Black and Ivory Wedding Invitations

A timeless and chic colour combination, black and ivory wedding invitations have remained a trendy choice over the years for the simple, but stunning elegance it can bring to a wedding. Commonly used for formal black tie or traditional weddings, black and ivory wedding invites can also be adapted and transformed to suit a variety of more contemporary wedding themes. Read on to find out about some popular ways to use black and ivory in your wedding invitations.

Formal Black and Ivory Wedding Invitations

The epitome of elegance and class, formal black and ivory wedding invitations are popularly used for traditional weddings. A cursive, raised font in black printed on an ivory cardstock is a common choice for a traditional look and is usually carried through to the rest of the wedding stationery such as the RSVP, Direction and Thank You cards for cohesion.

Give your traditional black and ivory wedding invitations a contemporary look by opting for a classic, embossed monogram at the top of the invite along with a  satin finish border.

Black and Ivory Wedding Invites with a Splash of Modern

Add a contemporary edge to basic black and ivory wedding invitations  by trying out something different with the layout and size of your wedding invite. While a rectangular or  square shaped wedding invitation is the standard shape, channel a modern vibe by experimenting with a circular wedding invite or  even just adding on scalloped edges to an otherwise run of the mill wedding invitation. However, while you’re free to get as creative as you like, remember that  bulky wedding invites may cost more for postage.

Typography is a great modern design concept to add use for your black and ivory wedding invitations. Get inspired and try out different fonts and text sizes to create a stunning, high impact wedding invitation. Remember to ensure the font you choose reflects the right mood and your chosen wedding theme.

DIY Black and Ivory Wedding Invitations

Customise your wedding invitations by opting for DIY black and ivory wedding invitations that  can be easily personalised online to reflect the couple’s personalities and the specific wedding theme.

Either order a DIY wedding invitation kit from a trusted online supplier or order standard black and ivory wedding invites and add on a personal touch by decorating them yourself. Ribbon, glitter, lace edging, fabric bands, intricate buckles, buttons and just about anything else can be are fabulous DIY elements for your wedding invites.

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Black and Ivory Wedding Invitations
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