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  • Wedding Invitation Wording Questions

    Figuring out what your wedding invitation wording will say can be sometimes difficult. You need to think about invite wording etiquette, the tone (depending on the style of the wedding – formal/casual), how you addressing your wedding invitees and so on. We’ve put together some Wedding Invitation Wording Questions to make it a stress-free wedding task.

    When should our wedding invitations be sent?

    wedding invitation wording

    The perfect time to send out your wedding invitations is six to eight weeks before the big day. If you’ve sent a save the date (that states a wedding invitation will follow), that’s good practice too but not mandatory and sent six to eight months prior.

    What is proper etiquette for a destination wedding?

    It’s always a good rule of thumb to give your guests a little notice, and usually a destination wedding invitation should be sent three months prior to the big day to make travel arrangements and such. Sometimes, a save the date sent six to eight months prior is always a good idea, just to let your wedding guests ready in terms of arrangements, absence from work or even getting their finances in order for travel/accommodation (if the venue is overseas).

    How do we decide on the RSVP deadline?

    Set your RSVP response deadline two to three weeks before the wedding which will allow you to get a final head count that you can communicate to the caterers (which is needed a week before the wedding day) as well as make arrangements for the likes of your ceremony and reception seating charts, your place cards, souvenir menu cards, and other personalised on-the-day wedding stationery you need to order.

    What should the wedding invitation wording include?

    Wedding wording and verses

    The wedding invitations wording is broken down into several sections, namely as follows;

    • Proper Name of the Hosts
    • Request Line
    • Relationship of the Host to the Bride
    • Bride’s Name (Middle Name if she has one)
    • The Groom’s Name
    • The Date in written form
    • The time of the day and wedding
    • The Name of Wedding Venue
    • The Reception Line
    • RSVP Information

    Please visit Wedding Invitation Wording for a detailed breakdown of the above with examples.

    How should we address our guests in the wedding invitation wording and envelope?

    When addressing your guests, you need to include their proper names in the Request Line as well as address the wedding invitation envelope. Below, you will find the proper etiquette when addressing your wedding invitees.

    Recipient Other Information Addressing Invitee an Outer with Inner Envelope and Outer Only Envelope Addressing Invitee an Inner Envelope
    Relatives Outer envelope should be formal.Inner envelope can include informal names Mr. and Mrs. John Smith Aunt Jane and Uncle John
    Married Couple with Children Children Aged Under 18 Years Mr. and Mrs. John SmithOrMr. and Mrs. John Smith and Family/Children Mr. and Mrs. SmithPeter, James and AnnOrMr. and Mrs. SmithMr. Peter Smith

    Mr  James Smith

    Miss Ann Smith

    Married Couple with Children Children Aged Over 18 Years Mr. and Mrs. John Smith Mr. and Mrs. Smith
    Brothers and Sisters Residing at the Same Address Children Aged Over 18 Years living with parents receive their own invitations Messrs. Peter and James SmithOrMisses Ann and Suzy SmithOrMiss Ann Smith and Miss Suzy Smith The Messrs. SmithOrThe Misses SmithOrMiss Smith and Miss Smith


