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Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular whether you opt for domestic or international wedding locales. With that fact in mind, the trend for boarding pass wedding invitations styled in various forms of boarding tickets. It's a great way to put a fun twist on your theme for a destination wedding. Let's find out more about these great wedding invitations, shall we?

These types of weddings are usually considered a 'destination wedding' if the venue is 80 kilometres or so away from your residences or where the invited guests will be required to stay overnight to attend your beautiful wedding. In such cases, destination weddings can be classified as beach, vineyard, mountain or even a tropical island getaway wedding. Depending on the venue of your choice and the theme that you have picked out for your big day, you can find yourself with boarding pass wedding invitations that are beautiful, fun and memorable.

Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations - DreamDay Invitations

There are various styles of boarding pass wedding invitations out there, the most popular one being the airplane ticket style and variety. Most commonly styled on paper that holds measurements of 196mm x 60mm, you can style your wedding day invitation in a way that matches your wedding theme with designs that takes after the ever-trending boarding pass design. The elements of the design and layout is essentially a horizontal card invite that is separated vertically into three areas one being the purpose of the invite (as in to denote whether it's a wedding invitation, a save the date card, or even a caption to go with your theme), the wedding invitation wording, and not forgetting the reply card section which can actually be removed/ripped/cut off so that your invitees can confirm their attendance for your big day.

Destination  Boarding Pass Wedding   Invitations - DreamDay Invitations

Figuring out what you would like mentioned or included in the boarding pass wedding invitations is up to you. Some brides and grooms prefer to just use one side of their invite card to carry all their information with the other either side either having a design relating to your wedding theme and overall invitation style or even leaving it plain, whilst some want to add more information such as wishing well verse, maybe even include a photograph of the happy couple to be wed, or anything that you wish to include.  It's always lovely when you neatly put things together in a package, and like so you can have a boarding pass wedding invite cover for your invitations too. They can be bi-folded or even pocket styled depending on your liking.

One way to add design elements that are unique to your wedding could be with photographic items, illustrations and silhouette designs, monograms and motifs and even watercolour and pencil drawings that are beautifully done up. Find the right look for your wedding with delightful boarding pass wedding invitations that are trendy, stylish and fun, and make your big day a hit!

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