Elegant Monogram Wedding Invitations

Making an impression goes a long way, whether it's day-to-day or your wedding day! Why not make such an impression with your wedding invitations as well? They are after all, a representation of the love you and your fiancé have for one another as well as the day you officially become united in holy matrimony.  Go for something timeless and unique, definitely that represents you both, such as an elegant monogram for the wedding invitation design.

Many of us have already seen monograms being used by the likes of royal families or more commonly in the corporate world, and it's definitely a way of making a statement to what it is all about. That could very well be what you want to convey as well, a customised design to say that "hey, this is our special day and we are making our mark". A monogram is defined as a motif that utilises two or more letters in an overlapping or combined design of your choosing and styling to form a single symbol. The shape of your monogram can be anything from round to square or even rectangular. Also, it can even be shaped according to the outline of the symbol that you have formed. There is no doubting that this process is fun and exciting, because you are creating a custom representation of your new life together and one that will be featured first on your elegant monogrammed wedding invitations.

There are many ways in which you can come about a design that is elegant and personalised, but first you will need to define your style and colours, as well as the wedding theme you are hoping to use. Depending on these factors, the design of your monogram wedding invites could very well differ. Start out by deciding the styles and themes that you are comfortable with using for your big day, they could be anything from vintage, retro, contemporary or modern. Depending on what you have chosen, you can make a lovely and elegant monogram wedding invitations accordingly to these different styles and design, and not forgetting colour themes as well.

Some options for you to consider in terms of using monogram wedding invitations that are elegant, would include the likes of using your initials with the use of an ampersand sign, or what we know as this symbol - "&".  The font face, typography or calligraphy that you have chosen to design your monogram can define the look of it all. Other options could include interweaving or intertwining letters, the initials placed alongside another symbol such as the infinity symbol, and much more. Play around with your options while drafting to come up with an elegant monogram for an equally elegant wedding invitations that fits well into the vision for your special day.


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