    Married Couple Wife Uses Maiden Name Mrs. Jane Doe and Mr. John Smith Mrs. Doe and Mr. Smith
    Married Couple Both Man and Woman are Doctors (M.D) The Doctors SmithOrDoctors Jane and John SmithOrDr. Jane Doe and Dr. John Smith The Doctors SmithOrDoctor Doe and Doctor Smith
    Married Couple Both/Man and Woman are Lawyers Mr. and Mrs. John Smith Mr. and Mrs. Smith
    Married Couple Who are Officers (if wife outranks the husband, her name is listed first) Major  Jane Smith and Lieutenant John Smith Major Smith and Lieutenant Smith
    Married Woman Using Maiden Name Miss Jane Doe and Mr. John Smith Miss Doe and Mr. Smith
    Separated Woman Mrs. John SmithOrMrs. Jane Smith Mrs. Smith
    Divorced Woman Miss Jane SmithOrMrs. Jane SmithOr Ms. (Miss) Jan Doe (with maiden name) Miss SmithOrMrs. Jane SmithOr Ms. (Miss) Doe
    Widow Mrs. John SmithOrMrs. Jane Smith Mrs. Smith
    Unmarried Couple Residing at Same Address Miss Jane Doe and Mr. John Smith Miss Doe and Mr. Smith
    Unmarried Couple Residing at Different Addresses Miss Jane Doe Miss Doe and Mr. Smith
    Address Men with Jr. or Junior in Name Mr. John Smith, JrOrMr. John Smith junior Mr. Smith
    Address Men with II or III in Name Mr. John Smith III Mr. Smith
    Single Guest and Plus One Miss Jane DoeOrMr. John SmithOrMiss Jane Doe and Guest Miss Doe and GuestOrMr. John Doe and Guest
    Wife Only Has a Title Woman is a Doctor (M.D.) Doctor Jane Smith and Mr. John Smith Doctor Smith and Mr. Smith
    Man or Woman is a Doctor Has a Doctorate (Ph. D.) Dr. John SmithDr. Jane Smith Dr. John SmithDr. Jane Smith
    Officers Male Officer who is on active duty or retired from Service General and Mrs. John Smith General and Mrs. Smith
    Officers Female Officer who is on active duty or retired from Service Captain Jane Smith, Army, and Mr.  John Smith Captain Smith and Mr. Smith
    Honorary Titles “The Honourable” is used for Cabinet Members; Presidential Assistants; Ambassadors; Judges; Congressmen or Congresswomen; Heads, Assistant Heads and Commissioners of Government Agencies; Governor and Lieutenant Governor; etc. The Honourable John Smith (if single)OrThe Honourable John Smith and Mrs. Smith (if married)OrThe Honourable Jane Smith and Mr. John Smith (if woman is married) The Honourable SmithOrThe Honourable and Mrs. SmithOrThe Honourable and Mr. Smith


    For more tips on addressing your invitees in your wedding invitation wording & envelopes, please visit Wedding Invitation Envelopes.

    If we are hosting an adults-only wedding reception, how can we politely let our wedding guests/invitees know?

    This can be tricky, but it all comes down to proper wedding invitation etiquette and keeping your request line specific to the adult wedding guests intended and not including the likes of “and Family/Children” or “and Guest”.

    How should we tell our wedding guests about the dress code?

    You can include the dress code at the bottom of the invitation wording that says “Black Tie”, “Cocktail Attire”, “Casual Attire”, “Beach Formal’, etcetera. The style and design of the wedding invitation will also convey the “tone” or nature of the wedding.

    Do we need to invite single guests with a date or a “plus one”?

    It’s not necessary and is up to you, but usually if the guest is unmarried or isn’t in a serious relationship, inviting them solo is completely acceptable etiquette.

    How do we word a reception only wedding invite?

    If you have already had the wedding ceremony and would only wish to invite your guests to the reception, your wedding invitation wording can read as follows;

    Jane and John Smith

    Request the Honour of Your Presence

    At a Celebration of their Marriage


    Saturday, the Fifth of January Two Thousand Fifteen

    At Four o’clock in the Afternoon


    The Harbour Club,

    Sydney Harbour,


  • Style Your Spring Modern Wedding

    All about fresh starts and new beginnings, Spring is one of the most popular months for weddings with the perfect weather for an outdoor celebration. From Spring wedding invitations to exquisite centrepieces and wedding decor, there are plenty of classic styles and design looks to play with, however if you’re after a bolder more modern wedding invitation and design concept, read on for some great ways to make a statement at your Spring wedding!


    WaterColours for your Wedding Invitations, Wedding Decor & More

    Experiment with watercolours for your wedding invitations suite. If you’re after a more classic, vintage look, a pastel colour palette is your best choice, while a modern couple will want to try out unusual watercolour colour combinations such as shades of vivid red or blue for their wedding invites.

