Engagement Invitations

Engagement invitations are excellent for generating a sense of excitement for the day that lies ahead. If you're keen to share your big news with those who are close to you, hosting an engagement party is an excellent way to do so. At DreamDay, we have an exciting range of engagement party invitations for you to choose from. With our selection, we're confident you'll find one to fall in love with. Read More

By working with designers throughout Australia, we're able to produce a diverse range of engagement cards. Whether your theme is rustic and simple or opulent and elegant, there's something in our range for you.

Custom engagement invitations for announcing your news

Your wedding is going to be the best day of your life so why not start the party early with an engagement soiree? Our engagement invitations go through a stringent design process that works towards ensuring you'll feel a sense of delight when they arrive. After browsing through our range, you can move onto making customisations that ensure they're unique to you and your partner.

After making the adjustments that ensure the engagement invitations match your theme, we'll introduce you to our online proofing system. Within 24 hours of placing your order, you'll receive a 3D image of the invitation. Upon receiving it, we'll look forward to hearing your feedback. Whether you want to make some small adjustments or head straight to finalising your order, we'll work hard to expedite the production process.

Rapid delivery that doesn't compromise quality

Depending on the type of engagement invitation you choose, you'll receive the final product within three to five days. Most of our invitations are suitable for the three-day delivery period. However, opting for features such as double strength paper extends the delivery time to five days.

Sometimes, a sense of urgency means you'll want your engagement invitations extra-fast. If that's the case, you can pay an additional fee for our one-day delivery service for most items. Foiling and double thick items can only be rushed to three business days. As soon as the invites arrive through your door, you can begin inviting guests to the most exciting party of your life.

We want to guarantee your bliss

Organising a wedding is often a stressful process. We care about your happiness as much as you do, which is why we provide guarantees that'll make you feel more comfortable with ordering your engagement cards online. If you're not happy with the end design, we'll alter it or provide you with a refund.

Little extras that add to the magic

After deciding when the big day will happen, you need to let your guests know about your plans. Complement your engagement invitations with a save the date card after deciding when the big day will take place. Then, after settling on the venue, finalise the magic and generate more excitement for your guests with the official invitation.

At DreamDay, we want to make achieving uniformity as easy as possible for you. As such, with each engagement card you consider, you'll find other wedding stationery to match. You don't have to place your order right away, but when you do know which items you want, we'll be here to help you carry on planning the most sensational day of your life.

Choosing engagement party invitations that match your theme

One of the most alluring aspects of planning a wedding is creating the perfect theme. Whether you're a bride-to-be or an excited groom, you'll already understand why it's essential to pay attention to every detail. If you're starting your wedding planning journey with engagement invitation cards, choosing them carefully will make your event feel enchanting from the word go.

Before you start choosing your engagement party invitations, begin looking for inspiration everywhere. Narrow down the features that capture your imagination, consider elements such as the season your party will take place in, and begin focusing on colours that are important. Once you have all of the background information, you can use our search tools to bring your ideas to life.

The engagement party invitation options available to you

At DreamDay, we work with a broad range of Australian designers. By doing so, we're able to bring new designs to our online store constantly. This means you have lots of options to choose from when it comes to selecting your invites, including:

  • Finding ones that match your budget
  • Narrowing your choices according to colour
  • Selecting specific themes
  • Choosing paper styles
  • Tweaking fonts
  • And more

If you're finding the number of choices available overwhelming, go back to the aspects of your wedding theme that are most important. Or, if you need a helping hand, our design experts will guide you every step of the way.

Paper styles, fonts, and more

Few people consider the importance of paper until they begin choosing engagement party invitations. All of our products are available on fine paper that's robust enough for the invites to reach the guests in pristine condition. But, we do provide other solutions too. From double strength for extra-classy invites to luxe sheens that are glamorous, the material you choose will bring your designs to life.

When it comes to fonts, finding the right fit is crucial. With script fonts, your invites look romantic and whimsical. If you prefer a vintage feel, try modern day fonts instead.

If you're feeling lost in a sea of choices, we're here to help. With our guidance, your engagement party invitations will deliver the wow factor you desire.

Engagement cards from an array of Australian designers

If having bespoke engagement cards is important to you, it matters to us too. At DreamDay, we work with a team of designers throughout Australia. Each one has their own unique flair for producing engagement cards that dazzle, allowing us to provide a broad range to our customers.

To ensure you only ever receive high quality products, we're selective when it comes to choosing our artists. Alongside ensuring they're adept at graphic design, we cast a keen eye over their creative skills. From analysing their portfolio to requesting sample items, our selection process is truly exclusive. Finally, we only work with those who have a strong background in producing wedding stationery, just to make sure they're as passionate about your big day as we are.

Guiding you through the design process

Your engagement cards are your guests' first insight into your big day, which is why you need to make them shine. Whether you're not sure where to begin or you already have a creation in mind, the team here at DreamDay will guide you through each step.

