Typography Wedding Invitations

Popular on Pinterest and wedding sites at the moment, typography wedding invitations started to gain popularity in the wedding circuit around the end of 2012 and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down in 2013. If you haven’t received a typography wedding invitation yet and are curious about what exactly typography is and how it can be incorporated into your wedding invitation design, keep reading for our take on typography wedding invites.

What is Typography?

Typography, quite simply put, refers to the art and technique of arranging type. It requires a lot of creative intuition, as well as skill as it’s much more than just making words legible, but instead focuses on using different techniques to make fresh and out of the box designs using words.

How is Typography used in Wedding Invitation Design?

Though the main goal of a wedding invitation is to provide information on your special day, they should also be memorable, distinctive and reflect your personalities. Create unique and out of the ordinary wedding invitations by opting to use fonts as the main art element in your wedding invitation. Mix different font types, font sizes and get creative with the orientation of each font for a beautiful wedding invite that is sure to impress your guests and leave them anticipating your wedding day.



Get started by first deciding on an overall wedding theme. From contemporary chic to vintage rustic elegance, typography can be used to effectively express the wedding theme and the bride and groom’s personalities by using text only, instead of pictures and graphics.

Once you’ve chosen a wedding theme, get inspired by looking through old magazines, antique stores, newspapers, the Internet and just about anywhere else for some unique and exciting fonts that catch your eye. Use your favourite fonts to create unusual typography designs by combining two or more fonts together and using a variation of sizes and layouts to make your wedding invites ‘pop’.

Typography Wedding Invitation Tips

When working on the typography for wedding invites, it’s good to remember to keep things simple as complicated typography designs can sometimes result it in your wedding invitation being hard to read and key information being misread.

Follow the less is more rule and ideally never use more than 2-3 fonts at a time as it can detract from the key message of your wedding invitation and affect the readability of the wedding invite.

Try to minimise the use of decorative fonts like scripts or bold typefaces as they’ll lose their value if you overuse them. These types of fonts should be used in just few places to really add some punch.

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