    Watercolours Wedding Invitations

    Packed with beautiful colours, abstract watercolour designs can be teamed with big, bold text for a wedding invitation that screams Spring, while not being too demure. For a softer, romantic wedding invitation design, we love the idea of using floral designs of wreaths, bunches or single flowers in an elegant colour palette. This same concept can be translated into your wedding decor too and beautiful pinwheels or giant flowers made with a watercolour are ontrend right now.

    If having your wedding invites handpainted will exceed your budget, you can always choose to have a similar watercolour pattern printed on your wedding cards instead with wedding stationery companies now having a spectacular range of watercolour wedding invites to choose from.


    Using Bright, Floral Patterns for Wedding Invitations

    A Spring favourite for everything from exciting wedding decor such as the trendy hanging floral decor or rustic bunches of country flowers placed in mason jars to spectacular wedding invitation designs,  bright and bold blooms are a must-have.

    Floral wedding invitations

    Again, you can choose from a more feminine look of pastel and delicate floral details for your wedding invites or if  subtle is just not your couple style, use statement worthy flowers like red roses, bright pink peonies or any other fun and colourful flora from the wide assortment of Spring blooms


    Butterfly Embellished Spring Wedding Invites

    Butterfly wedding invitations

    Are you a fan of DIY projects? Create your own butterfly embellishments using scraps of coloured craft paper or specialty paper and decorate with glitter for a touch of sparkle. Add these butterflies to generic wedding invitations, your wishing well box and other wedding decor to transform them into memorable handmade pieces that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.


  • Modern wedding invitation wording

    A wedding invitation can be anything from the traditional paper card to a unique twist with use of various materials. With the changing world, more and more couples are looking towards modern ways of inviting their guests. You can also add your own twist with a modern wedding invitation wording. The great thing about adding your own twist to the wording is that DreamDay Invitations the capability of doing this and much more with its on-line system. Let’s find out a few modern wedding invitations wording options as well as how DreamDay Invitations can make it all happen.

    If you are an upbeat person, then you’d like to have yourself a modern wedding, especially if traditional weddings aren't really your thing. There are many ways you add can that modern touch, from a theme to how all the elements are set up and of course, one way is with your modern wedding invitation wording. There are many components when it comes to the  wedding invitation wording, from deciding on the host, that is, who will be hosting and paying for the ceremony and reception, to the greeting, how you are to address your invitees and how the invitation itself will be.

    Modern Wedding Invitation wording

    The hosts can range from the bride’s family, to the groom’s family, and even the bride and groom themselves. However, if other family relations would like to offer their help in hosting the wedding, then they can do so and they will be mentioned in the modern wedding invitation wording. DreamDay Invitations and its system offer an option to include such personalised wedding invitation wording.

    The greeting in itself can be anything you want it to be. Also known as a verse, this can be anything from a poem, to an extract from your favourite book, a vow or anything that comes to mind that is relevant when coming up with a modern wedding invitation wording.

    Modern Wedding Invite wording

    When addressing the invitees, you can make it less formal than the customary wedding invitation wording. You can opt out of the titles and refer to the invitees via their first names. As there are basically no set rules in how to write your modern wedding invitation wording, you can make it up as you go, in a way that does sound presentable.

    Some modern wedding invitation wordings are given below in order for you to see how they can be worded.

    • Glen & Tess Capulet would be delighted to have you join them celebrate the marriage of their daughter
    • Dan & Andy and their families invite you to their wedding on ...
    • Vincent and Pat Montague request the pleasure of your company to celebrate the marriage....
    • Juliet Capulet & Romeo Montague would be delighted to have you join them to celebrate their wedding
    • Peter and Mary are getting married! Join us to share our day and celebrate in a style we all know and love.

    Good luck wording your modern wedding invitations!

