Winter Wedding Invitations and Decor Inspiration

Winter may seem like the worst season to plan a wedding, with the choice of venues and other wedding services being limited in comparison with other seasons. However,once you get started you'll find that everything from winter wedding invitations through to winter inspired wedding decor is relatively easy to find and put together in order to create a sensational  wedding experience that your guests are sure to enjoy!

Winter Wedding Invitations

When selecting winter wedding invitations, you’ll find that the wedding arena is flooded with an array of invitation designs that capture the snowy magic of winter, while still incorporating different elements, patterns and styles to create unique wedding invitations that suit an eclectic range of wedding themes from traditional elegance to a more fun, whimsical style.

With pine cones, fir trees and snowflakes being commonly used design elements for winter wedding invitations, you can give your wedding invites an unusual touch by opting for bespoke patterns inspired by these elements, rhinestone embellishments or creating your own DIY snowflake attached to a satin ribbon that’s wrapped around the invitation.

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Apart from being available in an assortment of invitation designs featuring fun elements, winter wedding invitations also come in different colours to suit your unique wedding. While choosing an invitation design that emulates your personalities, consider the colour palette for your wedding as well.  Popular colour combinations for a winter wedding include both  icy blue blended with shades of gray, metallic silver and white as accent colours or even a more warm colour palette featuring rustic wood tones, reds, burgundies and deep browns; all replesendent of a warm fire inside a log cabin.

Remember, your winter wedding invitations will most likely come in contact with rain and snow, so consider using invitation boxes to protect your wedding invitations or make sure to choose heavier and thicker envelopes.


Winter Wedding Decor

Conceptualise the beautiful outdoors by transforming your wedding venue into an enthralling winter wonderland! Use beautiful bright winter whites against sparkling silver and icy blue as your colour palette, hang magical paper snowflakes from the ceiling that are highlighted by white lights which can be strategically placed around the room to imitate the beautiful wintry outdoors.  For your table centerpiece, use austere branches adorned with glittery snowflakes or ornaments in metallic silver that match the sparkling crystal and china used to set the tables.

If you’re opting for outdoor photographs, take some fun shots in the snow, but don’t forget to use a faux fur stole and boots to keep you warm during your time outdoors!

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