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A wedding is all about the different layers, perfectly bundled to make a beautiful event come alive on the most special day of your lives. There is no reason why your wedding invitations shouldn’t posses the same magic. Add to the wonder that your wedding is with likes of layered wedding invitations, making your message of love come alive and giving it a three-dimensional feel.

What is a layered wedding invitation, you may ask. Essentially, it is a wedding invitation card that has layers in various layouts to make your design pop. Traditionally, you will find the invitation wording with an intricate design placed atop a different coloured paper that has been elevated in the form of a layer. This is one such example. The way you place your layers differs according to the design aesthetic as well as the layout you have in mind. Some wedding invitation designs that incorporate layers also put ribbons and other embellishments to use to instil a sense of elegance and charm all wrapped into a beautiful layered wedding invitation.

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There are several ways in which you can put layers to use for your wedding invite, the way you relate it to the texture you want to use is how you go about it. If you are opting for a matte-finish with the invitation wording and design being printed, then opting for different colours in that texture for the separate layers makes the card stand out. However, if you were to use textured paper that came with a pattern in itself such as floral design and flourishes, or even if had a sheen and sequined effect, that alone could be the focal design of your layered wedding invitation.

Adding embellishments to these layers can play a big role in making sure your wedding invites possesses the right amount of charm that is deemed perfect for a wedding card. As we mentioned before, adding a ribbon would be ideal, whether it is satin, or grosgrain. Including an embellishment or accessory such as a diamante buckle or a pearl brooch could very well tie in everything together quite well, but it is left to your discretion and taste. Whether you are opting for a traditional or modern look for the invitations for your wedding, you can definitely achieve it with a little help from layered wedding invites.

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