Winter Wedding Invitation Ideas

Imagine a white wedding, with snow as your wedding theme and white flowers to highlight it. What about glistening blue in its crisp delight? How about bold dashes of colour to complement the focal design? There are so many ways in which you can style your winter wedding, but how will you style, design or choose your winter wedding invitations? We've put together a few choice winter wedding invitation ideas and choices for you to draw inspiration from and even choose for your own.

Fantasy Flowers Wedding Invitation in Pastel Blue

Winter Wedding Invitations

Set in a backdrop that reminds you of clear winter skies, with intertwining flourishes of flora and foliage reaching for the light in the centre, this winter wedding invitation will definitely impress. Matched with a delightful shade of lilac, this Square Vertical allows you to include an invitation wording as well as a poem or choice of prose. The great thing about using floral design is how easily you can blend it to the other wedding items.


Pebbles in White Layered Wedding Invitation

Pebbles winter wedding invitations

Reminiscent of a winter morning with soft mounds of snow all around, the pebbles speciality paper is a great addition to the wedding invitation ensemble. The Tiffany Blue ribbon is ideal to match the colour schema as well as the faux pearl embellished accessory that sits atop it. This choice of wedding stationery would be ideal if you have chosen a pearlescent colour or design in your other wedding elements to tie it all together.


Sweet Sprinkle Wedding Invitation in Tiffany Blue

If you love confetti or even snow, then this winter wedding invitation is perfect for you. The Tiffany Blue design that falls from the top of the wedding invitation design is beautiful and reminiscent of festivity and nature's beauty. You can easily use the same look through the wedding, starting with the wedding day stationery and ending with confetti in the same colour as well.


Winter Garden Wedding Invitation in Nude

Elegant and sophisticated with a touch of femininity in its floral accents, this beautiful Winter Garden truly is a beauty that combines so many different design elements together cohesively to impress.


These beautiful winter wedding invitation ideas and designs by DreamDay Invitations can definitely inspire a beautiful wedding theme, and various looks to your dream wedding day that complements your personal tastes and as well as the inspirations you gather.

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