Vintage Wedding Invitations Trends

Vintage wedding invitations are ideal for a couple looking for a way to add some timeless elegance and charm to their wedding day. From a fun, retro-inspired wedding invitation to a more romantic and classic look, vintage wedding invites are available in a variety of different styles and designs to suit a variety of  wedding themes. Here’s a quick look at some of our favourite vintage wedding invitation styles that have remained popular in the wedding circuit over several years.

Lace Vintage Wedding Invitations Lace inspired designs are beautiful elements to incorporate into your vintage wedding invitations. Get creative and apart from searching for inspiration from the Internet and magazines, scour antique shops and  thrift stores  for some unusual design ideas that step outside the bounds of traditional wedding invitation designs, while still capturing that whimsical old-world charm.

Floral Vintage Wedding Invitations Floral elements and designs are extremely popular for a variety of different vintage wedding invitation styles. Floral inspired patterns work well when teamed with bright colours to create a vibrant and fun vintage invitation, while a more simple and classic floral print in sombre colours lends itself well to a formal and delicate vintage wedding invitation.

Floral Vintage Wedding Invitations

For a bespoke bride after something out of the ordinary, a vintage-chic look built with beautiful soft touches of floral prints combined with a vivid and modern colour palette creates a charming display of old-world charm with a modern twist for a truly unorthodox wedding invitation!

Retro Inspired Wedding Invitations Vintage wedding invitations designs that embody the retro look, are all about bright colours, bold patterns, stripes and funky elements. Incredibly popular amongst offbeat brides, retro wedding invitations are the perfect way to tease your guests with a sneak peak at the quirky and colourful day you have in store for them! Think outside the box and get as creative as your imagination lets you by weaving in old and dreamy elements like antique birdcages with a trendy, modern splash of colour and polka dots for something new and altogether awesome!

DIY Vintage Wedding Invitations Once you’ve ordered your DIY wedding invitations, make your vintage wedding invitations more personal by adding on vintage embellishments yourself. Elaborate buttons, paper doilies, lace ribbon and strips are all great ways to give your wedding invitations a real vintage touch.


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