  • Inspirational Wedding Invitation Wording

    If your wedding day is 6-8 months away, then it’s time to get cracking and have fun with all the planning. Starting early means making sure that everything goes well and it leaves you with time to look back and evaluate and also relax awhile when everybody else expects you to get on the deadline bandwagon. So, when it comes to your planning you almost always start with the venue, which in turn is related to the wedding invitations that need to be sent out at least 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding. The way you design your wedding invites and also how your inspirational wedding invitation wording will sound reflects back on what the ceremony and the reception will be, because in fact, you are offering your invitees and guests a sneak peek into what the special day will include.

    When it comes to designing the look and feel of your wedding invite, that should be easy provided you have a theme in mind and if you have a clear vision, then presto your wedding invitations will be a breeze, just like that.  Whether it’s a seasonal wedding, a beach wedding or even a garden wedding, or it’s based on a  colour or maybe even focusing on a design, which takes into consideration the likes of filigree and damask into the design elements, when you come down to it, them deciding on your choice will be easier than 1-2-3!

    With DreamDay Invitations finding your wedding invitation will be easy, because the system made available to ease your decision making and selections is quite effective. Pick a design that you are akin to and then go on and customise it. When customising the wording, there is the standard wording options provided to you, but you may also include ones that are inspirational. Wedding invitation wording can at times be tricky, but here at DreamDay Invitations, we are all about helping our customers.  A great way of putting an inspiration twist in it is by adding poetry or prose pieces into the wording, making it a romantic gesture and possibly a testament to love. Here are some options for you to consider when customising your wedding invite wording.

    Wedding Invitation wording
     In the spirit of peace and joythis holiday season<Bride’s Parents>

    request the honour of your presence

    at the marriage of their daughter

    <Bride’s Name>


    <Groom’s Name>

    on <Date>

    at <Time>


    As autumn leavesturn their brilliant huetwo lovers will join and say I do<Bride’s Name> and

    <Groom’s Name>

    will be joined together in a holy union

    on <Date>

    at <Time>


    We joyfully ask you to share

    in this celebration of life

    <Bride’s Parents>

    To everything there is a season, and a timeto every purpose under the heavenEcclesiastes 3:1-8<Bride’s Name>


    <Groom’s Name>

    invite you to share with them

    on the first day of their new lives together


    at <Time>


     We’re tying the knot!<Bride’s Name> and <Groom’s Name>invite you to

    join their celebration of love, friendship, and commitment


    at <Time>


       True love is eternal and infinite

    <Bride’s Name> and <Groom’s Name>

    warmly invite you to a part of their wedding day

    Come share in our joy


    at <Time>


    Whatever our souls are made up, his and mine are the same~ Emily Bronte ~Please share in our joyYou are invited to witness the exchange of wedding vows between

    <Bride’s Name>


    <Groom’s Name>


    at <Time>


    Post ceremony celebration immediately following

    Two hearts, two souls, one love for all timeIt would give us great pleasure if you would join us on our wedding day<Bride’s Name>and

    <Groom’s Name>

    are to be wed on


    at <Time>


    Dancing, food, and fun immediately after


     We cherish the roles you play in our livesand would be honored if you would join usas we enter into the journey of marriage

    <Bride’s Name>


    <Groom’s Name>

    will exchange wedding vows


    at <Time>




    wedding  Invitation wording

    With DreamDay Invitations, you’ll find everything at your fingertips. Enjoy your wedding planning; we’re here to make it easier for you.

  • Casual Wedding Invitation Wording

    If you’re planning a relatively low-key and casual wedding, you would ideally want your wedding invitation wording to reflect this with a laid-back tone too. While it’s easier to research examples of traditional invitation wording, finding a more relaxed, offbeat version may prove to be harder than expected. Here are some of our favourite ways of keeping the wording of your wedding invitations casual, along with some great examples that can easily be customised to suit a variety of fun wedding themes.


    Wedding Invitation wording


    Keep Wedding Invitation Wording Simple

    While for a formal wedding, following the traditional route for your wedding invitation wording makes sense, using the same sort of text for a casual wedding affair will make your wedding invites just seem stiff and pretentious. Keeping things simple and basic is an important design rule that should also be implemented for casual wedding invitation wording! Most guests tend to skim through wedding invitations, so however cute and adorable your wedding invitation wording may seem to you, if it’s long winded the chances are your guests will end up confused. Instead opt to keep your information basic by covering the key event information - with just a touch of flair!


