Quirky Wedding Invitations

Buzzing with excitement at the thought of getting married? Have a great idea to make your special day truly unique, memorable and quite awesome? A quirky wedding would be ideal for your fun personalities and with it, a fantastic and quirky wedding invitation with just the right touches to set the tone, and above all, make an impression on your invitees.

Quirky means many things, and many people relate it to be “a little weird but in a good way,” but really, it is about having fun and being ‘you’! That is what a wedding should be - all about you and your fiancé. Starting with all the wedding preparations, if you main goal is to keep it unique, fun and quirky, then you have something fabulous in the works. As quirky is about personality and individuality, you need to look outside the box and consider the various genres and niches of style, such as funky, gothic, punk, glam rock, to geek, illustrations, and comics and the list goes on. Whatever the genre or niche you have picked out for your wedding style, there is one thing you want your wedding invitations to be and that is fun and quirky.

Find a way to let it show through from your wedding planning and preparations to actually picking out the quirky themed wedding invitations. How one would go about this, is simple. List down the things and styles you and your fiancé connect together, it could be anything from a TV show, a movie, comic, a place or even a lifestyle. Look around for what is important to you in terms of design elements. This could be anything from simple illustrations to intricate designs, typography and art and more. Some examples of these could very well be cutesy little illustrations depicting the two of you riding a bicycle in your wedding attire with a heart shaped balloon floating above. A fun and exciting carnival theme (maybe the place that you met), with a big circus top striped theme, banners and great typography to tie it all together is another option. Gothic influenced styles with dark and richly infused colours with beautiful flourish designs and Mexican skull art are also trending in terms of the quirky and unique niche wedding market so don’t forget to look into these designs as well.

Your quirky wedding invitation style is what you want. The quirkier the better because it’s all about having fun on your wedding day, riling up excitement and creating an impression for your guests is a great way to plan a fabulous wedding. DreamDay Quirky Wedding Invitations Pinterest Board

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