Unique Destination Wedding Invitations

Destination weddings have become a trendy wedding option for couples after something out of the ordinary and wedding invitations featuring travel inspired designs ideal for a range of destinations around the world are now freely available in the wedding arena .

From elegant vintage invitation designs perfect for a romantic elopement in Paris or Santorini to bright design concepts more suitable for an exotic beach wedding on the sandy shores of Bali, Fiji or Vanuatu, your unique destination wedding invitations can be customised to reflect the culture and look of your chosen wedding location. Reflecting the Location

When selecting your destination wedding invitations, remember to choose a look that not only reflects both your personalities, but also captures the overall wedding style and the destination you’ve decided on.

Passport wedding invitations and boarding pass wedding invitations are innovative invitation choices  that serve as a great way to set the mood of your wedding and leave your guests anticipating your big day. These destination wedding invitations are fun and suitable for either an elegant or casual wedding on a tropical beach with a little customisation.


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Explore different design elements and get as creative as you like by including flip flops, seashells, turtles and surfboards for a laidback wedding style, while for a sophisticated wedding invitation you may want to follow a traditional design route featuring just a few design elements that reflect the location, a watercolour image or even a sketch depicting a captivating feature of the wedding location.

Customised Destination Wedding Invitations

If you have traveled together with your fiance to the chosen destination prior to your wedding, give your unique destination wedding invitations the ultimate personal touch by incorporating a photograph of the two of you at the location.

If you’re planning a  South Pacific island wedding, you could consider using a  fun picture of the two of you participating in a traditional Polynesian dance ritual or even just a casual shot of both of you strolling along the beach watching the sunset over the ocean. For a destination wedding at a historic and romantic location like Italy and Greece, include a photograph in front of your favourite landmark in your wedding invitation.

If you don’t have the budget to visit the location before the wedding, use a simple photo editing software to include both you and your fiance in your favourite picture of the wedding location.

DreamDay Passport Wedding Invitations

DreamDay Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

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