & theme design elements, and monograms)

    Brides and Grooms love the idea of customising and personalising items for their special day. Therefore, when given the chance, they will definitely opt for it. Whether it is with a focal design element that they favour related to their love story, for example, elephant silhouettes, or a theme design element, such as a hydrangea bunch, or even a monogram, you can make it truly work if you get the colours matched accordingly.

    Design Stamping

    Other than custom stamps, you can also incorporate design stamps such as floral patterns, borders and damask, to name a few, to arrive at a beautiful look when opting for a DIY wedding invite. Acquire a great set of DIY wedding invitations from your trusty invitations retailer, if they provide the service of printing the invitation wording and guest names, then the better, and then set about creating your masterpiece with stamps, ink, watercolour and even glitter and foil paint.

    Custom/Unique Envelopes and Packaging

    Sometimes, you want to go the extra mile in terms of presentation, and the final frontier in terms of wedding invitations would be either the envelope or the packaging (if the invite card is larger than your average size and requires a box, for example, for use with scroll wedding invites). There are various types and styles of envelopes you can opt for, such as floral petal fold envelopes that you can finish off with a cloth ribbon and bow, or a doily or lace envelope, using a pocket wedding invite option and excluding envelopes all together, and the list goes on. Be creative, and think how best your wedding invitation can look even better.

    Such ideas for wedding invitations are trending in the bridal industry, especially when it comes to making a statement and an impression with your wedding invitations and stationery. Do not wait any longer. Why not start cracking now?

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  • Indian Wedding Invitations

    Indian weddings are cultural affairs, and some of them include several functions and receptions. However, one thing that is common in all of these wedding events is that tradition and heritage is upheld. If you are enthralled by Indian inspirations for your wedding, then you can do so, starting with Indian wedding invitations for your delightful day.

    Indian styles can be defined as colourful, vibrant and almost mystical, which is basically in relation to the Hindu deities and the vibrancy of it all, as well as the rituals involved in being wedded. The great thing about Indian weddings is that it is grand, opulent and breathtaking to behold with its design styles and the colour all infused with shimmers, gold and glittering items.

    If you are choosing your wedding stationery and want it to be inspired by the Indian subcontinent and its multitude of cultural influences, then there are many options and styles for you to choose from when deciding on the wedding invitations and stationery designs. Intricate designs, patterns, and illustrations are part of the key components of an Indian inspired wedding invite. Whether it is vertically, horizontally or circular in design, meaning to say the design is an intricate display of art in the shape of a circle, there are many options. Some design includes a contrasting piece of art that covers the entire area, creating a bold statement. Most of these patterns are inspired by Henna designs, which are applied onto the bride’s palms, hands, arms, and feet prior to the wedding and include intricate etchings. Engraved designs, foiled patterns, and invitation wordings, embossing and more are seen with Indian inspired wedding invite designs too.

    When it comes to colour choices, gold and its tones and shades are the most obvious choices. However, that does not mean that silver and ivory are shunned, because they too are popular. Most of the colours that are chosen stem from natural inspirations, being the earth and sky, to animals, plants, and fruits. Illustrations, patterns, and cultural art are very popular. In terms of illustrations, you may find yourself with items of deities, animals such as elephants, lions, peacocks, and swans that are also related to imagery of deities, paisley designs, floral and leaf prints and more. In terms of patterns, damask, paisley as a pattern, lotus flower patterns, intricate flourishes, arch patterns, and intricate floral line drawing patterns are quite beautiful to behold. These can be put together with the help of either bold shimmer colours such as gold and silver or even ivory, alongside contrasts such as hot pink, royal, or turquoise blue, royal purple, emerald green and so forth. With such options, your Indian inspired wedding invites will be hit, truly memorable, and grand.

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  • Wedding Invitations Inspirations

    Getting ready to plan your big day and there are so many things buzzing through your head, and you don’t know how it will all go together? Never fear, because with DreamDay Invitations Wedding Inspirations, we offer you the convenience of looking at various types, styles, themes and design that could be exactly what you are thinking put all together, blending cohesively.

    If you need an array of wedding inspiration, from colour choices, themes, to wedding invitations, wedding decor and flowers as well as cakes and all the other odds and bits, you have come to the right place, because you may find everything you need right here, in one place. Having scoured the internet and other sources for some great choices to inspire your wedding around, you can get your wedding theme inspirations from just browsing through the Wedding Inspirations section.

    For couples who are looking for colour themes, you are offered options of colours that go well together, how you can match these colours into the wedding attire for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, the bouquets, table decor and venue decor, to the added accessories you can put to use if you so wish it. If you are hosting an outdoor wedding, then the more better, because you have yourself more possibilities for these inspirations to work.

    With these inspiration boards that offer you all these choices, down to how your outdoor venue can match your theme, the cakes, and table scatter items and more. For example, if you are having a carnival-inspired wedding, then there are so many options for you to choose from, but an outdoor wedding with a big tent would be ideal. You can have the big top of the tent decked in stripes to go with the carnival wedding themes, as well as the wedding invitations that includes the same colours, design, and pattern. Furthermore, you can also go crazy with the wedding stationery and other little accessories such as the dessert table and much more. There is much to be done and much to see, and you can take it all in at one place, being the Wedding Inspirations boards by DreamDay Invitations.

