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Wedding dance square invitation flat in coral
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153 x 153 mm

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Wedding dance square invitation flat in coral


A pretty peachy pink to bring out the love and emotions felt at every glance of your wedding invitations.


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Interested in a different colour?

Our graphic designers have the ability to change the colour of text and design elements except for photography and flat images. If you are interested in a colour change it is best to consult with us first to avoid disappointment after ordering.

Our paper options for this product

Some paper types can alter the look and feel of your stationery. We recommend you order a sample of your favourite invitations so you can see and feel the quality and texture of our paper types. We will credit back any money you spend on samples to your account for your next order.

Looking for a different shape?

At the moment we have this design available in the following shapes:

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At the moment we have this design available in the following color, if however you don't find your color, don't worry.

A graphic designer can change colours to suit your needs for everything except photography.

We can change colours to suit your needs on all design elements except photography. Leave a note for us during your order and the changes will be reflected in your first online proof.

Individual guest names will be printed for each invitation. You provide the list and we print each unique invitation.
Each Typographic design is customised by a Graphic Designer just for you! Once your order has been placed, your assigned designer will be in touch to confirm your details and preferred wording for the invitation.

The journey to creating the perfect wedding day starts with finding your beautiful wedding invitations online. While there was once a time when happy couples opted for traditional outlooks, today most create beautiful themes that wow their guests for years to come. At DreamDay Invitations, we want to work with you to produce beautifully designed wedding invitations that create the right vibe from the moment your guests receive them.

By providing unique and personalised designs, we help to produce wedding cards that are delightful and eye-catching. Our aim is to make sure each one embodies the love between you and your life partner, celebrating the magic of your relationship with each detail.

No matter what your budget is, we're confident we can provide bespoke wedding invitations for your big day. By working with creative designers throughout Australia, the DreamDay team delivers thousands of enticing invites to happy couples each year. With the largest range of wedding invitations in Australia, we're passionate about helping you celebrate your nuptials in the classiest of ways.

From stylish simplicity through to vibrant works of art, our range of customised wedding cards is diverse enough to match any theme. While we're the ones who print and send your invites, we believe you should have as much say in the design process as possible. To achieve this, we'll liaise with you from the moment you make your order to the second your invites arrive.

Removing the hassle from creating wedding invitations

Everyone loves options when it comes to planning their big day. At DreamDay Invitations, we understand that having lots of choices can feel overwhelming when you don't have the right guidance. To make your life simpler, we allow you to filter our designer wedding card designs according to:

After narrowing your options, we help you make the design process earlier.

Customise your wedding invitations online

After finding the wedding invitations of your dreams, you can start the self-directed design process online. Each stage is simple, giving you the chance to checkout and receive your proof promptly.

Some of the options available include the number of invites you need, changing colours to match your theme, and altering the paper. If you're looking for an extra dose of elegance, you can head for white pearlescent, which carries an ethereal sheen. Or, if your wedding has a simple vibe, you don't need to alter the paper at all.

To make sure the invite is truly yours, we also allow you to add the following features:

Rapid online proofing and speedy deliveries

After finalising each important detail, you will place your order and receive an online digital proof within 24 hours. At this stage, you have the chance to alter details. If you are happy with your design and are ready to finalise your order, we'll complete the print production of your invites within three business days. In some cases, certain design elements mean we'll guarantee delivery within five days. However, we also provide the option of expediting your delivery for an additional fee.

As a team that dedicates itself to making sure each bride's dream comes true, we want to make sure you're completely happy with your purchase. One of the ways we do this is through providing sample packs, which feature single versions of your custom wedding invitations and any other stationery you choose.

At DreamDay, we also want to remove any stress and hassle that could come with perfecting your big day. Because of this, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you receive your invites and you're not happy with them, we'll either make alterations or provide a complete refund.

Helping you find the matching wedding accessories you love

Standard paper wedding invitations are attractive on their own, but we also sell accessories that will make your theme complete. We feature each of these accessories on our design pages so you can see them and add them to your order. However, if you don't see an accessory you love, call us so we can discuss your options. With a little teamwork, we'll create wedding stationery that fulfils your dreams, helping you effortlessly perfect your theme.

Customised wedding invitations Australia

One of the easiest ways to bring your theme to life is through adding customised wedding cards to your order. If you have a design in mind for your wedding stationery, we'll help you find a collection that matches it. Or, if you don't see something you like on our site, it only takes a quick call to our team for us to help you design customised wedding cards that are suitable.

