Unique Engagement Invitations

You have been dating a while, and he takes you out on a romantic date and then out of the blue he drops on one knee and asks you to make him the happiest man and you do. Soon, the two of you will want to share the great news, with a big splash by way of a great party for your engagement! You want some unique engagement invitations, because that the type of people you are, unique with great personalities and you want everyone to enjoy just as much as the two of you are, high on love and life.

Engagement Party Planning

There might be a number of great ideas running through your minds on what to do for your engagement party. Your unique engagement party invitations should take after it too, in terms of style and theme. Therefore, start off by brainstorming for ideas and write it down, either separately and then later compare notes, or together so you avoid that step altogether. Decide on some ideas that you both like and then do a pros and cons list on which type of party you want to have – whether it’s a casual, formal, themed, a sit down event to cocktails or even a BBQ party. All of this matters when planning, especially before you set about your engagement invite designs and selection.

Also, think about the upcoming wedding, all those expenses, and the budget. You need to decide how much of that budget you want to use up for your engagement party. There is no saying that you have to spend a lot when it comes to planning a great party, it’s all about being smart about it. Think of the important items, such as food and beverage, and of course the invitations for the engagement party that will be the items that needs the most attention. In terms of decor and entertainment, you can do all of that yourself, with some inspiration and great ideas, and even a friend who likes to DJ.

Getting to your Unique Engagement Invitations

Once you have thought of a great style, design or even a theme, then the next step is to do up your engagement invites as unique as possible. You can go about this in two ways. The first being going through the great selection of invitation designs available to you (as there are many design suites, you can select depending on the layout, alignment and colour choices to fit your likes and preferences). Look for the designs and options that allow you to personalise it, whether it is the look of the invitation wording to the text on the front facing you can add your own personality. But that isn’t all, why not make it real keepsake for your family and friends, and include a beautiful photograph to commemorate your engagement and feature it on the front of your engagement invites. Now, is that unique or what? Definitely so!

The other option, if you have some time on your hands, and you like to indulge in DIY crafts, then get a hold of DIY invitation kits and do them up yourself. These engagement invitations will not only be unique but also sentimental.


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