Wordings for Beach Wedding Invitations

Getting your beach wedding invitation wording just perfect is no longer an overwhelming and daunting task, as you can now experiment with more casual wording options that reflect the unique nature of your beach wedding. Get as creative as you like with fun phrases for a laid back beach wedding or add an unconventional touch to an otherwise formal invitation wording for a traditional wedding. Keep reading for our top 5 ways to add a touch of seaside fun to your beach wedding invitations.

Beach wedding invitations Frangipani beach wedding invitation
  1. Your beach wedding invitations give your guests their first glimpse at the unique seaside wedding you have planned for your special day. Keep in mind that your wedding stationery, especially your wedding invitations should reflect the wedding theme and style you’ve decided on, so you can either opt to keep your wedding invitation wording and design more jazzy and trendy for a contemporary wedding or more traditional for a formal beach wedding affair.
  1. Grab your guests attention right from the start by using cute seaside phrases such as “It's a Shore Thing...They're Getting Married” or "We're Building Sand Castles Together!" If your beach wedding invitations are following a more formal style, a short poem works well too.


  1. Keep the details of the wedding location short and sweet on your beach wedding invitations and instead provide your guests with further details of the exact location, such as directions or a map on a separate invitation insert card. If you’re hosting the reception at a different location afterwards, make sure to list the formal name of the building, street address, city and state that the restaurant, hall or ballroom is located at.  Add the time that the reception will begin too, just so that guests have a clear idea of how much time they have to get to the reception site and can make plans accordingly.


  1. Don’t forget to explain parking arrangements in your beach wedding invitations too. If there isn’t parking available at the beach, add a note on a separate invitation insert with directions to the wedding site from the closest parking lot. Let guests know if they have to walk a fair distance on sand to reach the wedding site, as there’s nothing more uncomfortable than walking in heels through sand!
  1. Either include a map in your beach wedding invites or as a separate invitation insert with the closest cross streets and any landmarks close the beach wedding site. Also aim to send out your beach wedding invitations at least 6 weeks before the wedding, to give out-of-town guests plenty of time to make travel arrangements.
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