Whimsical Wedding Inspirations

Full of wonder, fun and colour, whimsical designs can be found around you in everyday life, but when you are planning a wedding, these details are often magnified to be larger than life. With unique wedding invitations, themes and decor accents, you've got yourself a wedding that your guests will be buzzing about for ages! Here are some unique wedding planning ideas!

One of the most prominent features of a whimsical design theme would be colour and coupled with delightful patterns. Polka dots, stripes, chevron and more fun striking patterns and fun design elements are great ways to add whimsy into your wedding theme. By customising those very patterns and designs with vibrant and bold colours, you're setting the stage for a truly memorable and whimsical inspired wedding.

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This type of wedding is ideal if traditional design isn't your personal style! It's the perfect look for a quirky and unique couple that are looking to break away from the traditional wedding mould to create a wedding style that is 101% theirs. By experimenting with unique shapes and looks, you can transform it into your wedding own custom look.

Start with a wedding inspiration board putting together different ideas for you to blend together beautifully to make a cohesive yet whimsical wedding theme. Some couples truly revel in adding their very own custom designs such as their own handwritten notes included in the design of the wedding invitations, to adding doodles or hand-drawn caricatures that will reflect what's to be expected on the big day. You can carry the very same look and design onto other aspects of the wedding day such as the welcome sign(s) and other wedding stationery to the wedding cake and wedding bombonieres.


Once you have your wedding invitations & stationery planned out and all you need to decide is the quantity you will need  (in terms of the wedding stationery, the quantities can be decided closer to the wedding date once guests have RSVPed). You need to think about the way you will style your decorative elements for the wedding such as the altar design, the tablescapes and more.

Some opt for a garden inspired and other unique looks such as carnival to wonderland inspirations. A beautiful garden inspiration would be a hanging wisteria garden look for the wedding ceremony (whether indoors or outdoors) or if you fancy something more rustic yet full of fun and whimsy, a colourful themed overhead altar with life-size pinwheels. You can even use them instead of bridesmaid's bouquets, boutonnieres and hair accessories. Carnival themed weddings are usually the most common choices for whimsical weddings, but there are fun ways to customise these too. For example, you can trade in a typical photo booth for a kissing booth instead!

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