    We’re ready…

    We’re set…

    We’re getting married!


    will throw the bridal bouquet and


    will toss the garter

    after we say “I do!”

    Please join us at our wedding

    on DATE






    Explain Actions Guests Should Take

    A common mistake made by several couples is to not include clear instructions of what actions they expect their guests to take. If you have included more extensive wedding information on a wedding website, make sure to let your know guests know and include the website link in the wedding invitation wording. Don’t forget to  include a RSVP date clearly and not lost amongst a complicated wedding invite stanza to ensure your guests get back to you by the said date.


    You are totally invited to the wedding of

    Bride & Groom

    Sunday, the twenty-seventh of September

    two thousand and fifteen

    at five in the evening



    ceremony followed by dinner, drinks, and awkward but enthusiastic dancing


    we will be attending your awesome wedding

    [ ] True

    [ ] False

    {___} guests will be attending


    Need more info?

    Are you wondering…

    where to stay?

    what to do in town?

    whats on the menu?

    where the wedding is?

    who are these people?

    Please visit

    wedding website

  • Wordings for Beach Wedding Invitations

    Getting your beach wedding invitation wording just perfect is no longer an overwhelming and daunting task, as you can now experiment with more casual wording options that reflect the unique nature of your beach wedding. Get as creative as you like with fun phrases for a laid back beach wedding or add an unconventional touch to an otherwise formal invitation wording for a traditional wedding. Keep reading for our top 5 ways to add a touch of seaside fun to your beach wedding invitations.

    Beach wedding invitations Frangipani beach wedding invitation
    1. Your beach wedding invitations give your guests their first glimpse at the unique seaside wedding you have planned for your special day. Keep in mind that your wedding stationery, especially your wedding invitations should reflect the wedding theme and style you’ve decided on, so you can either opt to keep your wedding invitation wording and design more jazzy and trendy for a contemporary wedding or more traditional for a formal beach wedding affair.
    1. Grab your guests attention right from the start by using cute seaside phrases such as “It's a Shore Thing...They're Getting Married” or "We're Building Sand Castles Together!" If your beach wedding invitations are following a more formal style, a short poem works well too.


    1. Keep the details of the wedding location short and sweet on your beach wedding invitations and instead provide your guests with further details of the exact location, such as directions or a map on a separate invitation insert card. If you’re hosting the reception at a different location afterwards, make sure to list the formal name of the building, street address, city and state that the restaurant, hall or ballroom is located at.  Add the time that the reception will begin too, just so that guests have a clear idea of how much time they have to get to the reception site and can make plans accordingly.


    1. Don’t forget to explain parking arrangements in your beach wedding invitations too. If there isn’t parking available at the beach, add a note on a separate invitation insert with directions to the wedding site from the closest parking lot. Let guests know if they have to walk a fair distance on sand to reach the wedding site, as there’s nothing more uncomfortable than walking in heels through sand!
    1. Either include a map in your beach wedding invites or as a separate invitation insert with the closest cross streets and any landmarks close the beach wedding site. Also aim to send out your beach wedding invitations at least 6 weeks before the wedding, to give out-of-town guests plenty of time to make travel arrangements.
  • Wedding Invitation Guide

    The most important day of your lives is drawing nearer. The first step for it becoming reality is selecting the date, then the venue and of course, figuring out a rough guest list. But, the first thing that makes it truly real is sending out your wedding invitations.

    Our wedding invitation guide looks into the important factors of planning out your wedding and the things that your invitation for your big day should include. One thing you should know is that they set the tone for your entire wedding, from the theme, the quality and overall styling.


