Purple and Black Wedding Invitations

Selecting wedding invitations is an important part of wedding planning, as it gives guests a tantalising peak at what they can expect on your special day. If your wedding theme is based on a classic purple and black colour palette, your possibilities for wedding invites are endless. From a traditional, chic look of elegant lavender coupled with an intricate black brocade pattern to even a contemporary and vivid royal purple and black, there’s something magical about this colour combination that creates a luxurious wedding invite to suit a variety of styles.

From lavish and lush amethyst tones to a more lively lilac, brides can opt to choose different shades of purple combined with black to create exquisite wedding invitations to suit any season, destination wedding or theme.

Trendsetting brides are opting not to follow the “traditional white and lace” route and instead our favouring unusual wedding styles, such as the increasingly popular Gothic theme. Purple and black is an intensely Gothic colour combination that creates a beautiful expression of dark romance for an edgy and unusual wedding invitation.

Purple and black wedding invites can be customised by including different elements and designs to suit the unique tastes of the couple. For a  modern couple, a chic wedding invite favouring elegant patterns, loops and scrolls are ideal, while featuring nature scenes and purple floral embellishments such as dahlias, calla lilies, orchids or even pansies create a softer and daintier look that is ideal for nature enthusiasts.

Purple commonly reflects luxury and royalty, while black is reminiscent of classic, understated elegance and when combined together, creates a dramatic  and unusual wedding invitation. Ombre style wedding invitations using shades of chic purple and black has become increasingly fashionable and this somewhat simple and understated look can be vamped up using faux ribbons and diamante bows for a bit of sparkle and glitz.

Striped purple and black invitations, either vertical or horizontal are also quite the rage.  For a custom DIY wedding invite, opt to glue on interesting purple or black beads, feathers or buckles for a truly unique and personal touch.

The purple and black colour scheme has remained popular over many years and is very much a classic look that a lot of brides fall in love with. Wedding gurus are predicting a revamp of this well-liked combo in 2013, with the addition of a splash of contrasting colour to the purple and black colour palette to create a more unique and out of the ordinary wedding invite.

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