Before you start choosing engagement card candidates, consider the following:

  • The location of your event and the theme it conveys
  • Whether you're aiming for a formal or relaxed atmosphere
  • Which colours you want to incorporate into your wedding
  • Whether you prefer casual or eloquent wording

With a rough idea of what you want, you can narrow your choices down quickly. Before settling on an engagement card, decide how much information you want to include. Alongside the venue, your names, and the date, you may also want to think about dress codes and any relevant menu information.

When choosing and ordering your invites, always remember they need to contain the most important information. Consider what your guests need to know and include it in the wording. With a combination of beautiful graphics and crucial details, you'll generate a sense of excitement straight away.

We're the experts in creating theme ideas

At the engagement stage of your nuptial journey, it's normal to feel as though you're yet to finalise your theme. If you have a rough idea in mind, you can consult our design team to find engagement cards that are versatile enough to lend themselves well to any theme.

While browsing through our engagement card invitations, you'll find that there's a theme to suit practically every taste. Some of our ideas include:

  • Floral invites that are infinitely romantic
  • Garden themes for rustic weddings
  • Unique and offbeat designs for those who like to stand out
  • Beach invites for destination and outdoor weddings
  • Classic, traditional, and Christian designs

If you don't see an engagement card that captures your interest, you can contact us. We're happy to work with you until you find a design that embodies your special day.

At DreamDay, we welcome you to contact us in a range of ways. During business hours we provide a live chat service. Or, you can call us on 1800 55 22 52. If you're within easy reach of our Alexandria office, you can make an appointment to chat with us in person. Our commitment to you includes eliminating the hassles that come with planning big events. So, feel free to reach out to us at any time.

We produce engagement invitation cards for customers throughout Australia

From the moment DreamDay began to the present day, we have dedicated ourselves to bringing magic to each couple's wedding adventure. With thousands of happy Aussie brides and grooms, we can proudly claim that we're the producers of some of Australia's best engagement invitation cards. Through combining fast turnaround times, excellent attention to detail, and prompt customer service responses, we want you to join our ever-growing list of newlyweds-to-be.

As industry specialists, we know that going the extra mile is important when it comes to making your wedding spectacular. Alongside the above factors, we can sprinkle each piece of wedding stationery with other features.

Wording that delights your guests

History is home to writers around the world who craft words that spark romance from the moment you read them. If there's a quote you want to add to your engagement invitation cards, let us know and we'll do it. Or, if you know you want to add a little prose but you're struggling to find inspiration, speak to us. After learning more about your wishes and your relationship, we can make suggestions that hit the right notes.

If there are members of your wedding party who deserve extra attention, we can create words especially for them too. Whether it's the mother of the bride or members of the groom's party, we can create enticing suggestions that demonstrate how important they are to you. With each engagement invitation card you send, you'll captivate your guests.

Your wedding stationery journey is just beginning

Whether you're arranging a small and intimate gathering or a large and extravagant event, we'll treat your engagement invitation cards with the utmost importance. After ordering from us, you can continue your wedding stationery journey with other items. Once you place your order, we'll keep the most pertinent information on file so that your theme continues with each piece.

After setting the date, finalising your guest list, and receiving your RSVPs, you can move onto the wedding cards that formalise the big day. Our other products include:

  • Seating plans that will orientate your guests at the wedding
  • Menus that make your wedding breakfast shine
  • Place cards that contribute to each table's theme
  • Individual menus for those with special dietary requirements
  • And more

With each item of stationery you order, you have the opportunity to share your love with those who matter to you the most. Thanks to our commitment to perfection, we're confident you'll love the end results.

Making your life easier

If you're hosting a big event and you don't have the time to sit and write out each card, we'll do the work for you. Just supply us with the names of the guests and we'll add them to each piece. And, for an additional fee, we'll print the names and addresses of each person onto your envelopes. That way, when your engagement invitation cards arrive, all you need to do is add a stamp and post them.

Finally, our range is vast enough to cater to any budget. While helping you take a cost-friendly approach, we'll never compromise on quality. Each of our cards features the best materials and immaculate designs, allowing you to feel proud when you send them to your loved ones.

If our engagement invitations captivate your interest, delve into our collection and begin customising them to perfection. Or, if you want to talk about our designs, contact us hereRead Less

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  • Head Over Heels
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  • Stunning Initials
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  • Wedding Sprinkles
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  • Leafy Circle
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  • Garden Swirl
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  • Crest of Love
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  • Pauline
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  • Softly Stunning
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  • Regal Bond
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  • Bella Donna
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  • Sweethearts
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  • New Dawn
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  • Chiffon Delight
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  • Bridal Lace
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  • The Adventure Begins
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  • Filigree Cloud
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  • Love Stencil
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  • Divine Love
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  • Lovebirds
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  • Fizz and Pop
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  • Forever & Beyond
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  • Wild Tulips
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  • Love cascade
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  • You are Mine
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  • Seahorse
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  • Love in Bloom
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