    For most couples, the first thing they send out representing their wedding day would be the wedding invitations, while for others who are hosting the likes of a destination wedding or have chosen a venue that requires a considerable amount of travelling for the guests, then they will have to send out Save the Date cards, as part of wedding invitation etiquette. You can send these out to your guest list even 6 months in advance so that they know to keep the date free, and they can also start making arrangements to attend.  An important thing to keep in mind is that you should not invite more people than you have budgeted for assuming that they won't be able to make it, therefore make sure to keep your numbers and guests list in check at all times, whether its sending out your save the date cards or wedding invitations.

    Pink Typography Wedding Invitations

    A lot of brides and grooms alike often assume that their wedding invitations should incorporate the colours being used in the wedding itself. That's really not the case as you can choose or create an invitation reflecting on your wedding vision and how you feel. You can use your wedding colours if you want to, even your wedding flowers and more, but keep in mind that it isn't mandatory, because after all, it's your big day. You should go with what you feel like should be the representation of your union.

    Typography Wedding Invitations

    If you are wondering what your wedding invitations should include, we are here to help. Here is what we think you should definitively include in your wedding Stationary and accessories;

    • Date of the special event
    • Name of the bride and groom
    • Who the invitation is addressed to
    • Who the invitation is from
    • The location and time of the ceremony
    • The location and starting time for the reception (if they are invited to this part of the day)
    • The dress code- Be specific with this if you want to ensure people don’t, for example, dress cocktail if the invitation specifies formal.
    • RSVP details
    • Gift registry information or wishing well request


    Choosing the best wedding invitations retailer for your wedding is crucial so that you get quality as well as the desired level of service. At DreamDay Invitations, we understand how important your big day is to you, so we strive to offer you the best in everything, whether its quality, pricing and even personal touches. If you browse our website and our online wedding invitations system, you will see the designs and examples of our collections and range. After you select a design, you can order a sample to see for yourself that the quality is to your liking and standard, whether it's the choice of paper or printing. Once you are ready to order according to your guest list, with a customised wedding invitation wording, as well as guest list names and addressing, we also offer proofing to make sure that there are no errors that you might have overlooked.

  • Typography & Wedding Invitations

    Looking back on all the plans you made growing up; you probably had in mind the perfect wedding theme and a dress you wanted to walk down the aisle in. You might even had a great wedding invitation that would announce the glorious day to your family and friends, and it had a lovely invitation wording. You may have gathered inspiration from an invite you had seen at a previous wedding, and you really admired the typography used in it. Now, as your special day dawns closer, you want your very own wedding invitations to look as spectacular or even much more than what you had in mind.

    Weddings & typography go hand in hand, being a technique that mixes art into the way your text or wording appears on print and paper. When it comes to using typography in your wedding invitations, you are presented with a myriad of options by which you can compare which one you want to go with, depending on the type of style or theme you favour. It all starts with the wedding theme you have in mind – traditional, elegant, contemporary, modern, and even funky. These types of styles each have their own characteristics in design, and reflect on what they are based on. In terms of the typographic typefaces that might be put into use for your wedding invitations, you are given a set of categories that are defined by the way they look, such as serif, san serif, script, calligraphy, and even fancy for those funky designs.

    However, typography when put to use in wedding invitations does not just stop there in terms of the typeface you use. It relates to the way in which it is positioned and placed, the sizing, width of each letter (or type), and of course the distance between each letter as well. The typography, essentially, makes your wedding invitations come alive, as it brings purpose to the invite card design. Whether you tie in the typography of your wedding invitation with a photograph, an illustration, or even the use of various DIY appliqués, or solely feature typography as the focal element and statement on the front facing of your wedding invitations, you cannot go wrong with it. There is no doubt about it.

    Most bridal couples prefer to use a mixture of typefaces in their wedding stationery to make specific items of text stand out against the other, whilst some opt to increase the sizing to make it ‘pop’. Overall, the wedding invitation trends incorporate typography in beautiful designs that has a memorable effect, whether it is the style, the placement and even colour choice that went into making it a great choice for your special day.