Choosing customised wedding invitations

Before you choose your customised wedding cards, sit down and consider which elements are important to you. Would you like to convey olden-day romance with lace? Or maybe you would prefer a Gatsby-esque vibe with a specific font. Whatever your design desires, having an idea in mind before you begin browsing is essential.

Once you know what you want from your customised wedding cards, we can begin tweaking the details so they're immaculate. Some of the customisation options available include:

Ultimately, we want to make sure you're 100 percent happy with the work we produce. At DreamDay, our team won't settle for anything less.

Choosing different types of paper

When you start designing customised wedding cards, you'll begin to notice how much of a difference the paper can make. While some types of paper provide the perfect backdrop for traditional themes, others ensure your embossing and typography pop the way you want it to.

The paper options available will vary according to the design you choose. Some of our most popular options include:

If you're not sure which paper works well for you, try comparing your options by using one of our sample packs. Or, if you don't know whether the paper you're choosing will complement your design, call us and we'll start discussing your options.

Fonts, themes, and more

With wedding cards, the fonts you choose can bring your theme to life. While those that swirl and curl across the page look romantic, simpler typographies provide a distinctive formal feel. If you see a wedding invitation or card that's perfect, but doesn't quite feature the right font, speak to us. Our designers are always happy to work towards meeting your expectations.

As invitation specialists serving brides-to-be throughout Australia, we're adept at working with a range of themes. While browsing our site, you should find that narrowing your options is easy. To make sure you find the colours, patterns, and adornments that will make your day extra-special, we'll go the extra mile to secure each detail. Once you're sure you're ready to order a customised wedding card, we'll send a 3D proof for you to analyse.

After receiving the 3D digital proof, you can request adaptations. With our commitment to perfection, we're confident you'll feel happy when your customised wedding cards arrive through your letterbox.

Custom designed wedding invitations

Are you falling in love with one of our designs but you would like to change the style or colour? As you browse through your options, you have the opportunity to call us and make enquiries about stylistic changes. We want you to adore your custom designed wedding invitations, which is why we're happy to incorporate the changes you need.

Alongside changes to fonts and colours, we'll work with you to alter the layout. Thanks to our digital proofing system, you can see each change before the physical product arrives at your home.

In the event that we're unable to change one of our designer's invites, our team of experts will point you towards alternatives that are fully customisable. By getting to know you and what it is that you need from your stationery, we can work together to find an ideal resolution.

Independent designers that work across Australia

At DreamDay, we work with independent designers across Australia. By maintaining a broad creative team, we're able to provide enough variety to make finding beautifully designed wedding invitations a breeze. Although our selection of wedding invites is already vast, we're continuously adding new designers and their collections. Because keeping you happy is important to us, we're incredibly selective when choosing the artists we work with.

While choosing designers, we select those who have their fingers on the pulse of the latest wedding trends. Each one has a litany of experience in producing stunning wedding stationery so you can assure yourself that you're receiving work from experts in the custom invite field. Creativity, flair, and commitment are important to us. Before choosing designers, we ensure they have the right skills and qualifications. Thanks to our selective process, you can browse through options that are delightfully unique.

Providing a broad range of bespoke wedding invitations

Variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to selecting the perfect wedding invites for your special day. No two couples are the same so we strive to cater to even the most unconventional of tastes. Some of the ways we work towards providing bespoke customised wedding cards include:

Our approach doesn't just apply to custom designed wedding invitations. We extend our range to special extras such as save the date cards, RSVP slips, wedding menus, and more. Before you finalise your order, you have the option of including such items. By doing so, you can make sure your wedding theme is clear without having to put in too much effort.

While we prize our designers' creativity, we see your input as being equally important. As such, we want to hear your feedback and take your design ideas on board. If you see a custom designed wedding invitation that you feel needs extra input, give us a call.

Working with couples across Australia to produce immaculate results

At DreamDay, we always commit ourselves to achieving perfection. After all, why should you expect anything less from your wedding day? As an occasion you'll remember forever, the smallest of details can have the biggest impact.

Whether you're arranging a small gathering or a large function, we'll take your project seriously and maintain our commitment to producing beautiful results. If you want to join the thousands of customers buying wedding invitations in Australia from us, shop our extensive range or contact us.

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