What you Should Know About Making Your Wedding Guest Lists

There’s a reason why many brides and grooms are very anxious about getting to their wedding guest list, some going as far to call it the “Guesting Game”. Nevertheless, we’re here to remove some of the guess work to avoid wedding guest list faux pas and make sure everyone is happy with the final count.

Figuring out the Guest List Ratios

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Usually, we assume that the wedding guest lists will be made up between the bride and groom, however there is a little bit more to that. If your parents are hosting your wedding, then they will too want their own share of the guest list. Therefore, one of the safest things to do before making down payments on any of the vendors is to decide amongst yourselves how the guest list will be shared, and to make things fair, it’s always best to divide them equally between the parties. Start by setting a maximum guest list figure (for instance, 200 guests), you are working with a feasible figure against the wedding budget by dividing the total intended wedding guest equally between yourselves (the bride and groom), the bride’s parents and groom’s parents.

Start with a Dream List


This “dream” list is actually a list of every imaginable person you would like to attend your wedding. Of course, you can cut this down later, but it helps to avoid you adding people later on, because if they were not on the dream list, they may not be a must-have at the wedding. Once you consider budget and venue restraints, then you are able to enforce your reality check (cutting rules) to make your wedding guests list more feasible and budget-friendly.

Cutting Rules

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When it comes to refining your dream list (as mentioned above), if you are really stuck and you are not sure how you should start cutting down your list, here are some pointers and rules to follow.

  • 1. If you and your fiancé have never spoken, met or heard their name
  • 2. If their bedtimes are before 9pm
  • 3. If nor you or your fiancé have spoken to them in three years and they are not related to you
  • 4. Inviting someone out of obligation or association

Be Realistic about your Wedding Guest Numbers

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While you love the idea of having anyone and everyone at your big day, do not forget that each wedding guest means a financial add-on. You may be considering costs per wedding invitation and wedding stationery and accessories for the day of the wedding, as well food and beverage costs per guests including, wedding bombonieres, chair rentals and even the amount of cake you require. Therefore, if you are unsure of adding that “plus one”, ask yourself, can you afford it?

Keep these simple but effective rules when deciding on your wedding guest list.

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