  • Formal Wedding Invitations

    A wedding is usually and always is a formal affair, with essences of tradition and elegance intertwined. The easiest and best way to convey the feel of this special occasion is through the invitations you send out to your guests. Opt for delightful formal wedding invitations and set the tone of your wedding to emphasize on tradition, elegance, and class. How you about setting the essence in your formal wedding invitations is what we will be looking into in this blog post.

    Formal Wedding Invitations Design & Styles

    The designs and styles of your formal wedding invitations can be either traditional or modern. A traditional wedding invite usually consists of two to three tones of colours of which white plays a dominant role creating an elegant feel and touch. However, on a more modern yet formal tone, black can be used as majoring colour, to create a sophisticated look. However, the formalities when it comes to wedding invitations and keeping things formal would mainly include the etiquette that surrounds your wedding invitations, but that doesn’t mean the designs and style of your formal wedding invites should be ignored as it also plays a great part in ensuring that the theme in hand is upheld.

    Names and Spellings for Formal Wedding Invitations Etiquette

    When it comes to formal wedding invites, etiquette is crucial and upholding these guidelines for wording of the invite should be priority. Some of the guidelines include the likes of the following:

    • The host’s names should be spelled out with their correct spellings, including the titles and middle names, as the invites should be prepared by the hosts.
    • Titles for the likes of Doctor (Dr.) should be spelled out, only if the name is not too long to fit into the given space on the invite wording.
    • In the case that the bride holds the same last name as her parents, it is not necessary to include her surname, but only her first and middles names, whereas the groom's name should be spelled out with his middle name and surname as well as his title.

    Formal Wedding Invites Details and Differences

    • The invitation request such as “The Honour of Your Presence” or “The Pleasure of Your Company”  depending on where the ceremony is held at, that is, either at Church or at a venue respectively.
    • When hosting a Jewish wedding, the invitation wording is written as “and” as opposed to “to” between the brides and grooms name.
    • The wording such as “And Your Participation In The Offering Of A Nuptial Mass” is included when a Roman Catholic mass is part of the church ceremony.

    No mention of gifts or attire is usually done, however “Black Tie” may be included in the lower right area of the reception information

    DreamDay Hard Cover Wedding Invitations Pinterest Board

  • Wedding Invitation Wording

    When it comes to your wedding invitation, the most important elements would essentially be the wedding design and the wedding invitation wording. The wedding design can be anything you want it to be, according to your wedding theme and vision, but when it comes to the wedding invite wording, there are norms to follow, as well as etiquette. Many of us are confused as to what should be included, but we shall make it cleared to you, with the following information.

    Traditionally, the wedding invitation wording can be broken down into several sections and segments, which include the following in that order;

    1. Proper Name of the Hosts
    2. Request Line
    3. Relationship of the Host to the Bride
    4. Bride’s Name (Middle Name if she has one)
    5. The Groom’s Name
    6. The Date in written form
    7. The time of the day and wedding
    8. The Name of Wedding Venue
    9. The Reception Line RSVP Information

    Bride groom wedding invitation wording

    If you look at each section or segment individually, there are various ways in which you can phrase them, to make up your wedding invitation wording.

    Proper Name of the Hosts

    The Hosts can be anyone, but if the parents of the bride and groom are either divorced, separated, remarried or widowed, it gets a little more complicated, especially when phrasing your wedding invitation wording. You may have any of the following, and by doing so the respective sample for the phrasing should be put to use;

    Bride’s & Groom’s Parents are Hosting

    Mr. and Mrs. John Smith


    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Jones

    The Bride & Groom are Hosting

    Ms. Jane Smith


    Mr. Joseph Jones

    Bride, Bride’s Parents, Groom, Groom’s Parents are Hosting:

    Ms. Jane Smith


    Mr. Joseph Jones

    together with their parents

    Mr. and Mrs. John Smith


    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Jones


    The rest of wedding invitation wording would include the likes of the following:

    Request the Honour of Your Presence

    At the Marriage of Their Daughter

    Jane Smith

    To Joseph Jones

    At four o’clock in the afternoon

    At the Sydney Harbour,


    Reception to Follow


    4, Muriel Drive,





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