    That is not all, because there are so many wedding ideas to go around. From beach wedding ideas to gardens, whimsical, and much more. Look around and find the perfect look that you have in mind, and do not forget the photo opportunities we have presented as well. Best of Luck! DreamDay Wedding Invitations Pinterest Board

  • Formal Wedding Invitations

    A wedding is usually and always is a formal affair, with essences of tradition and elegance intertwined. The easiest and best way to convey the feel of this special occasion is through the invitations you send out to your guests. Opt for delightful formal wedding invitations and set the tone of your wedding to emphasize on tradition, elegance, and class. How you about setting the essence in your formal wedding invitations is what we will be looking into in this blog post.

    Formal Wedding Invitations Design & Styles

    The designs and styles of your formal wedding invitations can be either traditional or modern. A traditional wedding invite usually consists of two to three tones of colours of which white plays a dominant role creating an elegant feel and touch. However, on a more modern yet formal tone, black can be used as majoring colour, to create a sophisticated look. However, the formalities when it comes to wedding invitations and keeping things formal would mainly include the etiquette that surrounds your wedding invitations, but that doesn’t mean the designs and style of your formal wedding invites should be ignored as it also plays a great part in ensuring that the theme in hand is upheld.

    Names and Spellings for Formal Wedding Invitations Etiquette

    When it comes to formal wedding invites, etiquette is crucial and upholding these guidelines for wording of the invite should be priority. Some of the guidelines include the likes of the following:

    • The host’s names should be spelled out with their correct spellings, including the titles and middle names, as the invites should be prepared by the hosts.
    • Titles for the likes of Doctor (Dr.) should be spelled out, only if the name is not too long to fit into the given space on the invite wording.
    • In the case that the bride holds the same last name as her parents, it is not necessary to include her surname, but only her first and middles names, whereas the groom's name should be spelled out with his middle name and surname as well as his title.

    Formal Wedding Invites Details and Differences

    • The invitation request such as “The Honour of Your Presence” or “The Pleasure of Your Company”  depending on where the ceremony is held at, that is, either at Church or at a venue respectively.
    • When hosting a Jewish wedding, the invitation wording is written as “and” as opposed to “to” between the brides and grooms name.
    • The wording such as “And Your Participation In The Offering Of A Nuptial Mass” is included when a Roman Catholic mass is part of the church ceremony.

    No mention of gifts or attire is usually done, however “Black Tie” may be included in the lower right area of the reception information

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  • What to Write On Wedding Invitations

    Wedding have always been about etiquette from way back in time, and one of the first things that involves etiquette are the wedding invitations. What you write on the wedding invitations varies according to many reasons, of which are looked into in the following sections, whether it’s the host, the invitation wording request, the happy couple, date and time, the ceremony and reception information, as well as the RSVP.

    The Host Information

    The host information is the first part of the wedding invitation wording as they open up your wedding invite and start reading. Essentially, this information includes the people who are hosting or paying for the wedding, where traditionally it is the parents of the bride and in some cases the bride and grooms themselves. Therefore, this can alternate from the following;

    Mr. and Mrs. John Willows

    Ms. Jennifer Willows and Mr. Samuel Wickerly

    Jane and John Willows

    Together with their Families, Jennifer Willows and Samuel Wickerly


    The Invitation Wording and Request

    The invitation wording to request your guest’s presence at the wedding depends on where they attend it. There may be two types of venues, one where the ceremony is held at a place of worship, where the other may be held at the home of either the bride or groom or even another location. In these events, the wording should be as follows;


    Place of Worship

    Home Or Other Location

    Request the Honour of Your Presence

    At the Marriage of their Daughter

    Request the Pleasure of Your Company

    At the Marriage of their Daughter

    Would Be Delighted For Your To Attend

    The Marriage of Their Daughter

    Invite You To Join Us at the Celebration of Our Marriage


    The Bride and Groom

    Etiquette when concerning the use of the brides and grooms names when using the wedding invitations involves the brides name to be listed first by using her first and middles name(s), whereas the groom’s name should be listed in full, with his title and middle name(s). For example:

    Jennifer Elena Wilson


    Mr. Joffrey Matthew Caterly

    Jennifer Wilson


    Joffrey Caterly

    The Date and Time

    The wedding invitations date and time, should be spelt out where the usual norms of capitalisation as that of the month and date should be upheld. However, the timing information can also be spelt out, or if you want to take a modern and less formal approach listed with numerals, such as the following:

    Formal/ Traditional

    Less Formal/ Modern

    Monday, the sixth of August

    Two thousand and twelve

    At nine o’clock in the morning

    Monday, August 6, 2012

    At 9 a.m.


    The Ceremony Venue and Location

    The ceremony venue can be held either at a well-known location where the physical address is not needed or at home or smaller, lesser-known location in which case an address is required. This should be written as follows:

    St. Andrew’s Cathedral,


    No. 4, Wisteria Lane,

    Sydney, New South Wales


    The Reception Venue

    If a reception or party is held after the ceremony, which it usually will be the case, and then it can either be included in the wedding invitation wording, or even in a separate RSVP card.

    The reception information also sometime requires you to mention the type of meal you will be serving, that is if you are not serving a full meal. Consider the following when wording this part of the wedding invitation wording:

    Reception to follow at the Hills Country Club

    And afterward for cocktails and cake in the Oak Room

    Dessert and Dancing to Follow

    [in the case that the reception is different from the ceremony venue]


    11 o’clock

    Hilltop Park Hotel,

    234, Winterfell Road,



    RSVP Information

    Usually, the RSVP information is written on the wedding invitation and the replies from guests were sent back by themselves. However, nowadays, it is easier and more prompt for the bride and grooms to send their own reply card or RSVP card, and can be either of the following:

    The Favour of a Reply is Requested before the twenty second of July

    Please reply before the twenty second of July

    ____________ Will Attend

    ____________ Will Not Attend

    Number of People In Party _________




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